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Movie remakes that might be fun to see

Updated on November 14, 2014

Movie remakes that we will never see, but might be fun to watch

Every now and then, I like to let my mind wander a little be and just think of things that are just a little too far out there to ever become reality. Today, while I was sitting and enjoying my cup of coffee, I had a picture of what a certain movie, which I will name later in this article, would be like if it had been remade by Snoop Dogg.

Because of the way my mind works, this set off a whole new train of thought, and then I knew I had to get to a keyboard and start typing to get these images out so the rest of the world could enjoy them.

Maybe I will get lucky and one of the people I am about to write about will take one of these ideas and run with it, making some box-office smash. If that is the case, I hope they throw me a bone for being their muse.

Picture Credit to By FrameAngel, published on 19 February 2012 at

Walt Disney's "Behind the Green Door"

This would not be your Children's Disney movie.

Behind the Green Door is certainly not a movie that my younger audience would have any knowledge of, at least in many cases anyway. For those of you that are familiar with it, or just braved IMDB to look this one up to see what I am talking about, you will see that this is a movie that would certainly not be on the Disney dockets any time soon.

That being said, it is fun to take a moment and think about what Disney or Screen Gems would do with this movie if someone got a wild hair up their rear and decided to make it. More interesting is that you have to sit and figure out how they would cast voices if they decided to make it an animated movie.

Event Horizon (1997) [Blu-ray]
Event Horizon (1997) [Blu-ray]

Trust me... this is a horror film. No doubt about it.


To be fair, here are some of the movies I am having fun with

I liked all these movies that I am playing on here. So in that spirit, here they are here so that if you are interested in them, you can find them.

"Event Horizon : The Musical"

Infinite Space, Infinite Terror, Great Voices

Now that we have seen what it might have been like if Laurence Fishburne might have sung in Matrix, thanks to his Super Bowl car commercial, we are now left to wonder if he could have the same level of talent in other movies.

Think back to 1997 with me a moment are remember Event Horizon. This is a movie that you either really liked, or really hated, and I am not sure there were many that could take a middle ground with it. I even know two people that went to confession shortly after seeing it, and one of them will still not watch it again to this day.

Turning this into a musical fills our head with images of Captain Miller and Medic Peters in a duet over the comatose figure of Justin, singing a sad song about seeing the dark side of a portal to hell.

"A Teletubbies adventure"

An SKG / Dreamworks production

Imagine a movie, set on a distant world that is on a collision course with an asteroid and being bombarded by evil aliens wanting nothing more than to wreak destruction on the planet of TeleTub.

Our Heroes, voiced my acting great like Sean Connery, Clive Owen, Robin Williams, Sylvester Stallone, and many more, set forth on an adorable mission to end the violence with their many talents. Guest staring Perez Hilton as the Purple Teletubbie.

Pixar Presents "Il Postino"

A modern classic with a new twist.

A slightly deranged hazardous waste delivery transport technician falls in love with a member of the Queen's all female Interstellar Navy and sets out to win her hearts.

Insert a whole lot of cute robots, little boys, semi-realistic points to drive home and a few other moral messages, and you have yourself a new, timeless, eco-fantasy love story.

"Fiddler on the Roof"

... A Snoop Dogg production.

Follow the adventures of Tevia and the Gang as they try to live their lives in is Anatevka, a small Jewish community, in the midst of post revolutionary Russia as they struggle against oppression, anti-Semitism and hardship.

Snoop Dogg does for this international classic what Baz Lhurmann did for "Romeo and Juliet" in HIS 1996 adaptation of the Shakespearian classic. Staring Bruce Willis as Tevia, Queen Latifa as Golda.

"The Ten Commandments"

... A Michael Moore Joint.

Just in time for Passover, Michael Moore releases this new installment of a traditional Jewish classic.

Staring Barack Obama as Moses and George Bush as the Pharos and an all-star cast that will set the capital on fire with it's highly anticipated release world-wide, and then in United States at a later date, yet to be determined.

Please chime in if you have any thoughts on what you have read here. I always enjoy feedback on my work, even the negative comments or constructive criticism.

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    • SamuraiMarine profile image

      Samuel Wright 3 years ago from Bakersfield, Ca.

      Oh... I would LOVE to see that version of High School Musical. For some reason those movies annoy the heck out of me. Not sure why, I think they just rub the right raw nerve.

      Thanks for the comment. They are always appreciated.

    • kotobukijake profile image

      kotobukijake 3 years ago

      Interesting hub topic, and I am intrigued by some of your ideas. Though (I am ashamed to say) I have yet to actually see any version of Fiddler on the Roof, I'd be so amused by the idea of Snoop Dogg doing it I'd want to see it. I have also enjoyed seeing other people's suggested remakes; just last night I watched a HILARIOUS (and remarkably well-edited) trailer on YouTube for Michael Bay's remake of Pixar's Up. As to my own ideas, I tend to think more seriously on these matters; I for one would be THRILLED to see Michael Chrichton's Jurassic Park as a 13-episode horror/ sci-fi anime based far more definitely on the book. One idea I did have that would be not so much a remake as a sequel is High School Musical 4: Jason Goes to Town, a slasher film set to Disney Channel musical song-and-dance numbers. Just a thought. Anyway, fun hub, and I wish you luck getting these ideas made.