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Watch Dean Fujioka's Magnificent Take on "the Count of Monte Cristo: Great Revenge" and Get to Know the Actor!

Updated on January 15, 2019
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Hi, I am Ysa! I am a huge fan of Dean Fujioka so I chose to write about this. I hope you'll learn a lot about him through this write-up!

The Count of Monte Cristo: Great Revenge
The Count of Monte Cristo: Great Revenge | Source

If Japan has an adaptation for Sherlock Holmes which is entitled as “Miss Sherlock”, they also have a take for the novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas. The drama series has a total of 9 episodes. This show stars known Japanese actors and actresses such as Dean Fujioka, Kanjani8’s Okura Tadayoshi, Yamamoto Mizuki, Arai Hirofumi, Takahashi Katsunori, Takasugi Mahiro and more!

The Count of Monte Cristo: Great Revenge (Monte Cristo Haku)

Dean Fujioka as Simon Dan / Monte Cristo Shinkai
Dean Fujioka as Simon Dan / Monte Cristo Shinkai | Source

This drama series started last April 19, 2018 and ended on June 14, 2018. It lasted for two months. The theme song is sang by Dean Fujioka himself which is entitled “Echo”. The original writing was done by Alexandre Dumas while the screen writing for the series was done by Kuroiwa Tsutomu. The show was produced by Ota Dai and Arai Toshio and was directed by Nishitani Hiroshi, Takano Mai and Noda Yusuke. While, the music was produced by Manabe Akihiro.

Simon Dan who is played by Dean Fujioka was wrongfully imprisoned for 15 years despite his innocence. He manages to escape imprisonment with the help of his mentor and comes back as a brand new character named Monte Cristo Shinkai. With the help of the huge sum of money from his mentor, he entangles the people who stripped away his glories and is so passionate about revenge. Monte Cristo Shinkai seeks for the light he had been striving for.

If you have watched the anime of Yuri!!! On Ice, then you must be familiar with the actor and musician Dean Fujioka. He was responsible for the opening theme of the anime which is entitled “History Maker”. He indeed made a history when he released this song since the melody is so catchy and the lyrics is so relatable.

"Echo" Music Video (The Count of Monte Cristo theme)

Dean Fujioka was responsible for the drama theme of "The Count of Monte Cristo". See the music video for his amazing and handsome voice!

The original material of "The Count of Monte Cristo”

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas | Source

The original material of “The Count of Monte Cristo” is a novel by Alexandre Dumas. It is a French novel and this is one of the author’s most popular works along with “The Three Musketeers”. While the Japanese version concentrated on the modern times, the original version was set in the era of Bourbon Restoration through the reign of Louis-Philippe of France. The concept that was taken out from the book was a man who was wrongfully imprisoned, escapes jail, receives a huge fortune and takes revenge against those people who crushed his colourful life. Both versions have themes of hope, justice, vengeance, mercy and forgiveness.

Dean Fujioka’s Biography


Dean was born in Fukushima, Japan. He moved to Tokyo and Chiba prefecture. He even moved to other parts of the world making him a multi-lingual. He can speak Japanese, English, Cantonese, Standard Mandarin and Indonesian. He first made his modelling debut in Chinese popular culture before coming back to Japan. Even though he was known in Chinese popular culture first, he clarified in interviews and variety shows that he’s pure Japanese just like his parents and grandparents who used to lived in foreign countries. Having raised in such environment, he wanted to explore the world with his very own insights.

Dean Fujioka’s Early Career

Before Dean entered the Japanese entertainment scene, he was pretty popular in the Chinese realm. He started his career as a fashion model in Hong Kong for both local and international brands. Aside from being a fashion model, he also became a commercial model across Asia. In 2006, he ventured in the acting scene in Taiwan. Dean’s very first film project “August Story” garnered attention in film festivals that was held in Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. He had so many film and drama projects after. However, he suspended his acting career for a while when he went to Jakarta. In Indonesia, he met DJ Sumo and had a collaboration in making songs.

Dean Fujioka’s Career in Japan


Dean joined Amuse Inc. in 2011. He directed a film called “I am Ichihashi: Journal of a Murderer” in Japan. In 2014, he starred as a Chinese historical figure in a show called “Shooting Down - Three Pilots”; a dramatization about three pilots from China, Japan and USA. He also guested as a samurai in a TV series in the USA called “The Pinkertons”. Finally, in 2015, he appeared in a Japanese drama series called “Detectives vs. Detectives” as a private detective. Dean also played as a Japanese historical figure in “Asa ga Kita” as Godai Tomoatsu and the role got him popular.

2016 is a busy year for Dean Fujioka. He had shows like “Please Love the Useless Me”, “IQ246”, and a web series called “Happy Marriage!?”. He even resumed his musical activities and released a song for the anime “Yuri!! On Ice” which became a huge hit for anime fans. He continues to reach the top and acted in the live-action film of Full Metal Alchemist in which he played as Roy Mustang. Now, he just recently starred in the Japanese TV adaptation of “Les Miserables” this January 2019.

We are born to make history!

Dean and his label A-Sketch finally released a music video for "History Maker" after almost three years. I am sure many "Yuri!!! On Ice" fans were waiting for this and were delighted with the music video!

The Writer’s Personal Thoughts about “The Count of Monte Cristo: Great Revenge” and Dean Fujioka

Dean Fujioka is gaining more attention in Japan now. He has launched his career in other parts of Asia but I am glad that he’s now back in his home country Japan. He deserves the spotlight he is getting since I believe he’s very much talented. He both excels in acting and in music. I hope he gets more projects in the future. I am very much looking forward to more of his projects!

Regarding “The Count of Monte Cristo: Great Revenge”, I was very thrilled watching it. Dean did a great job in portraying his role. It is clear in his eyes that he really wants to take revenge. The whole cast also did a great job and the drama is also very well-written. Dean also won the Best Actor in the Confidence Awards with his role in the "The Count of Monte Cristo". Let us congratulate him!

Dean's latest project is the TV adaptation of "Les Miserables" which is again from another French novel. It was just aired last January 6 in Japan. I haven't watched it yet so I can't say anything about this yet.

I was also so happy when he finally released a music video for "History Maker". It was because of this song that I became a fan of him. I cried the first time I watched it! I was so touched! The lyrics of the song, the music, the whole production, the orchestra in the music video and especially Dean are so much perfect!

I hope you'll enjoy watching the Japanese adaptation of "The Count of Monte Cristo" and I do hope too that you become a fan of Dean!


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