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Mudhoney Grunge Rock Godfathers

Updated on February 17, 2013

Mudhoney over 20 years of grunge rock history.

Mudhoney founded in 1988 after Mark Arm left the band Green River (members Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament later went on to form Pearl Jam).

Mudhoney toured often with Sub Pop Records label mates Nirvana and Kurt Cobain was one of their biggest fans. Mudhoney has some what survived over 20 years of a self destructive music business. See My Squidoo Music and video modules for great Mudhony songs and videos on, and


Mudhoney's Music online

I created this lens about Mudhoney to give some recognition to an underated band in grunge music. Mark Arm blends humor with rocking music that just never got taken serous or mature by most major record labels. It's Arms love of humor and music that made him want to leave Green River when they wanted more mature rock sound for the band. Mudhoney has matured in their own way now with 8 Full CD releases and more under their belt. Mudhoney celebrates over 20 years making fun and thought provoking energetic grungy rock in roll.

I've dug up what music on Mudhoney I can find and some other cool stuff from the internet. Enjoy my selections from iTunes, Amazon, eBay, and more!

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