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5 Movies Like The Hunger Games

Updated on December 3, 2013

Great Films Like Hunger Games and Catching Fire

I love to go to the cinema and one of the movies I've seen recently was Catching Fire, a highly anticipated sequel to Hunger Games. I've greatly enjoyed both of the movies and I can't wait for the third one to hit the cinemas.

I am quite a movie aficionado and my favourite genres are fantasy and sci-fi with just a dash of romance so you know this soon to be trilogy hit the spot and I crave for more movies like Hunger Games to be released in the future - there is quite a few movies out there already that are really similar - either by synopsis or the setting (or some other element, you know they feel like) which I think you will like and will fill the gap while we wait for the last movie in the series.

Another Game in Town: Ender's Game - If You Liked Hunger Games You will Love This One

This movie hit the theatres at around the same time The Hunger Games catching fire did. I've read the book a few years ago and I loved it and always hoped they will make a movie based on the book. The day came and the movie did not let down as it's awesome.

I really, really enjoyed watching it as they managed to capture the characters quite well and although the plot isn't exactly like in the book (and a lot of things are left out) they did book justice.

Why You Will Like Ender's Game

Ender's Game brings you a post apocalyptic world where an alien race called formics (buggers in the book) invaded Earth 50 years ago and was defeated but another attack is imminent and in order to be ready International Military is monitoring the kids and recruiting the most genius of them as it turns out the young ones are the only ones with mental capabilities to control the drones to defend the Earth. Ender is one of those kids, one of the best to be precise and we follow his story, how he's recruited as a shy boy and how he's developing into a true leader.

Ender's Game [DVD + Digital]
Ender's Game [DVD + Digital]

Main characters in both movies have quite a few similar traits and are presented in the similar manner.

Like the Hunger Games this movie is set in the post apocalyptic future where kids have to battle - not each other though (although there are battles in arenas) but to save the world - we see that children in both movies are exploited (for different cause and reason).

Adults as depicted as liars, deceivers - generally they have negative traits.


Battle Royale is Simmilar to Hunger Games in Many Ways - Set in the Present

Battle Royale was suggested to me by a friend and I was a bit sceptical at first as this is a Japanese movie and in most Japanese movies and series I've seen actors tend to overact which isn't a bad thing if you're watching a comedy but with serious genres it can be an issue. I watched the movie anyway and my fears were laid to rest as acting is pretty normal.

Not to mention this movie blew my away!

42 classmates are taken (without their consent or knowledge) to a desolate island where they are given 3 days to to fight each other until only one is left. They are each given a bag with basic supplies and one weapon (not all get the same one).

Battle Royale
Battle Royale

As in Hunger Games participants in Battle Royale have to fight to the death, in this movie though this is even harder as students here know each other.

Unlike Hunger Games the events in Battle Royale aren't filmed but they are meant to teach others kids a lesson - obey or else...

This one doesn't fit the sci-fi genre, it is set in the future (a near one) but doesn't have any other sci-fi elements.

Adults aren't the kindest bunch here either.


Bow an Arrow Action in The Condemned - Killing to Entertain Others

While there are no kids being exploited by adults in this movie the battle for survival is there.

I saw this movie when it was first released and have re-watched it several times since then and I can say it is a great movie.

The movie is about inmates that were carefully selected from various prisons by a wealthy man and are forced to fight each other until only one remains and that one man will get his freedom as a prize. The wealthy man is recording all of the action as this is meant to be an illegal reality show (people who want to watch it have to pay something less than $50).

The Condemned (Widescreen Edition)
The Condemned (Widescreen Edition)

As with the Hunger Game this movie too revolves around hunting and a death match for the purpose of entertainment.

In both movies participants have to fight each other to win the games.

There aren't any teens and kids in this movie.

Surviving the Game (1994)
Surviving the Game (1994)

Surviving the game is a bit older but is one of my favourite movies. It was one of the first movies I saw with Ice-T and was surprised by his acting skills.

This one is a bit different than the other movies as the original "ganme" is meant to be many against one - a group of wealthy hire a homeless guy with a pretence of him being a guide for a regular hunting trip. It turns out he is the prey. As you probably expected the evil men underestimated him.


Series 7: The Contenders - Another Movie Like The Hunger Games

Another movie that was suggested to me by a friend and I've only watched it recently.

Series 7: The Contenders (Marathon Edition)
Series 7: The Contenders (Marathon Edition)

Series 7 is the seventh season of a dark reality show where 6 people are picked at random by a lottery (they really can be pretty much everybody) and along with a winner of the previous season they engage in a battle of life and death where until only one is left standing.

If they manage to win 3 times in a row they are free and can continue with their normal life.



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