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Movie Mania

Updated on September 9, 2016
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially on movies, and actors she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

The Silver Screen

If you like movies You'll love this lens! I update each week on Thursday (usually, unless there's a problem or I do it a day early).

I have tons here for you...Upcoming movies, Trailers, Previews, DVD releases, Movie Calendar, Reviews, recommendations, Lists & debates and thensome.

So grab your beverage and snacks, sit back, relax, and Please do not disturb the other audience members


UPDATE added Reviews (remember this year I am posting 50 reviews then I will start taking down the old ones)

I am trying to get to posting previews as well as updating the calendar

If you haven't already done so, you can now 'watch' the Avatar Awards

If any previous sections are missing from this, then they should be in the spin offs!

*Movie Maven

*My All time favorite Movies

*Sound tracks vs. Scores the Debate

* The SoundTRACKSto my Life

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Movie Mania by Kim Marie Ostrowski is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at Movie-mania

Tag Line

The 'motto' of the movie a few examples;

Pacific Rim has at least 2

To Fight Monsters we Created Monsters & "Go big or Go Extinct"

You'll never go in the water again! -Jaws

Hack The Planet! -Hackers

My Favorite one ever

Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire-from Lost Boys

Movie Books

I Own The Pictorial History of Horror Movies. Its a cool book if you like the classic horror movies & actors!

The old pictures shows some of the old one sheets and so on.(I Really would love to find a dracula go along with my Lost Boys one!)

A Pictorial History of Horror Movies
A Pictorial History of Horror Movies

I Own The Pictorial History of Horror Movies. Its a cool book if you like the classic horror movies & actors!

The old pictures shows some of the old one sheets and so on.(I Really would love to find a dracula go along with my Lost Boys one!)


Elvira's Multiplex - The theater that gives you nightmares

The Movie goers' Bill of Rights

Citizens at the multiplex take a stand against assaults by ringtones, fast-food aromas, and endless commercials

someone e-mailed me this from Enterainment weekly & I'm not able to find the link again But being its relevant & true..

I take NO CREDIT for it, The credit & all rights etc. go to

by Mark Harris

Mark Harris is a writer and former executive editor of EW

We tried to explain this pleasantly. Two years ago, EW's Gillian Flynn offered what she called ''basic rules for gracious viewing.'' ''Some folks,'' she noted, ''have a bristling, baffling sense of entitlement.'' We hoped those folks would listen. Apparently, they didn't. So now we're codifying the guidelines into hard law. Last warning: Don't make us come down the aisle and tell you again, because next time we're bringing a stun gun.

IF your cell phone rings during the movie,

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to turn around and yell at you to shut it off without threat of bodily harm.

IF your cell phone rings during the movie and you actually answer it and begin a conversation,

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to snatch it out of your hands and store it securely in one of your body cavities from which, after the film ends, you will be able to retrieve it with medical help.

IF you insist on wedging yourself into your seat with a lapful of steaming-hot, stinkin' food that you brought in from outside the theater,

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to remind you that not every public entertainment experience is an excuse for you to unhinge your lower jaw and ingest your entire body weight in fried goods.

IF you insist on continuing to chow down as if you were in your living room,

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to shout ''Run! Run! The armrests are about to blow!''

IF you are one of those people who cannot watch a movie without sharing with your companion, or repeating, at full volume, every line you just heard that strikes you as even faintly amusing,

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to do things to you so baroquely, unprintably violent that Quentin Tarantino would consider them excessive.

IF you bring your baby or small child to a 10 p.m. showing of a movie,

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to explain to you, loudly, that you are a crappy parent. That goes double if the movie is rated R, and triple if you let the kid run around unattended.

If you do not immediately leave, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to follow you out into the parking lot, get your license plate, and place an anonymous complaint with the Department of Social Services.

IF you are an advertiser who's hell-bent on making us sit through an insufferably stupid commercial for your product, thus helping to delay the start of the movie by 15 minutes,

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to boycott your product, and to miss no opportunity to explain that we do not, and never will, Wanta Fanta.

IF you are a theater owner who insists on showing those commercials,

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to remind you that if we wanted to see them, we'd stay home. In fact, you may have noticed: That's pretty much what we're doing.

(MY own note) Yes some movies are 2 or over 2 hours long but for the price of the movies now; matinee or NOT, DO NOT COMPLAIN. even if its a really crappy movie, at least its not a crappy 1 hour movie. YOu can always leave & try and get your money back (i think within the first 15 - 30 minutes you can. but the good stuff doesn't usually start til the 45 minute or hour mark (even then you can try. I didn't like the Blair Witch Project and some guy & I didn't liek it & we got our money back. & that was when movies were like I h tink $5 or less!

Log Line

a one to 2 line sentence description,

(like the blurbs from authors, & other media on the back or inside books)

News and Feature Presentation

Movie Reviews

I add reviews as I see Movies in the theater or on rental. You can find newer reviews here . I will also be adding (in time) these reviews to the blog's archives.

I've noticed the more I like a movie the more I write so that will give you some semblance of a hint as well. (unless its absolutly unacceptable & I go on a rant) It all depends if the movie has enough to inspirer a longer review out of me.

What I try to include in my reviews...

*How I saw it Theater, 3-d,or regular, Dvd, or Blu-ray as some movies are better on blu-ray than the big screen sometimes (for those that haven't seen Avatar or Star Trek 2009 movie THOSE are AWESOME on Blu-Ray)

*I also try to include why I liked the movie (&/or not) as well as some of these

*Ratings Package:

Originality, Length, Plot, Characters, Cast/acting, Set-up/ Execution,

Cliche factor,

entertainment Value,




Authenticity Script/screenplay Editing, Score/soundtrack,


Action/Choreography Quality (rise or decline) &

Overall Depth, Range, & Emotion

Though, all that information would be quite long, I try to include a few of them in each review, but I do not follow an outline.

IF there are some reviews left over from last year, that is becasue they are an Avatar Awards Nominee (yes I have my own Awards show as well. Link should be on this page. THe 2013 awards will be 'broadcast' February 14th @ 8pm EST

  1. Never Sleep again: The Elm street Legacy

    In short a great behind the scenes for fans of the Original series. There’s cast interviews, secrets behind the FX (a lot were Very basic even a lot of the ones I would think were some sort part CG for the time) It’s 4 hours but I watched an hour or so at a time. A

    In short a great behind the scenes for fans of the Original series. There’s cast interviews, secrets behind the FX (a lot were Very basic even a lot of the ones I would think were some sort part CG for the time) It’s 4 hours but I watched an hour or so at a time. A

  2. I Frankenstein- ll what can I write about what to me is a lame duck. I like the concept of a City of Gargoyle people (but really think they should be a movie of its own to explore and to me took away a bit from Frankenstein's monster himself which is supposed to be the star of the movie after all, his name is the title!~ So the Gargoyles were pretty cool, though not all FX were. Some looked pretty crappy and well... I can't giove it anything better than a D
  3. Pompeii- Game of thrones fans Kit Harrington aka Jon Snow.. actually gets to fight in this, not to mention show off some fab abs! Enjoyed the action and like I said actually getting to see Kit fight (or at least in a different way than on GOT) oooh so I'm guessing that's how Atlantis disappeared and how the earth has come to look the way it does now. Oh the destruction, see for those that know, we already know what the ending will be for those that don't I won't ruin it.. but I had to shed a tear C+
  4. The Monuments Men- Interesting, a little witty, great cast, worth a watch B
  5. 6 Degrees of Hell- a Hospital then asylum turned into a Hotel of Horror. Ghost Storieseepy possession oh yeah and a Psychic chick, oh yeah let's not forget Corey Feldman has a bit part. To me it's a bit of a mish mash that culminates in an anti-climatic disappoi9nting ending. Som eof it looks like it was filmed like a child did the directing and a few FX were really bad thouge make up were cool but bad all the same (unless that was on purpose then they were great!) D
  6. Haunted- Weird sounds and things go on but I'm not sure if the girl and her fam are alive and in a haunted house or if they are all dead or just stuck in some parallel time. A creepy mystery I would compare it to a certain movie but that would likely spoil the whole story for you. I will tell you one thing, when you see flashes (flickers or whatever you want to call them like say in the digital alarm clock... go bit & pause & use slow motion (or however yours works) You may see some clues. I think it is one of the best rentals this year so far (& so far the only one) B
  7. Iron Sky- (1 hour & 3 minutes Blue Ray) So after 50 years the U.S. (or earth) travel to the moon and find a surprise ont he dark side. There's some subtitles but it is an english speaking movie. I did have a laugh at the landing ch was noted as upstate new York but you could see New York City from where they were. I'm In Yonkers, NY which is about half an hour away from the city and there's at least 2-3 places you can see the city from. If you actually go upstate New York you will not have that view! Some super tall guy which at first I mistook for a younger Josh Brolin and was about 2 feet taller than everyone else around him! Do the words Moon Nazi make you laugh? If you then you may enjoy this. Now we know where those UFOs are coming from the rednecks always seem to see (& I'm sad they failed to include a scene of that sort) I will say as far as movies I've seen... I think it's an original idea as far as i recall, a few light laughs, nice use of a high heel, THe action was a bit lacking and got a bit boring at one time C
  8. Pawn Shop Chronicles- - Lots of big names, Paul Walker in in the first story , Elija Wood in another and Matt Dillon in the same one with Wood. The stories sort of interweave in a way. A bit weird even sick stuff but ok C+
  9. Devil's Due- basdically a Paranormal activity, meets roasemarie's (Hell) Baby . The expecting father films everything from before the wedding dng and the honeymoon. Last night of the Honeymoon they hail a cab which takes them to some club you call tell is a cult from the symbol on the door (THe symbol reminds me of I think the Euro symbol or some money symbol. It's a C with an equal' sign through the left. I'd say this is a ore commercial version of Hell Baby without the chee and severely bad acting. Nothing Original Or scarry Great for a night when there's nothing on or just bored! D
  10. THe Donner Party- based on a true story, in during the Winter of 1846-47 there are many trapped in the Sienna Moutains in Navada starving. The Donner Party pioneers make their way to california in hopes of finding help, but are forced toi chose between morals or resort to cannibalistic intentions to survive. C
  11. Hours- starring Paul Walker who plays Nolan whose wife dies in childbirth during hurricane Katrina.The baby is on a ventilator and when the hospital is evacuated he stays with her while the storm rages on. However while working to keep his daughter alive he tells her how he met her mom, Making trips to find supplies & trying to keep the ventilator cranked to keep working. Those are not his only obstacles there are those raiding buildings that have been abandoned

    If like me you don't cry easily when it comes to stories then this will liekly get your tear ducts going. Though I think I kept tearing up more for the fact this was his last movie (filmed or at least one of them) and I'm not a sap when it comes to movies but I kept finding tears coming to my eyes knowing he is no longer on our side of the veil. Those that believe in them, some would say he was an angel when he was here & now he truely is. B

  12. State of EMergency- Oh wow a TV with an antennae. Haven't seen that since the 80s! So finding h9imself in a quarantine zone after an enxplosion at a militaryweapons plant Jim fights to survive on what looks like (to me) a horse ranch.

    The surrounding populace of the plant have turned into an undead red eye army , as for if like the movie or not. I'm not sure and certainly it's NOT The Walking Dead caliber (that show has spoiled me. It's more a zombie movie than actual movies! I still ask.. HOW on a Tv show budget to they have such great make up!)

  13. THe Brotherhood V: Alumni- not surprising Bad acting overly long introduction if you want to call it that Tried to be suspensefl but it's not. lost in the first 10-15 minutes Just skipped through here & there F
  14. The Guilt Trip- Oh Gods help us! It's my mother (well mine isn't Jewish but she never shuts up & makes you miss exit ramps with her yapping.) a half hour feel like an hour. Lmost an hour through the movie and i have yet to laugh. Adventure part C Movie itself a D-
  15. Monster High-(1989) I thin I may have seen this once before Obviously its not the cool cartoon (sadly) THere's camp & then there's crap. This is a silly amaglomation of the 2 D+
  16. 47 Ronin-starring Keanu Reeves and quite a few of familiar faces. The creature at the beginning I am still trying to figure out what it is. 6 eyes, sort of looks dragon like but 2 long horn and branches coming out of its head too with a long tail. Anyway The movie I thought it wsa better than I expected it to be Not great but fair and hey Keanu gets to play (well sort of) a samurai. C+
  17. The Lake House- well apparently I'm on a Keanu Kick Half an hour in I'm enjoying it & I'm not one for 'love' stories. Keanu is in the past & Sandra in what would be present day (at least 2006 time). If only something cool like this could really happen, it would be cool but I'm sure quite frustrating. The closest thing I can think of would be jsut writing letters & leaving them somewhere to be found. (or jsut write in a notebook) I liked it B
  18. The Good Sheapard UGh it's says its 2 hours and 48 minutes long. we'll see if its worth the time I'll give it at least an hour. One of the russian character's names is Valentin (like the guy from Dancing with the stars) & he also plays violin so I got a little ironic laugh out of that This is a *** bore, not sur eif they are trying overly hard to be dramatic or what but even for me this is too long.
  19. 13 Sins- One of those crazy demented 'Games' Where you get a phone call and have to do mean challenges (or in this case sins so you can win money. of course the guy just loses his job with a kid on the way etc. THere are at least a few sick stunts but was a bit disappointed with the end. I've seen this style of thriller horror (whatever you want to call it) before but this one only musters a C (if that)
  20. Lucy- Basically it's Limitless on Steroids (& maybe a little acid or crack maybe both thrown in) This jsut take Limitless further than it went. There's jsut the right amount of intensity and a couple of laughs (or maybe I jsut found those parts funny).After this you may never look at a tree the same after seeing it through Lucy's eyes. A few of her tricks definately get the "wish I could do that' nomination and let's not forget the creepy text that may or may not give you goosebumps or make you paranoid but a definately creepy skin crawl. B
  21. Rockin the Corps: An american Thank you -

    starts with Godsmack Then Ted Nugent comes out & then he & Godsmack do a song or 2 together. Richie Sambora I started to listen to but I hate when they change the way a song is played so I skipped him, Hoote & the Blow Fish did a few songs Destiny's Child & well wasn't crazy abotu them Celebrities introduced the bands inbetween sets and to wrap things up Kiss (the band I first remember as a toddler on tv and remember saying "I want to be that when I grow up" The closest I got was a halloween costume.. (but it scared the crap out of a few people so happy on that)

  22. 23:59 - an hour and 18 minutes The baracks of a (I think) chinese recruits is being haunted by a legend among the villagers of a local medium and her disfigured daughter getting revenge. Will anyof them disappear or die? Will any of them step up and try to help to keep his fellow recruits safe? There are subtitles but they do speak some english in the movie.

'Smuggler's Cinema'

When you disguise interesting films as a genre

I've tried my best to find official teasers & trailers but sometimes fans make some really good ones That its hard to tell.


In development or pre/post-Production (or just barely) -

*Thunder Run*Pawn shop Chronicles*Wanted 2*7500* Bill & Ted 3 *Rampage* The Grand Seduction* Into the Darkness * The Devil in White City The Illustrated man Justice league Mortal jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral Timeless (L Hemsworth) Paradi$e (2013) The Warren Files Alien prequel 2 Dracula-The Un-dead uncle Charlie (by Wentworth Miller) Ghostbusters 3 , American Bullshit, The Gate Remake * Pirates of the Carribean Bourne 5 Breacher Snow Piercer (Chris Evans) *Snow white & the Huntsman 2 The Gate 3d * The Last Voyage of Demeter* Attachment * Shreveport (Ryan Phillippe) Horn* (Radcliffe)* Hours w/ Paul Walker *Thunder Run**Wanted 2*The Passage (2013) The insomniac * Six Degrees of Hell* House of Good & Evil

List of Feature films to release in 2013

Movies Scheduled for 2014

Movies heard of but can't find a date Dracula: Un-dead * Last Blood * Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She-Vampires* Castlevania (2014 ?) Dracula Year Zero still in development House of Night (2013) Blood Type Unknown Damn Nation 6 degrees of hell The Iron Trail, Goblin, Incarceron

This is SCARRILY true when it comes to me

This is SCARRILY true when it comes to me
This is SCARRILY true when it comes to me

Curtis comic - I LOVE this one! TOO TRUE!

Four Quadrant Movie

attracts all ages & Both sexes.

(but wouldn't that only be 2-3 quadrants covered?)

Post View 2014

Lucy - Highly Recommended

Too True -from 7-19-12

Too True -from  7-19-12
Too True -from 7-19-12

IF Awards

Movie SHorts

Post views 2013

Currently sorting through last years trailers (what I have seen) to one section of what I have yet to still see. Will take some time to get through them

Call Sheet sample

3-d Fad or Fab?

I know some people are sick of so many movies coming out in 3-d and frankly I am (somewhat) as well, BUT when you can see them anytime of day one day a week for $7 Tuesdays I can watch any movie no matter what time standard or 3-d for So I watch them anyway.

Tho' I would pref. It to be more of an Avatar experience. Tho I do like the occasionaly Cornball cheese like that of

Piranha 3-d. It can be fun, but annoying as well)

Some movies SHOULD be seen in the theater as 3-d others shouldn't, and sometimes its hard to gauge (the new Underworl movie weather 3d or standard was a waste of film and money.

I wanted to know what your stance is on 3-d. I love it & at the same time Pisses me off cause when it comes out on

Disk in 3-d they throw in the retched Blue & Red cardboard crap, I thought we were beyond that!

Tho' I did see a movie called Zombie Chronicles that was 2 sides standard & 3-d version but no glasess or anything came with it & tried one of the pairs of glasses I kept from the theater & those didn't work. If they are going to have the 3-d in the theater that way WHY must they ruin it with the Red & Blue crap?(Was fine for Black & white even the colored version King Kong or Godzilla back in the day but not now.) Plus it ruins watching the movie, because you don't get to see the actual colors (read..MOOD at least lends to it) of the movie.

I do know also that some are not able to watch 3-d because there's something wrong with their depth perception or some other eye problem. If that's the case please explain in the comment. Unfortunately this didn't give me a 3rd option so If that's the case Please note that an eye problem is the reason you pref standard.

Do You like 3-d movies or pref. the standard?



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    • Kim 4 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @Nightcat: Saw 3-d was lame to me I only went to see it cause Chester from Linkin Park was in it. and only maybe 1 of the traps was filmed well for it. But they could have left it out. I can tell they added it after. (which they decide to do with alot. You can tell the dif.) Avengers & Avatar were filmed in 3d. Clash of the titans it was added in.

    • Nightcat 4 years ago

      3-D, for horror at any rate.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      more excitement going to the movies with 3D ... a little more from the pocketbook but worth it.

    • Kim 5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      Even if its cheesey if I can go see them anytime of day on a tuesday for $6 standard or 3-d I choose the 3-d. (esp. so I can mention if its worth i in my Reviews. Some movies are worth it. Others are not. I thoughtthe last transformers was pretty cool in 3-d same for the final destinations I jsut wish the 2 original ones were. 3-d shoud be used to accentuate the movie going experience NOT to just make a few extra bucks! It should an event like Avatar was. (& even tho I paid full price to see those I saw it 2x when it first cme out & 1 more time in the extended version.


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      • Kim 4 years ago from Yonkers, NY

        @Tennyhawk: You already commented the same thing on the duel on Movie Mania

      • Tennyhawk 4 years ago

        I think 3-D is a fad, but that's just me.

      • Kim 4 years ago from Yonkers, NY

        @anonymous: I absolutely agree with you on that! Avengers was great, Avatar was great it wasn't cheesy 3d cliches. (Though I don't mind it) but there's hat a 3-d movie out every week SINCE Avatar came out!?

      • Kim 4 years ago from Yonkers, NY

        @Deadicated LM: didn't ask if you could afford them. (Plus if your local theater like mine has a discount day.. Ours is Tuesday & normally $7 ALL DAY when the matinee normally any day til 5 or 6 is $9 or $10 + adding 3d on tiop of that.) Try seeing if they have a discount day then you can afford it. but aside from money answer the question

      • Tennyhawk 4 years ago

        I think 3-D is a fad.

      • Deadicated LM 4 years ago

        I can't afford 3D movies.

      • Kim 4 years ago from Yonkers, NY

        @anonymous: Nah Children't's movies not ok in 3-d hello Smurfs. 1 those aren't smurfs. Smurfs were a cartoon not CG GARBAGE! but I do agree its used too much. AVengers Ok Avatar ok. Maybe even the new fright night in it. but I do like it when they don't use it for the cliched cheap 3-f tricks. Like how they did in avatar & Avengers. it does enhance it. Waiting to see how the hobbt will look (man would love to see the spirits from return of the King in 3d!) Certain parts of movies in 3d ok & so on. But I do agree its being over used. (& what really pisses me off is when you get a dvd or blu way that's supposed to be 3-d & have glasses its the old red & blue carbrd glasses! What about the 3-d like was when we saw in theater? that blurry look that we just have to put on the glasses to fix it (pref. the ones from theater cause you know some people keep them to sneak into others! lol)

      • Kim 4 years ago from Yonkers, NY

        @JoleneBelmain: The BEST 3-d movie was Avatar Avengers was pretty cool in 3D as well. (saw both times that way but then again Thor is in it lol) Tehre's a few ok in 3-d & others I don't know why they bothered. unless you actually film it in 3-d like Avatar was. Then don't put it in 3-d.

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        I think it depends on the film children's movies may be OK in 3-d, but it is being used too much and cheapens a lot of movies

      • JoleneBelmain 5 years ago

        Depends on the movie but the ones I've seen in 3-D really aren't worth the extra money you pay to have them in 3-D... I'd rather keep the cheaper prices and not see it in 3-D

      • christinsword 5 years ago

        Good question. I personally don't care too much; but opt for 3-d whenever the nephews visit because they love it.

      So What is YOUR favorite Movie quotes (leave in the comments & I'll add them here)

      Quote Character's name that said it (if I know it) & Movie its from

      Also here's a few things I wish I had from movies. Weather it were just the props (if I had room) or they actually worked!

      Rocky 4- The Robot & The Lamborgini

      • You look like $h!+ run over twice -Barry- I know what you did last summer
      • What's that on your Chest.... You Look like you fell on Alf - Fan boys
      • My Own brother, a God D#^% $h!+ sucking Vampire, boy you wait til mom finds out buddy- Sam in Lost Boys
      • There's a Funny Farm and it has your names written on it-Chunk in Goonies
      • Blogging is not writing, its grafitti with punctuation-Contagion
      • I'll be here with my Friend jack Daniels - The Grey
      • My foot is biggr than this car- Arnold in Expendables 2 getting into a smart car
      • Rocky 4

        Rocky- saying something about not wanting his son to look like a punching bag like him

        Son- You don't look like a Punching Bag..... You look like a Catcher's mit

      Recommend a movie to me (please include a review)

      Make up your own lists.

      Write up your Top 5-10 Faves list (just note Sound Tracks, Movies Songs, movies characters quotes what?)

      what's your fave Top 10 movies in your Video Library?


      I still LOVE watching This Means war. Its a fun movie to me.

      Olympus has fallen, & White House Down being as they look like the same movie, just wonder which one is better, well while Olypus looked better in the trailers and I originally had no interest in White HOuse Down... Overall movie was White house down but I like the action of Olympus better.

      2014 Avatar awards Nominees

      Yes I know alot of these are not from 2014, but hey not everyone can get to see a movie in the theater everyweek or think it may be worth the money to see in the theater even.

      These movies here are those nominated for one reason or another it could be because of a line, joke, actress or actor performance & so on.

      1. Wolverine-I can see a story like this being in a comic (graphic novel which ever you pref. to call them) So that may be one reason everyone sounded like they liked it. There's a cool twist , I'm afraid to write anything that I might ruin the movie. IT was cool & the train fight was cool, but errr we saw that in Star Trek 2 soo.. not sure but The movie wasn't over the top, just a perfect mix of story, action and so on A
      2. Assault on Wallstreet- Dominic Prucell & Eddie Furlong. Ah & someone goes by my philosophy… “Get some Alcohol make the pain go away So SO Dominic's character (Tom I think) his wife has cancer and the debt is starting to pile up thank's to no good insurance limits (if a person wants to get rid of cancer. There should be no limit!) and Wallstreet's greedy grubs. There's a spoiler (which I won't ruin) that leads to his despair and frankly as depressed as the character was.. he was depressing me! I felt it which leads to the movies title. It's a Dramatic gripping thriller and I was on the edge of my seat B
      3. Elysium- well an hour an fifteen minutes in, is a watc, rewind & watch on slow mo' moment! Watch carefully as the grenade drops! Jodie Foster sounds weird to me like itot her voice or maybe she's over pronunciating or projecting it. I think this registeres for an avatar Awards fest fight scene nomination. I like the action but sometimes when SHarlto Copley talks (maybe it's yelling) I can't understand what character is saying. The ending is both sad & happy depending on your point of view B
      4. Abandon - starring Katie Holmes & Charlie Hunnam a Psycho mystery thriller

        Katie who plays Katie Burke in the movie is missing her boyfriend Embry who has been missing for 2 years. Some think he's off galivanting in Europe but there is now an investigation into his disappearance.

        Katie keeps halucinating (or so she thinks) they she sees him here & there there's quite a bit of build up B

      5. Fast & Furious 6- Oh for gods sakes Rock in the interrogation room, really? I like Luke Evans who plays the villian shaw's 'funny car' its liek a mini tank. I even asked myself.. "what's he think he is, Batman?" then I thought WHY can't he be in batman vs Superman & not ben Affleck? I also really enjoy him as a villain I just hope he doesn't get typecast as one. Tyrese scenes with the others running his mouth then the turnaround dis from one of the pack members. Avatar Awards Nominees for Best Ensamble cast, Chase scene, fight, stunt & WTF Moment of the year! A

        So sad every time I saw paul Walker all I wanted to do was cry.. esp. the 'secret scene' talk about art imitating life imitating art

      6. Kick Ass 2- I still can't believe the kid that plays Kick ass is the same guy that Co-starred alongside Taylor Kitsch In Savages! Aside from the Pimp coat.. love the 70s shirt (& looks good in the style) I think Hit girl is even cooler in this and the movie as a whole I think is better than the first (key word there THINK not 100% sure ) I think after this every father who has a daughter will want 'Eisenhower'. Gotta love the Payback on the mean girls And well I will try not to ruin the villians butThere's one that Reminds me of Dolph Lundgren's one in Rocky 4 (I think it was) Night B*** lipstick is totally rockin. Hit GIrl needs a new name.. Something with Purple in it.. Purple Haze or something as everything is Purple with her! There's also a Hidden sene WAY at the end of the credits B
      7. Drift- So Sam Worthington who plays J.B. a surf photographer and The Kelly brother's played by Myles Pollard & Xavier Samuel start their own Surf shop. Jimmy Kelly is the pro surfer (more or less). Pretty much the usual stuff in this.. a few obsticles, bullies, and such and then the play for the tournament at the end.

        I really only got it because Sam Worthinton is in it & it's a surf movie! and I love surf movies! B

      8. Lone Survivor- I'm not big on miliarty movies but I have seen some behind the scenes for this. I remember them mentioning somethig about Emile Hirsch who plays Danny Dietz almost didn't get the part. This also goes to show when you take the high road.. nothing good can happen! (Frankly if its a matter of everyone else having a problem I'd have no problem if it's going to save my & my mates butts!) At least keep them not exactly as prisoners but that 1 you know is going to be a problem.. at least leave him bound to a tree, so he doesn't know where you are going. I'm surprised the movie was only 2 hours long. (I thought it was going to be longer like the 3 hours Zero Dark Thirty was). Regardless even with t he short time it moves along pretty quickly. I liek the beginning where they are Hazing

        'Patton' (Alex Ludwig from the Hunting Games movie & soon to be Ragnar Lothbrocks son on Vikings tv series) I also like the silly arguments (the Aribic Horse.. it's called an arabian horse' Taylor Kitsch & Mark Wahlber need to do another movie (or 2) together. I thin they had good chemistry (esp. with the comedic parts)/ The movie is intense and sad with a spot or 2 of lighthartedness to break up the intensity. The title is its own spoiler, so you already know how it ends. B

      9. Bad Grandpa-

        Well I think this is a bit more tame compared to when Knoxville is with his whole crew (Stev-O Bam & the lot of them) There's an extended & theatrical version & we chose extended. there's 2-3 parts which really had us laughing loud. Singing in the car & pulling into a gas station (not to mention what happens next) The strip Club & Beauty Pagent as well though the Pagent you basically see in the trailers but not all of it) I'd go with a C or C+

      10. Escape Plan- Ok why is the Divergent preview on the blu-ray? It's not even in theaters yet, not to mention for 1 it's a kid's book and 2. I don't see the similarity. the only thing I can think of is same studio. Anyway Besides 'Rocky' & 'Terminator' being in this YEAH! Vinnie Jone is too (which always makes a movie cooler!) Ya know I think Arnold's got all the cool Line in this. I won't ruin them all but our favorite was "You hit like a vegitarian" Oh yeah Jim Kevizel plays the prison's warden and Sam Neil is the doctor.

        Ya know... I thought this was going to be crap and didn't see it in the theater for that reason granted if the movies were still $5 (not including any snacks etc) then it would be worth seeing but more than that Nope. The script was pretty cool, wasn't boring there's a bit of a mystery but it's pretty transparent. I could actually maybe 99% of the time understand Stallone, though he still talks with marbles in his mouth . There's a bit of a twist at the end I didn't even see coming. C+

      11. Devil's Pass - Its sort of like a Blair witch meets Quarintine. A group of students go hiking in the Ural mouintains in Russia where a Russian group of scientist went missing and show up dead in the late 50's but as to why is still a mystery. It's interesting and well the ending is definately payoff. I'm not sure exactly what to call it, though I didn't see that coming B
      12. Old Boy- was this a true story (really I can't remember if they said it was) Well the first action sequence (so I remember) is like watching a Kung Fu movie. If this isn't a true story.. man is that creator/writer a sick twisted little monkey! (Thumbs up to ya!) I think Josh Browlin stole Samuel L Jackson's bad ass awards with their particular scene together. SO this will be up for Avatar Award nominations! B+
      13. Rush- This Indy movie starring Chris Hemsworth is intense. THe roller coaster ride of racing and I didn't know they had formula one races a 'The Glen' (Watkins Glen in Upstate New York) like Nascar.

        I thought the rivalry was quite good and one needs a rival to push them a little harder. This also proves "determinations brreds championships' I liek the touch of the real life clips of Lauder & Hunt they included. The wasn't all drama as some words fly from racers mouths there's a few funny moments A

      14. Sabotage- Not only is 'ARnold' in this but True Blood's Joe Maginello Lost & Intelligence Josh Holloway & Avatar's Sam Worthington oh yeah & I forget the actor's name but also from Lost the guy that played 'Walt's' da, that's it Harold Perrineau.

        Nice scorpion tat on joes neck crime/mystery which was probably obvious from the beginning but I didn't suspect who was doing the killing. I haven't seen or heard any buzz good or bad about it but I thought the plot was pretty good and what seems like a full story (as far as one watch goes) I didn't think it was going to be that good but I guess with the younger actors being in it, that it helped. B

      15. Captain America: Winter Soldier- 2 1/2 hours I saw a review say it was too long but it's fine! (esp. if you go to the 3d version) The story & action moves along quick. There were a couple of 'Holy Jaw dropping' moments. THere were quite a few things that surprised me which is good, lots of action and as usual with Marvel wait through the ENTIRE credits.

        THe first is a lead in for the 2nd Avengers movie and the 2nd I think for next captain America movie. I still think the avengers is still the best ever superhero movie though this may be second A+

      16. Pawn-Ensamble cast. Michael Chiklis Sean Faris & others

        Some guystry to rob a diner for some money but are held up due to the type of safe the money is in.

        OF course there's a crooked cop or 2 scheming in the wings and a character fresh out of prisonto frame it on. Plent of cliches abound it wasn't cheesy though & at the sound of the first criminal in the diner I thought Vinnie Jones was going to be in it, but not it was Michael Chiklis!~ Entertaining C+ or B

      17. American Outlaws

        Colin Ferrel (as Jesse James) & Scott Caan star wtith Timothy Dalton & Ali Larter in this modern western. While the war is on & even after the Rail Road is buying out people's homes and making an example of those who don't. After the corrupt baron come for their farm land, Jesse & his gang go on a spree to cripple the railroads. Yee Haw! This was an entertaining movie! It didn't even feel like an hour and a half! B

      18. Knights of Badassdom- LARPing movie. Alot of known celebrity geeks are in this (or if not actual geeks they are in the pop cult shows) like Summer Glau, Ryan Kwanten, Peter Dinklage. a spell cast comes to pass because a geek that didn't know better & read it out loud (never read pages in other languages from creepy old books) I can't remember theactor who plays Ronnie the Game keeper (master?) (but I've seen him in plenty other stuff) The monster was cool though the movie (I would expectis meant to be) campy, corny but it is at least silly & funny. C-
      19. Never Sleep again: The Elm street Legacy

        In short a great behind the scenes for fans of the Original series. There’s cast interviews, secrets behind the FX (a lot were Very basic even a lot of the ones I would think were some sort part CG for the time) It’s 4 hours but I watched an hour or so at a time. A

        In short a great behind the scenes for fans of the Original series. There’s cast interviews, secrets behind the FX (a lot were Very basic even a lot of the ones I would think were some sort part CG for the time) It’s 4 hours but I watched an hour or so at a time. A

      Critics Choice - Recommend, Review, include your own faves lists etc.

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          glad to be the first to check out this lens! If you like to browse lens as I do, mine has a great educational topic with poll questions for my readers to enjoy.

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          Can't wait for Mission:Impossible to arrive. Great and dedicated lens; nice work!

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          Treasures By Brenda 5 years ago from Canada

          So many great movies, so little time!

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          Kim 5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

          @christinsword: Thank you christinsword. the new MI:4 looks better than the last few, & entertainment weky gave it an A so my review for it will be up by the end of the week (as I plan to see it tomorrow discount tuesdays!)

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          Looks like it's gonna be a good year - I can only hope so! :)

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          I noticed that one of your all time favourite movies is Hackers... I have talked to people bout that movie, and I have not a single person who has heard of that movie before I mentioned it... It's one of my top pics as well. Bullet proof is another one and I know word-for-word.

        • Zodiacimmortal profile image

          Kim 5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

          @JoleneBelmain: Yep! Angie Jolie (Love that she wears a Devils jersey in it. Didn't notice that way back when) but I love alot of the stuff about that movie! I have a 'mini' 80's/90s lobrary of movies like Thrashin, Lost Boys Monster Squad that Bill & Ted Dazed & Confused HEATHERS (the original mean girls) Can't Hardly Wait. (watch that movie closely it chock full of those that are mid to big time now! Eric Balfour, the red head from 6 feet under, Ethan Embry, and SO manymore!

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          I would totally love to see The Magic Mike movie.

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          Nicely done - love going to the movies but love reading about them first! :>)

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          @MartieG: I don't care for reading reviews first usually sometimes that can make one biased from the hype. Though sometimes I do read them first (wish I would have read the one i did for battleship that I found out there was another scene like how Marvel hides a couple in the credits!) Keep checking back (monday for sure will be another update so every wednsday or Thursday I publish for that week, & then monday for the box office update. (and this coming week (if not weekend) I ahve to start updating for August's features

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          Fantastic lens, well done!

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          @JuserTM: Thank you Very Much I hope you will join me again on Thursday when I post a new update. (check out the 2o13) section for a new trailer and stay tuned to the calendars)

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          Totally awesome Lens, keep up the great work.

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          @smsr0100451: thank you SMS stay tuned as it's updated 2x a week usually (but definately always at least between wednsday or friday the latest) in one way or another as well!

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          Nightcat 4 years ago

          My top ten? Mmm, for horror it would be

          Phantom of the Opera (Chaney)

          Friday the 13th (original)

          Texas Chainsaw (original)

          Saw Series




          Dracula (Lugosi)

          A Nightmare on Elm Street (Original)


          That's just off my head. Great lens, blessed! :)

        • Zodiacimmortal profile image

          Kim 4 years ago from Yonkers, NY

          @Nightcat: Thank goodness you included Lugosi's dracula! (I'm not much of a fan of the Coopala (sp?) one. Saw series I was for awhile but that got played out, even Paranormal Activity got played out after the 2nd one. LOVE Nightmare on Elmstreet., My fave is the original but the 3rd movie as well. (the only GOOD thing they did with the remake was including both first & 2nd movies in it) not crazy about REC it seems to be a ripoff of quarrintine. (or vice versa) I actuallyonly like the original Chainsaw movie because it scared the bejesus out of mom. I pref. The one with Eric Balfour. Tonight AMC will actually have some friday the 13th on. & I don't think I've heard of Popcorn before will have to look up

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          Good for you for keeping this evergreen - love the citizens rights :)

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          @SheGetsCreative: Thanks for the nice compliment. Its nice when my readersnotice i keep it up to date (or at least try my best sometimes with a little delay but it still gets done) I hope you will keep watch & share with your friends. happy Holidays!

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          I need to watch some movies now! :) Great lineup!

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          I love the movies! This is a terrific page, congratulations.

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          @MartiLawrence: Thank you bunches!! stay tuned I update as often as possible.. I am trying to get to updating the calendar as well as the upcoming previews

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          Kim 2 years ago from Yonkers, NY

          @writerkath: Thank you! Hope you will let me know any you watch & what you think of them

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