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Music that Lit Up Our Life, Helped Us Decide.

Updated on February 12, 2015

Only Words, Voice, Music

Rainbow Coming Down, Listen to It
Rainbow Coming Down, Listen to It | Source

What Music Changes Your Life?

Music that stops you in your tracks. Words that get you to stand up. Agreeing with them. I support it too. I am comfortable with that. I pass it on, just like that. Especially when I am in my car, thinking, driving, switching stations, heading down the highway in no particular direction.

When too many choices are before me and it's time to make a decision. All of the sudden. I hear it, I begin listening. Wow, where did that come from? He's saying what? I believe it. I can participate in this. I can do it. Why not? What a role model I've got. Speaks the truth, tells the truth. I love the flair, the devotion to the work.

Not easy to stand up to it, admit it, shine through it. Prove it. Hit the top of the charts, be ready for it. Endure it.

I have been around music all my life. I enjoy bands and live concerts. My vivid imagination grew up watching theatrical stage, along with great dance music. How things have changed, and yet remained the same.

These are just many of my thoughts and feelings after spending all day listening to their rappin mind tappin way of explaining things. Something new, or cutting edge, whatever puts me in the back seat, gets me back to the street of reality and listening, I admire, respect, and pay attention to the message.

The main reason why is I feel supported in what I think and feel that way and I admire them for being able to stand up and do what I can only dream of, imagine or think about.

To all the musicians I love the most, you know who you are, we ask for you to do your best and not burn yourself out. We want you and your style around for awhile.

Traveling Music Band

Sight and sound, a powerful message in just that. Brought me back into the world at large. Thank you for that. To know that anything is possible. Where do we start? By trusting in ourselves enough to ask for help. To go out there and share what we do have until the dreams that we want come alive. Dreams of traveling, and telling a story with music and video. It takes a team.

Supporting the Team

Like most songs now a days, when I first heard "Royals." I didn't know who it was. Just that I instantly loved it. Her voice, the words. The message, the beat, the music. How easy us girls love singing to it.

Another favorite is "Tennis Court." Her lyrics and music style are amazing, inspiring. Gives me back my faith that we can do anything.

My two new favorite words, "So There," just the way she says it. Tell it like it is girl. I love you for it.

Support the voices that give voices to my thoughts and feelings in an artistic way. It's like, here ya go, this is what I was trying to say.

Always have. Supported fellow believers in their causes. Adding more artists to our lists.

Some of her favorites I also admire. Fleetwood Mac, from way, way back. Stevie Nicks. Neil Young, Etta James, and Otis Redding too. Makes it easy to love all sorts of music jumping up on the stage. Old and young reuniting, not letting anything stop them from singing a new song.

A Way To Create Our Personal Style

Nothing Finer Than A Thrift Shop
Nothing Finer Than A Thrift Shop | Source

No Stopping Now, Sharing Music We Grow From

"Making Smart With the Words Again". I love her mime face throughout this. In her words, I hear my teenage voice from back in the day. Or what I'd like to think was possible for me at the time with a thousand and one if's I'd done this instead. Instead I admired them all and shared their music and words with you all regardless of what you thought. That is when we go searching into the background of their lives to see what kept them going when we had to stop.

Pure Heroine
Pure Heroine

Empowerment. Pretty much sums it up for me. Blues and Soul and her own secret melody. A life changer in my book. May her music last, forever in my mind.


"Bom Bom" and "Thrift Shop"

Right Up My Alley, Saying In A Most BEAUTIFYING way.

Hey, music, universal language,

Our story comes out best like this.....

Thank you for the year full of inspiration it gave my little neck of the woods! I really love both of your music because of this.

Room For The Team and Everything In Between

Where Is Your Royal Landmark?
Where Is Your Royal Landmark? | Source

© 2013 MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose

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