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Horsing around with Mr. Ed

Updated on November 19, 2013

My love for horses and Mr. Ed started at an early age.

My Grandfather raised horses, mostly Palomino and Dapple Gray. Although I never owned any of my own, I was always fascinated at how smart they were.

Most of the people from the 1960's (my era), grew up watching television. We had a small one on a little stand that could be wheeled around and we even watched while we ate lunch and dinner.

My favorite shows were the ones that had animals; including Lassie, Gentle Ben and of course, Mr. Ed. While the others were not not really comedies, Mr. Ed was a funny talking horse.

The series lasted six years which was considered a long run for a Sit-Com. In comparison, the Honeymooners only lasted one season.

Lately, I have been hooked on recording the shows from long ago on late night television, including Mr. Ed. I am remarkably surprised at the dialogue of this show, which remains fresh to this day. The writers were excellent and the lines are still funny to young and old. It wasn't a politically motivated show, like "Laugh-In" was. I watched a rerun of "Laugh-In" recently and cannot understand why I thought it was so funny when I was younger.

In every episode of Mr. Ed, you can follow his antics as he does things that most humans would do and also some extraordinary stunts. This particular DVD shows episodes of Mr. Ed going to astronaut school and also talking to a psychoanalyst. In other episodes, I remember him playing baseball and the funniest scene was when he was running the bases and sliding into home. To do that, they slid a fake horse leg across the plate, making you think it was Mr. Ed himself. It is a hilarious scene. In another episode, Mr. Ed wants glasses so he can read and most of the episode is him trying to convince Wilbur and then finally Ed, visits the optometrist.

The best part of Mr. Ed is that he is endearing. You can relate to him and also feel sorry for him. He is also a little sarcastic and likes to crack jokes, so you will be laughing.

Please take a look at this video. If you do not have access to reruns of the show on television, these are clean family shows that everyone will enjoy.

This is the original theme song to Mr. Ed!

If you have never seen the movie, you have probably heard the music.

Can't get enough of Mr. Ed but don't want to buy all of the episodes from six seasons?

Here are more episodes of the "Best of Mr. Ed."

Ed will tickle your funny bone again and again!

The Best of Mister Ed - Volume One
The Best of Mister Ed - Volume One

These episodes are mostly from the first season but have several others included.

Nobody can miss the very first Mr. Ed, which is included and in other episodes, Ed meets George Burns and Clint Eastwood.

The Best of Mister Ed - Volume Two
The Best of Mister Ed - Volume Two

In the "Best of Mr. Ed," volume two, Mr Ed gets in more trouble that you can't afford to miss.

One of my favorites in this collection is when Mr. Ed rides a surfboard and also drives a truck. These are hilarious.



  • The first horse who played Mr. Ed was actually a chestnut color, not white. This horse was in the pilot, only.
  • Despite many rumors, Mr. Ed was not a zebra.
  • Mr. Ed originally learned to talk by a wire placed in his mouth. It was not by using peanut butter. After he was practiced, his trainer made the same motions he would make with the wire and Mr. Ed continued to move his mouth without the wire.
  • The horse used for Mr. Ed would not warm up to anyone else but the trainer and "Wilbur," (Allan Lane).
  • Mr. Ed's birthday is not exactly known. He was born in either 1944, 1945 or 1949 and he died in 1979.
  • Mr. Ed's real name was "Bamboo Harvester."
  • Mr. Ed was extremely jealous of his stunt double, named "Pumpkin." If Pumpkin got more attention, Ed would stomp out in a tantrum.

After leaving a few carrots, please take a seat on the bale of hay and write in the Guestbook.

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    • ayannavenus profile image


      5 years ago

      brought back memories

    • ayannavenus profile image


      5 years ago

      Brought back memories.


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