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Best Monster Inspiration Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

Updated on August 7, 2012

Very Stylish headphones by monster - The Inspiration

The inspiration by Monster is a trademark symbol of fashion, versatility, and independence. This is geared towards individuals who have style and love music on the go! You can actually customize the head band by swapping them out for different colors and textures. To be honest, there is nothing more exciting than to be able to create art and wear it as you see fit.

The time has come to finally pull the curtain and dig deeper into the famous Monster Inspiration. Don't drop your jaws just yet, watch the video, and visit the best places to buy the Inspiration Noise Cancelling By Noel Lee (Creator).

Great High, Warm Mid-Range, And Solid Bass! - Sound Review Of The Inspiration

Like most Monster products, you'll hear a different sound profile on each of their headphones. The monster inspiration is no exception, as it's sound profile is more focus on better high tones, and warmer mid range, with a nice solid bass response. Music now sparkles and shine (nice punchy feeling) instead of rattle and boom, this is perfect for most genre and is definitely consider way better than the Beats By Dre series.

There is absolutely no distortion at the higher levels compared to the beats by dre, although some listeners may prefer the crappier profile of the Dr Dre line (just saying). If I can rate this here will be my short review:

(9/10) High Frequency - Excellent with no distortion

(9/10) Mid Range Frequency - Perfect warm sound, great calibration

(8.5/10) Low Range Frequency - Nice punchy bass, perfect for hip hop and all genres

Overall I would rate these pair of badass headphones a 8.75/10! If you are not an audiophile, you should be VERY happy with these badboys.

Creator Of The Monster Inspiration (review) - Stylish and extremely high quality technology

Fashion On Another Level Literally

Inspire Yourself To Become The Best

Customize, customize and get into your best strap because this is what Monster whats you to do. You can now effectively and pleasantly transform yourself into a new creature and explore the world with vibrant vibes. Never again fear being bland and soar higher than the clouds with these sexy looking noise cancelling headphones.

They come in 2 different models, the $299 model has a powered noise cancelling, while the $249 model comes with passive noise cancelling. Many found this to be not much of a big difference, but for $50 more it really is worth the cost as you'll get a clearer sound in noisy environments.

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Quantities are going out fast, be sure to grab one below. You may click on the white inspiration and select the black version from there. These headphones are rated 10/10 for style and sound quality. Don't miss out on this opportunity, they'll run out fast!

Different Head Bands For Different People

Inspiration - Pride - Fashion

Don't give in to temptation, I know you can't resist them, and they might be SOLD out already. Luckily, I had the chance to grab a pair and test them out not long before they were released. The sound quality is superb, and the built is amazingly durable.

Fashion is oozing out of it's sockets like the exciting surge of music you can't get enough of. The sound is focused towards the mid-range and accentuates the bass just right. They are not as bass orientated as the beats by dre series and you can notice a good balanced warm sound overall. This is cleverly engineered to give you a good clear sound without the bad bass found on most cheap headphones out there.

Noel Lee CEO Of Monster Talks About Inspiration - The man behind all the swag

Do You Want A Pair Of Inspiration By Monster? - Answer below and discuss

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