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Most Horrifying Hollywood Curses

Updated on May 23, 2010

We have all seen horror movies, but we rarely think about what's going on when they make these movies. We know these actors and producers go the distance to make a memorable film. But, how far are these people willing to go to please us? From rumors of real human remains being used on film sets and actors pushing themselves over the edge for cinematic respect.

The Billy Bob Thornton Co-Star Curse

So the curse has it, if you play in a movie with the famous Billy Bob Thornton, you will die, well, most likely. Okay, out of all the movies Billy Bob Thornton played in, only six co-stars have passed. John Ritter, Bernie Mac, J.T. Walsh, Heath Ledger, and Patrick Swayze. Also Shia LaBeouf and Morgan Freeman were seriously injured in separate car accidents. But, who's to say Billy Bob Thornton is the source of all these actors deaths? Maybe it's just bad casting.

The Led Zeppelin Curse

Jimmy Page was fascinated with Black Magic and Aleister Crowley he even went so far as buying his mansion and a cape of his wearing it around.  It is said that the purchase of the Boleskine House  brought on demise to the band.  Starting with the broken finger of John Paul Jones the band guitarist, forcing the band to cancel their tour.  In 1977 while the band was on tour, Robert Plant found out that his son had died.  John Bonham died after a heavy day of drinking ( if 40 measures of vodka is heavy) he was put to bed after the party at Jimmy Page’s home and was found dead in the morning.  Jimmy Page doesn’t believe in the curse, because it has never effected him personally.

John Lennon and the Number 9 Curse

John Lennon, the famous Beetles member, thought nine was his lucky number. But, maybe it was his unlucky number. Many Lennon fans believe this to be true. John was born on October 9th 1940 in Liverpool.( 9 letters) Discovered on Nov 9th 1961, on Ed Sullivan Feb 9th.  The Beatles called it quit after 9 year. Met Yoko Ono on Nov 9th 1966, they had a son Sean, born 9 year later, on John’s birthday Oct. 9th.  In 1980 John Lennon was shot to death, 9 years after he moved to New York.  He was pronounced dead at 11:07(1+1+7=9) pm on December 8th.  Not the 9th, but the date in Liverpool where he was born was… December 9th…

The Superman Curse

The curse states “If you intend on playing the Strongest Man on Earth, you will either die or end up in the weakest position possible.”

This is the oldest Hollywood curse on this list, it started in the 1950s. The curse started with George Reeves, who was found dead from a single gunshot wound.  Then, the most famous Superman, suffered a paralyzing horseback riding accident and Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane, suffered a nervous breakdown. Superman III star Richard Pryor was stricken with multiple sclerosis. Also many other people who preticapted in the makining of these films were injured or killed. Producer Rob Burnett was mugged by four guys who broke his ribs, giving him a concussion and a black eye. Editor Adam Robitel fell through a closed window and was impaled by a glass shard that punctured his lung and injured his spine. Associate producer and cameraman Todd Stanley fell down a flight of stairs, fracturing his skull and tearing his pinkie finger so badly it had to be partially amputated.

The Bruce Lee Family Curse

It started with Bruce Lee's mysterious death and how he predicted his death long before it happened. His father died at age 64 and he once said he would only live to be half the age of his father, and he died at age 32. Bruce Lee also predicted his son Brandon Lee's death after awaking from a coma, when Brandon was only a small child. Brandon Lee's death while filming The Crow added more speculation to the Bruce Lee curse. Bruce Lee died from a mysterious coma after taking a very strong aspirin. Brandon Lee died from a fatal gunshot wound on the set of his last movie.

The curse of the movie Atuk.

In 1970 a script was written for a movie called Atuk about an overweight Eskimo trying to make it in the big city. John Belushi was the actor they wanted for this part. While the comedic actor was preparing for the role, he was found dead  from a combination of cocaine and heroine.  A few years later the screenplay was handed off to a new actor Sam Kinison.  After a half of a day of work Sam freaked out and couldn’t do the rest of the film, said he didn’t like the way it was written and refused to do the rest of the filming, 2 years later Sam was killed in a fiery car crash.  They still wanted to make the movie, so they offered the script to John candy in 1993.  The actor was in the process of reading the script when he died of a heart attack.  A few years later they thought that Chris Farley would be good for the film, they offered him the role.  Chris Farley had handed the script to Phil Hartman to pay a costar of his in the film.  They have decided to shelf the script and have not offered it to anyone else.

The Centerfold Curse

Playboy's centerfold curse has taken more lives then any other curse on this list. 25 centerfolds have died untimely deaths, and many people believe this curse is the cause. It started with Marylin Monroe, the first playboy centerfold. Most of these beautiful women died in car accidents or drug overdoses. 

Polanski Curse

There was talk of Roman Polanski was in contact with Church or Satan leader Anton LaVey for the filming of Rosemary’s Baby thus cursing him and the film.  He called that idea “ridiculous”. 

Then on Aug 8th 1969 one of the most horrific things to come across. Sharron Tate, Roman’s pregnant wife and 4 friends were found bound, mutilated and murdered at their home.  Polanski was then booked in 1978 for having unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13 year old girl.  He fled to France just days before he was sentenced.  He has not returned to the US since.

The Poltergeist

After month of production of flickering lights, pictures being moved, and eerie things happening on and off set.  The curse took an evil turn, after the films release the actress Dominique Dunne who played the oldest daughter was killed horrifically by her ex boyfriend at the age of 22.  3 years later when filming the sequel, there were even more evil turns.  Two actors Julian Beck and Will Sampson died while filming the trilogy.  The youngest actress Heather O’Rourke was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night while filming the 3rd installment, where she died from septic shock from an acute bowel obstruction. 

The Exorcist

The Exorcist is claimed to be the scariest movie of all time, and I have to say it does hold some very chilling moments. But, I would have to say the scariest thing about this movie is all the mysterious deaths and accidents that occurred on the set.  It has been rumored that four to nine crew members were killed during filming. Also a set fire occurred during the middle of the night, when no one was there. In later interviews cast and crew members said they felt chills and scary experiences while on the set. Though, lead actress Linda Blair lived through filming, and still lives today, if your lucky during Halloween, you may be-able to see her on a game show special.


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    • profile image

      bellyboy 4 years ago

      the guy who worked on the Sopranos was in the movie the man who wasn't there and died this year-another billy bob casuality

    • profile image

      Anon 4 years ago

      Am sorry robert

    • profile image

      Keyturah 5 years ago

      I believe that when we live a certain lifestyle that it does contain to being cursed just because you are living the high life doesn't mean that you are not selling your soul, anything against God will give the wrath of God....deuteronomy 28

    • perihelionecho profile image

      perihelionecho 7 years ago from Michigan

      This is an awesome post. Although I believe a lot of these so-called "curses" are just products of the lifestyles that surround rock stars, movie stars, and models I do have to admit some of the curses are creepy.