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Mr. Bean’s Real Name

Updated on September 20, 2012

Rowan Atkinson is Mr. Bean

Mr Bean's real name is in fact Rowan Atkinson, who happens to be one of the UK's most respected and well-loved comedians.

This particular comedian came to prominence back in the 1980's as a member of the "Not The Nine O'clock News" team aired on BBC2, which was an alternative to the actual Nine O'clock News being shown on BBC1.

The first of the 14 episodes, which lasted 25 minutes each, was first broadcast on ITV 1 on the 1st January 1990. Although the majority of these episodes were in fact written by Rowan himself a number were also written by other well known figures of the world of comedy in the UK. One episode was even written by Ben Elton another comedian.

Find Mr. Bean movies list here.

young Mr. Bean
young Mr. Bean

Who Is Mr. Bean?

Mr. Bean was actually developed originally whilst Rowan was still at Oxford University studying for his Master's Degree. Then in the early 1980's a short sketch featuring this character was performed by Rowan at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Also a character similar to Mr Bean played by Rowan called "Robert Box" appeared in 1979 in an ITV sitcom called "Canned Laughter".

Then in 1987 Rowan Atkinson appeared at the "Just For Laughs" comedy festival in Montreal, Canada. But rather than appearing on the English Speaking Program, Rowan asked that he be allowed to perform the sketch on the French speaking program instead. Rowan asked for this because he wanted to test out how this particular character would fair on the international stage when performed to a non English-speaking crowd.

funny bean
funny bean

Each episode in each series follows Mr Bean’s exploits as he attempts to solve various problems that he is faced with on a daily basis. However these aren’t special problems but the kinds that we face on a day-to-day basis. As he does attempt to solve the problems of course chaos then ensues.

mr bean with his car
mr bean with his car

The one thing that makes Mr. Bean so different from other comedy characters to be seen on TV today is that he rarely speaks. Rather it is more physical humour that makes us laugh along with his antics including how he interacts with others. Plus of course you cannot help but laugh at the various different unusual solutions Mr. Bean chooses to employ to help solve his problem.

Rowan Atkinson
Rowan Atkinson

As already said Mr. Bean's real name is Rowan Atkinson. However the actual character played by Rowan Atkinson has been influenced by many of the comic actors that appeared in silent movies back in the 1920's along with Jacques Tati.

Mr. Bean is somewhat childish as well as being somewhat selfish. Certainly when you look at this character and the man who plays him you can clearly see that Rowan Atkinson is Mr. Bean in more ways than one. As you look over Rowan Atkinson's previous work you can see hints of the person who would then become Mr. Bean.

Rowan Atkinson also has a beautiful daughter. If you want to know more about her, click here.

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    • VeseliDan profile image


      6 years ago

      He really makes me laugh in his other films too!


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