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music heard from ear to ear

Updated on August 19, 2014

music heard from to ear to ear.

fills your brain with thoughts.

listening to them rap about what they brought.

i try not to get caught.

in the worlds perception of happiness.

why do i need things to feel like I'm the best.

music heard from ear to ear gives your mind a rest.

a new place of living.

a new surrounding to nest.

but with it came.

new problems.

new struggles.

new stress.

just trying my best.

to show my parents I'm not the rest.

better than the best.

conceded no.

but self aware.


confidence is key.

confidence is me.

mother always said.

be who you wanna be.

words i can never forget.

they always stuck with me.

like a cat up in the tree.

I'm wondering how i got hear.

barked at by society.

i climbed up here.

wondering how to get back down.

god said don't fear.

any man.

because man.

can't do it it only he can.

music heard from ear to ear i pray amen.


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