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List of Funny Teen Comedy Films Like Superbad

Updated on August 29, 2011

Superbad is Super Good

Great teen movies that strike that delicate balance between raunchy and endearing is rare.

Which is why the movie Superbad is such a gem that appeals to a surprisingly large audience base. Superbad is filled with a talented & likable cast which is always a good thing.

The wacky 'roller coaster' ride of a story revolves around two best of friends Michael Cera and Jonah Hill who risks all to party hard before parting ways for college. Thing spirals out of control when Jonah Hill agrees to do a liquor run for his love interest played by Emma Stone

I especially like the seriously funny cops played to perfection with a capital 'P' by Seth Rogen and Saturday Night Live 's Bill Hader.

Read on If you want recommendations on more films like Superbad. Please enjoy.

The Misfit Trio in Superbad
The Misfit Trio in Superbad

Relive these Best Moments from the movie Superbad

Role Models

Role Models follows the success formula of Superbad by treading the fine line between risqué and cool. 

What different is that the plot follows that of a funny slacker comedy and follows Wheeler played by Seann William Scott and Danny played by Paul Rudd in his slap stick adventures.

For me the movie really became great when Paul and Sean is reluctantly paired with their kid buddies and gets into a whole load of bone tickling troubles.

Movie Trailer of Role Models

Psss... ... that's Emma Stone on the Right (before makeover)
Psss... ... that's Emma Stone on the Right (before makeover)

The House Bunny

After watching Superbad for the third time (actually I lost count), I started to wonder what would the all girl version of a film like Superbad?

After much research on the web and upon reviewing my (ahem) niche knowledge of films. My conclusion is the movie the House Bunny.

This movie has a different plot from Superbad but the overall vibe of awkward outcast girls becoming cool confident girls does resonate with superbad's theme of teenage boy trying to find their place in life.

As an added bonus, this film also stars Emma Stone who was also in Superbad as Jonah Hill's love interest.

Trailer of the Funny Sexy Teen Film "The House Bunny"

Bonus Recommendations

If you love Jonah Hill and Michael Cera in Superbad then you'll want to watch Jonah Hill's performance in Knocked Up and Machael Cera in Arrested Development.

These films also happen to have the same funny vibe and hilarious plots like the super funny Superbad.

the Hilarious Movie trailer of "Knockup"

Share Your Love for More Movies like Superbad

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      sandra martinez 

      6 years ago

      I like this movie its funny


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