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7 Movies Like "Love, Rosie"

Updated on November 18, 2015
7 Movies Like Love, Rosie
7 Movies Like Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie is a 2015 romance drama film based on the novel “Where Rainbows End” by Irish author Cecelia Ahern. Directed by Christian Ditter, it features Lily Collins, Sam Claflina and Tamsin Egerton. It is about the love story of childhood best friends Rosie and Alex who, after being separated for many years, still finds their way back into each other’s arms. The movie has been a huge success, garnering 4.5 million dollars in the box office.

The following are movies like “Love, Rosie” that will surely prove that love always finds a way and lasts even for a lifetime.

1. The Notebook

Release Date: June 25, 2004

Director: Nick Cassavetes

Cast: Gena Rowlands, James Garner, Rachel McAdams

Adapted from Nicholas Sparks’ novel, the movie opens up with Duke narrating to an older woman the love story of a poor country boy and a rich young woman who fall in love with each other. Soon enough, however, Noah and Allie are separated by their social differences. Allie is sent out to another place, far from the love of her life. To somehow ease his longing for Allie, Noah sends her 365 letters, but none of them reaches Allie. Seven years have pass and they meet again… but Allie is already engaged.

2. Serendipity

Release Date: October 5, 2001

Director: Peter Chelsom

Cast: John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale, Jeremy Piven

Sara Thomas and Jonathan Trager meet at a shopping center in New York. The spark between them is immediate, and what started as a simple Christmas shopping ended as a sweet romance. Jon wants them to be together, but Sara isn’t sure if they are meant to be. To test their fate and to see if destiny will find a way for them to be together again, they split up. After many years, they meet again. It seems destiny is doing its job… only both of them are already engaged.

3. What If

Release Date: August 15, 2014

Director: Michael Dowse

Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Megan Park

Med school dropout Wallace has been into many bad relationships before. While he is a failure when it comes to relationships, everyone around him seems to be finding the perfect happiness with a perfect partner. And then, Wallace, determined to find a lasting love life this time, happens to meet Chantry. She is an animator living under the same roof as her longtime partner Ben. They get closer, and eventually become the best of friends. No one can deny their chemistry, even them. Best friends turn into lovers? Not bad at all.

4. When Harry Met Sally

Release Date: July 21, 1989

Director: Rob Reiner

Cast: Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, Carrie Fisher

Harry and Sally’s paths first cross when she offers him a ride to New York. That was after their university graduation. The both of them are on a quest for true love. They always fail, though. What they can’t explain is their consistent meeting, stumbling upon each other over and over again. Their unexplainable encounters lead them to become friends. They actually like having an opposite sex as a friend. There is just one big problem, though: How can a good-looking man and a beautiful woman, who are both single, remain friends without desire getting involved?

5. The Adjustment Bureau

Release Date: March 4, 2011

Director: George Nolfi

Cast: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Lisa Thoreson

Politician David Norris is determined to win a seat in the U.S. Senate, and it seems the heaven is on his side. That’s when he meets Elise Sellas, a beautiful contemporary ballerina. Elise is different; no one among David’s girl acquaintances is like her. He realizes that he is falling for her, but a conspiracy threatens to get in his way. A mysterious group of men, called The Adjustment Bureau, does everything they can to keep David and Elise apart. Will David give up his love for Elise to guard his reputation? Or will he take the risk and fight for the two of them?

6. Love and Other Drugs

Release Date: November 24, 2010

Directors: Edward Zwick

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Judy Greer

Maggie, a young woman with Parkinson's disease, is a free-spirited person who wouldn’t let anyone or anything mess with her. Jamie, a drug rep working for Pfizer, is Maggie’s male counterpart. He is a ruthless brute whose charm around girls is irresistible. His charm serves him well, especially when it comes to his job. They meet and get well together, much to their surprise. Their closeness leads them to something more, as they both realize that they are under the influence of the same drug: love.

7. Stuck in Love

Release Date: May 2, 2013

Director: Josh Boone

Cast: Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins

Renowned author William Borgens has stopped writing after his ex-wife Erica cheated on him and abandoned him 3 years ago. Since then, he raised his two teenage children Samantha and Rusty alone, who both continue what their father used to do. Samantha is determined to publish her first novel, as much as she is determined to avoid love after seeing what it has done to her parents. But she meets nice guy Lou, who will do everything to win her heart. Rusty is a fantasy writer wannabe. He falls for Kate, a pretty but problematic girl, who only breaks his heart. A tale of family, the movie is about how endings can create new beginnings.

Which movie like Love Rosie will you watch next?

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    • profile image

      Shriram narkhede 

      2 years ago


    • thedinasoaur profile image

      Dina AH 

      2 years ago from United States

      What If is one of my absolute favorite movies. It introduced me to Adam Driver as an actor, who is probably up there in terms of actors whose work I can connect with. It also led me to the awesome Zoe Kazan, who is a bad-ass. Have you seen Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe's boyfriend (Paul Dano) in the epic absurdity that is Swiss Army Man? It's so much fun. I also do love Stuck in Love because, you know, a family of writers is perfection.


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