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10 Movies Like "The Maze Runner"

Updated on November 24, 2015
10 Movies Like “The Maze Runner”
10 Movies Like “The Maze Runner”

The Maze Runner is an American sci-fi, thriller film based on James Dashner’s 2009 mystery novel of the same title. The movie is the first installment in The Maze Runner series, and is Wes Ball’s directorial debut. The movie follows 16-year-old Thomas who loses his memory and learns that he is trapped in a maze. Released on September 2014, The Maze Runner stars Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario and Will Poulter.

Check out other thriller-adventure movies like “The Maze Runner” that will surely keep your sweat running and heart thumping.

1. Cube

Release Date: July 11, 1997

Director: Vincenzo Natali

Cast: Nicole de Boer, Maurice Dean Wint, David Hewlett

An unknown force has put six different people in an infinite giant cube called kafkaesque maze. It has thousands of rooms and contains lethal traps. These complete strangers have different personalities… and abilities. Their skills have become known to them when they feel that they have to join forces in order to escape. They are composed of a disabled man, a cop, a doctor, a math wizard, a building designer, and an escape master. Using their abilities as one, they will try to find answers as to why they have been held captive.

2. Labyrinth

Release Date: June 27, 1986

Director: Jim Henson

Cast: David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, Toby Froud

16-year-old Sarah and her baby brother Toby are left home by their parents. Sarah, the selfish daughter, has to babysit Toby. To stop the baby from crying, she tells him a story until he falls asleep. But she unintentionally summons something from a fantasy world. The master of the imaginary world, the Goblin King, hears Sarah’s words and takes the baby away, into his palace located at the middle of a labyrinth. Now, Sarah is given only 13 hours to solve the labyrinth and rescue his brother, or otherwise the baby will turn into a goblin.

3. Resident Evil

Release Date: March 15, 2002

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson

Cast: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Ryan McCluskey

After a virus has accidentally escaped from The Hive, a confidential laboratory, its staff has turned into starving zombies. Worst, they release the mutated laboratory ‘animals’ that they have been studying. To stop the infection from spreading, the complicated computer then shuts down the base. The facility’s big bosses send in a special military unit. The soldiers meet Alice, a girl who suffers from amnesia after being exposed to nerve gas for quite long periods. The unit’s task is to shut down the out-of-control computer, get out, and fight the mutants and zombies. They must do all these before the virus infects the entire humanity.

4. Predators

Release Date: July 9, 2010

Director: Nimród Antal

Cast: Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Topher Grace

Eight special warriors find themselves free falling and being saved by parachutes attached to their bodies. They land in a jungle they have never known. The team is composed of the army member Isabelle, the greedy Royce, the Russian warrior Nikolai, the Sierra Leone soldier Mombasa, the yakuza Hanzo, the San Quentin prisoner Stans, the doctor Edwin, and the drug pusher Cuchillo. They soon find out that they have been transported to a different planet, and that they are being hunted by ruthless aliens. Only unity can save them from their predators in this deadly hunting game.

5. Lord of the Flies (1963)

Release Date: August 13, 1963

Director: Peter Brook

Cast: James Aubrey, Tom Chapin, Hugh Edwards

When a plane crash ensues, a group of teenage survivors are left stranded in an unknown island. In order to stay alive, they must learn to take on the tasks of adults. However, two groups have formed. One is being led by Ralph, whose desire is to collect food and build temporary shelters. The other group, being run by Jack, has done nothing but to have fun… and ‘hunt,’ only their ‘hunting’ eventually turns into cruelty. The more rational boys must find a way to stop Jack and his team.

6. Dark City

Release Date: February 27, 1998

Director: Alex Proyas

Cast: Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly

John Murdoch finds himself facing several struggles: he has lost his memory, he cannot remember his wife, and he is being hunted down for strange and merciless murders. He tries to put together the pieces of his past, but in the process stumbles upon a mischievous dark city. This underworld is ruled by a group of creatures called ‘The Strangers,’ each possesses the skill to make people sleep. What’s worse about the group is their ability to change the city, as well as the people living in it. Before The Strangers take control of his whole being, John Murdoch must find a way to destroy them.

7. The Village

Release Date: July 30, 2004

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Cast: Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt, Joaquin Phoenix

There is an isolated and peaceful village located in old Pennsylvania. There is also a deal between the townspeople and the creatures living around the village’s woods: the villagers must not go into the woods, and the mysterious creatures must not enter the village. The agreement stays for several years, until Lucius Hunt enters the woods in search for some organic medicines. Now, the deal threatens to end, and hairy animals, as well as corpses, start appearing around the village. The council of elders must find a way to save the village and its people.

8. Son of Rambow

Release Date: May 23, 2008

Director: Garth Jennings

Cast: Bill Milner, Will Poulter, Jessica Hynes

Will is the eldest son of a Brethren family, who considers themselves as the chosen ones. With the family’s strict rules, Will is never allowed to interact with other people, watch TV or listen to music. One day, he meets Lee Carter, who is being feared by everyone and maker of strange home movies. Carter introduces to Will the film ‘Rambo: First Blood,’ and since then, Will is influenced to become part of Lee’s movie-making. With his creative little brain, Will helps Lee with his movies. They become true friends eventually, but then the Brethren community discovers what Will is doing…

9. Days of Heaven

Release Date: September 13, 1978

Director: Terrence Malick

Cast: Richard Gere, Brooke Adams, Sam Shepard

Bill and Abby are lovers who pretend to be siblings. Being a poor farm laborer, Bill is desperate to escape from poverty. His chance comes when he and Abby finds out that their rich boss, who is deeply in love with Abby, is terminally ill and has only got a year to live. Bill convinces Abby to accept the rich famer’s proposal and marry him. Doing that, they will have a shot at good fortune. But when the expected death doesn’t come, that’s when unexpected things happen, complicating their already complicated lives.

10. Wuthering Heights (2011)

Release Date: November 11, 2011

Director: Andrea Arnold

Cast: Kaya Scodelario, James Howson, Solomon Glave

For thirty years, the Wuthering Heights is occupied by Mr. Earnshaw. Living with him is his teenage son Hindley and his foster daughter Catherine. While travelling to Liverpool, Earnshaw finds a homeless boy. He rescues him from poverty, adopts him and gives him the name Heathcliff. Being a naturally good boy, Heathcliff becomes close to Mr. Earnshaw, and becomes friends with Catherine. Hindley soon grows jealous with the affection his family is giving to Heathcliff. Situations start getting complicated when Catherine and Heathcliff’s simple friendship turns into something more.

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