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Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Updated on October 8, 2017


Hacksaw Ridge - 2016

Director - Mel Gibson

Cast - Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Vince Vaughan, Teresa Palmer, Hugo Weaving.

Well I didnt know anything about war hero Doss, but now I'm just in awe of the man. Doss could possibly be one of the most bravest and noble of men especially when you take into consideration what he achieved not only on the battlefield but also in training and that is not taking anything away from the brave men who fought beside him. A man of strong is admirable how he doesn't believe in carrying a weapon and fighting but can subject himself to such atrocity of war.. the want of being there amongst his fellow countrymen and the drive in him spiritually, telling himself each time to save "just one more".. when orders had come in to retreat and leave men behind suffering.

This is a superbly shot film, no wonder it was nominated for technical achievements and won academy awards for sound and editing, which for both are truly deserved.

The battle scenes are filmed brilliantly and although very gruesome (explosions blasting limbs, etc) it is done so stylishly in slow motion and then cutting to real time it gives the viewer a chance to see the hell of war up close and personal.

Onto the cast. I thought Vaughn was misused as a Sgt, he does provide some laughs but I felt this was Vaughn being Vaughn and it distracted me from the movie. Both Andrew Garfield and Teresa Palmer were very good as the leads in love. Garfield depicted an emotionally sensitive man with strong ethics and morals, a truely believable characterisation and Palmer his sweet supportive girl who he had to leave behind. Hugo Weaving is also great support giving his scenes real bite but Sam Worthington does very little but look steel eyed and wooden.

Hacksaw Ridge may not be for everyone and I'm sure there are war purists who disagree with certain aspects and then many that just can't watch war films in general and that is understandable. Myself, I love history and feats of courage and being an Australian and seeing many Aussie actors involved and familiar locations gave me more reason to enjoy this film. Mel Gibson continues to impress in the directors chair, making a remarkable story of an American hero come to life.

139 mins



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