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The Moon that Embraces the Sun - Korean Drama 2012

Updated on September 25, 2014

"The King is the Sun and the Queen is the Moon"

The Moon that embraces the Sun - Story of two sun (brothers - the Crown Prince and his older brother, the Prince) who fall in love with one beautiful moon. Unfortunately, they have to lost this beautiful moon and the Crown Prince has to marry the other moon whom he doesn't love.

Jung Il Woo, a versatile actor who was well-known as Iljimae in Return of Iljimae and recently as Cha Chi Soo in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is now back with his second sageuk drama, The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

And who could forget Kim Soo Hyun who brought us to tears in his portrayal of Song Sam Dong in Dream High.

Honestly, these two actors are the initial reason I attracted to watch this drama. But I was pleasantly surprised knowing that Jung Eun Gwol, a novelist who wrote "The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Confucian Scholars 1 & 2" which gave us Sungkyunkwan Scandal also wrote the novel of Moon that Embraces the Sun.

So if you love Sungkyunkwan Scandal, you'll definitely love The Moon that Embraces the Sun, a new Wednesday - Thursday MBC drama which started broadcast on January 4, 2011. Its first episode broke the rating of 18% (Nationwide) and 19.7% (Seoul) - based on AGB Nielsen and its second episode brought the viewership rating close to 20% nationwide and 22.2% in Seoul. The rating almost broke to 30% nationwide for episode 6! And the rating broke 40% (Nationwide) on episode 16!

The first six episodes focuses on teenagers Crown Prince Hwon, Yeon Woo And Prince Yang Myung. Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In and Jung Il Woo will take over from the sixth episode.

It's a drama not to be missed!

Have you watched The Moon that embraces the Sun. Do you like it?

The Moon that Embraces the Sun Details, Synopsis & Casts

Moon that Embrace the Sun
Moon that Embrace the Sun


Moon that embrace the sun
Moon that embrace the sun | Source

The Moon that Embraces the Sun Details

Number of Episodes: 20

Also Known As: The Moon Embracing the Sun

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Period

Original run: January 4, 2012 - March 15, 2012 on MBC every Wednesday & Thursday 9.55PM KST


- Kim Soo Hyun as Crown Prince Lee Hwon

- Yeo Jin Goo as Lee Hwon (Young)

- Han Ga In as shaman Wol (Wol means moon) / Heo Yeon Woo

- Kim Yoo Jung as Yeon Woo (Young)

- Jung Il Woo as Prince Yang Myung

- Lee Min Ho as Yang Myung (Young)

- Kim Min Seo as Yoon Bo Kyung

- Kim So Hyun as Bo Kyung (Young)

Director: Kim Do Hoon

Writer: Jin Soo Wan

Adapted from a novel: The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Novelist: Jung Eun Gwol

Official Website: Sun n Moon

Official Twitter: @Pan_Drama

Moon that Embraces the Sun Poetry

Average Ratings: 30.1% [Nationwide] | 34.1% [Seoul]

Press Conference of the Moon that Embraces the Sun (English Subtitle)

The Moon that Embraces the Sun - Brief Synopsis

The Moon that Embraces the Sun will portray a love triangle story of two princes [Crown Prince Lee Hwon (played by Kim Soo Hyun) and his older brother Prince Yang Myung (played by Jung Il Woo)] with Yeon Woo.

Crown Prince Lee Hwon, he falls in love with Yeon Woo (played by Han Ga In) and believes that one day she'll become a Crown Princess. Unfortunately, disaster struct their relationship, Yeon Woo suddenly fallen sick and Lee Hwon believes she passed away on her sleep.

Prince Yang Myung was raised up differently, and because he is the son of a concubine, he cannot receive the same treatment as his brother. He always receives cold treatment from his father. He receives tender care from Yeon Woo and falls in love with her. But Yeon Woo chose to be with Lee Hwon.

Few years later:

Because he lost his lover, Lee Hwon's warm & bright personality changed and he is now an arrogant King.

Because he is unwell, the palace asked a talisman called "Wol" to sneak into his room every night to hopefully help him to regain his health. As he always uses his illness as an excuse for not going to his Crown Princess' place. His grandmother & the ministers want him to have an heir.

However, he doesn't know that "Wol" (means moon - Crown Prince Lee Hwon met with her one day and decided to give her a name "Wol" because she said she doesn't have a name, people just call her "agassi") is indeed his lover (Yeon Woo) who has no memory of what has happened with her past life.

When he finally realizes that Wol is the girl he's been looking for, he doesn't want to lose her for the second time. So he arranges her to secretly work for him in order to protect her. Their love blossom beautifully.

Prince Yang Myung who always harbors jealousy against his cousin, once he realizes Yeon Woo is still alive, he tries his hardest to gain her heart. But he's one step too late. So he becomes an antagonist trying to separate them from each other.

If the King is the Sun,

then the Queen is the Moon.

This phoenix hairpin symbolizes the white moon embracing the red sun.

Therefore, I named it...

"the Moon that embraces the Sun".

The Moon that Embraces the Sun Wallpapers / Posters

Click thumbnail to view full-size

=== More The Moon that Embraces the Sun Wallpapers on Sun n Moon Website ===

Talented child actors of 'The Sun and The Moon' - Yeo Jin-goo, Kim Yoo-jung & Lee Min-ho

Moon that Embraces the Sun OST List

The Moon that Embraces the Sun OST List

The Moon that Embraces the Sun OST + Poster is now available on Yes Asia. Release Date: 17 February 2012

Part 1 - Released January 11, 2012

Moonlight Is Setting / Under The Moonlight by Heora

OST Part 2 - Released January 17, 2012

Back in Time by Lyn

OST Part 3 - Released January 26, 2012

Road of Tears by Wheesung

OST Part 4 - Released February 9, 2012

Shadow by Monday Kiz

OST Part 5 - Released February 23, 2012

Hope It's Not by Lee Ki Chan

OST Part 6 - Released March 13, 2012

The One and Only You by Kim Soo Hyun

Moon that Embraces the Sun Awards


MBC Drama Awards - December 30, 2012

- Daesang (Grand Prize): The Moon That Embraces the Sun

- Netizens Popularity Award (Actor): Kim Soo Hyun

- Best Child Actor: Yeo Jin Goo

- Best Child Actress: Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun

- Best Actor: Kim Soo Hyun

- Best Actress: Han Ga In

6th Korea Drama Awards - October 3, 2012

- Best OST Award: Lyn - Back In Time

39th Korea Broadcasting Awards - September 3, 2012

- Talent Award: Kim Soo Hyun

2012 Mnet 20s Choice Awards - June 2012

- 20's Drama Star (Male): Kim Soo Hyun

48th Baeksang Awards - April 26, 2012

- Best Drama: Moon that Embraces the Sun

- Best Actor: Kim Soo Hyun

Moon that Embraces the Sun Filming Location Tour

If you plan to visit Korea and love this drama, make sure you spare some time to visit Moon that embraces the sun filming location.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun DVD

These 14 Discs Special Limited Edition DVD (with English Subtitle) will include:

- special interviews, commentary, behind-the-scenes, making of

- 100-page photobook

- storyboard book

- 4 postcards

- a talisman.

It's available on Yes Asia.


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    anonymous 5 years ago

    the last episode was so cute...

    i love this drama..

    especially heo yeon woo :))

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    anonymous 6 years ago

    Very interesting.

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    anonymous 6 years ago

    interesting.... story...

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    healthandsick 6 years ago

    Sungkyunkwan Scandal become the drama again.. Actually I do not understand about that scandal clearly because I just enjoyed the drama..