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Movies that dont suck and some that do

Updated on February 11, 2013

Some movies that really dont suck as bad as American blockbusters

Sometimes you get so sick of American Blockbusters that they make you want to vomit. Most Hollywood movies all use the same mould and all leave you thinking wow, didnt I just see that movie last time I watched one?

Now I am not anti American. I love Americans and I even love some American movies. There was that really good one when I was a kid. What was it called??? Oh yeah, Star Wars! That was the last original American movie I think I saw back in 198?? something or other...

I am pretty new to movie ratings and it is damd hard to find a movie worth writing any words about. So if you think there are any worth a mention please let me know. Make sure they are original and not themed around kids who become vampires and warewolves and no Korean dancing.

Housos VS Authority

Bulimba Locksmith Housos
Bulimba Locksmith Housos

Look I'll be honest. This movie sucks so much it deserves a top place.

The ABC did a review on this movie I cant really understand why the ABC of all people would give such an original Australian movie such a bad review. Obviously ABC has been corrupted by American film makers. I wonder how much money this movie received from the Australian film makers board? probably nothing?

ABC Reviewers said" If you can bear the rough edges, there's something deeply cathartic in Fenech's gross-out vision."

Leigh Paatsch from " If there was an Offensive Olympics, Fenech and his team would finish on the podium in every event going on the pungent strength of what transpires here."

You can probably get the picture it is not a film that was cut with the Hollywood Cookie Cutter. The film is a continuation of the series aired on SBS television in Australia. Actually it was taken off the air because people thought it was a reality TV Show and a petition from people in Sydney asking for it to be banned succeeded.

The movie is in some places more reality then reality itself. Depictions of our Prime Minister Julia Gillard are so life like, you could be fooled into thinking they dragged her out of the halls of parliament.

The movie is directed by Paul French from the highly acclaimed tv series. Fat pizza. The movie is a seriously funny look at some very Australian ways of life and if you are American we are often advised in Australia that people from your country do not understand Australian humor, but us Australians obviously we rarely listen to authorities so Americans especially should watch it. Go See it!

Housos vs Authority

The Impossible Movie
The Impossible Movie

The Impossible

The Impossible is a true story about a family's will to survive and their determination to find all their family members after the 2004 boxing day Tsunami that hit South East Asia.

Set in Thailand, The impossible is a very surreal movie. It is even sad at the start when families are having fun on holidays in beautiful Thailand resorts. Knowing the Tsunami is going to hit the resorts does not make it any less suspenseful.

The scenes of the Tsunami and effects are very well done and as close I would like to get to a real Tsunami.

The rest of the story you will have to go and see for yourself.

Having visited the Thailand coast a year after the Tsunami and seen first hand where whole resorts had been washed away "The Impossible" filled in a lot of unanswered questions about that fatal day in 2004 and what both the tourists and locals went through.

The Impossible Movie

Comments on my bad tastes ..

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    • locksmithbrisbane profile imageAUTHOR

      John Magee 

      6 years ago from Brisbane

      @TransplantedSoul: Getting time to see them is the only problem, and finding some worth writing about.

    • TransplantedSoul profile image


      6 years ago

      I look forwards to you addin gmore ideas of movies that we might not see over here (Canada gets lots fo the US imports). It is refreshing to see some original content.


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