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50 Great Musicians on Instagram

Updated on December 10, 2017
Tom DeLonge of Blink182
Tom DeLonge of Blink182 | Source

Follow Rock Stars and Pop Stars with Instagram

The music industry has embraced Instagram more than any other celebrity group. Musicians understand the value of developing a deeper relationship with their fans and they use IG to connect with fans. There are thousands of musicians on Instagram and You can follow musical acts from nearly any genre of music that you like.

Believe it or not, Rappers are the most prolific photo sharers on IG. There are many Rap artists that have shared over 1,000 photos on Instagram. But they are not the only group that uses IG to develop a strong following. You can find most of the top Pop Stars on Instagram, from Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift to Frank Ocean to Rihanna.

There are also many Rock Bands using Instagram with marketing accounts, so you can follow bands on Instagram like Foo Fighters and Coldplay. It is usually easy to find your favorite band on Instagram by doing a search for the band's name, so I have not highlighted any "Band accounts" here. However, it is much more difficult to find individual musical artists on Instagram, whether they be solo artists or members of the band. I have highlight many members of bands in the different musical genres.

We have created this guide to help people find some of their favorite music stars on Instagram. We have divided the page into sections by musical genre. So if you are into Rap or Country or Female Singers, there are sections filled with some of the top stars in each genre. Keep in mind, though, not all musicians have Instagram accounts and some that do are largely inactive (sharing less than 10 photos). We have not included any of these inactive accounts because they are not fun to follow and what's the point if its not fun! So I apologize in advance if I have not highlighted your favorite musician.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2013 Tonto Murray on Hubpages

Follow Lori Walter (@msinferno) on IG - For Great Rock n Roll Photography

Jack Antonoff and young friend at Conan show
Jack Antonoff and young friend at Conan show | Source
Grouplove singers backstage covered in Glitter
Grouplove singers backstage covered in Glitter | Source
Billie Joe looking as young as his son while putting on a bowtie.
Billie Joe looking as young as his son while putting on a bowtie. | Source

Alternative Rock Stars on Instagram

If you are into Alternative music, then IG is a great place to find many of your favorite bands and their band members. Here are some of my favorite to follow on Instagram. I won't highlight the bands here as it is easy to find them as they usually use their band name on IG. Instead, I am going to highlight the handles for some of the band members which are harder to find on IG. I am also only going to highlight musicians that are active on IG as its pretty boring to follow someone with less than 10 photos shared.

Note that I have only linked the first three as the site limits the number of outgoing links per hub.

Daniel Platzman - Drummer, Imagine Dragons (@danielplatzman)

Daniel Platzman is one of the most active Instagram rockers having shared over 825 photos. He shares some great shots of the crowds from many of the Dragons show and since most of the other Dragons are not on IG, he is a must follow for any ID fan. Daniel is also an artist and he shares some very interesting artistic photos that he often enhances with interesting filters. Definitely a fun rocker to follow and surprisingly he only has 16,000 followers on IG.

Hayley Williams - Singer, Paramore (@yelyahwilliams)

Nashville isn't just for Country anymore. With more rock bands like Paramore and Kings of Leon hailing from Nashville, the town has become much more relevant across more of the music scene rather than just Country. Hayley fronted her first band with the Farro brothers when she was just 13 years old. Paramore recently released its fourth album and this one is already slated to be huge, with the #1 single, Ain't it Fun. Hayley is very active on IG and Twitter. She has shared over 900 photos and has 900,000 followers.

Hannah Hooper - Singer, Keyboards, Grouplove (@ladygrouplove)

Grouplove is one of the up and coming Alternative bands that have just been killing it live all over the World. They are an LA band with co-lead singers Christian Zucconi (@theycallmeyama) and Hannah Hooper. If they come to your town, definitely make an effort to see them. You won't be disappointed. They combine very edgy vocals with catching melodies to create a unique sound. Hooper is the most active IG bandmember having shared over 710 photos and she has 34,000 followers.

Billie Joe Armstrong - Singer, Guitar, Green Day (@bj_unoxx)

Its hard to believe that Billie Joe is in his forties but he remains a punk rock rebel and that is evident in his Instagram postings about politics. Billie Joe and Green Day have branched out more than most rock bands, having created a Broadway show, American Idiot. He also started a music label Adeline Records whose bands include AFI and The Frustrators. Billie Joe is active on IG posting over 460 photos and 385,000 followers.

Jack Antonoff - Guitarist, Singer, for Bleachers; Guitarist for Fun. (@jackantonoff)

Jack's is a great success story. He started his first band when he was fourteen and has been composing music for 15 years. After being in a few bands over several years, he hit big success in recent years as the guitarist for Fun. However, for many music stars that would be enough, but not Jack. He writes songs in collaboration with some of the industries biggest stars including Taylor Swift and Sara Bareilles. Now, he has formed he has formed and leads the successful alternative band, Bleachers. But he has not left Fun., instead he has two big headliner bands - incredible. Oh yeah and he dates Lena Dunham of Girls!

Nick Bockrath - Guitarist, Cage the Elephant (@nickbockrath)

Nick Bockrath is the lead guitarist with Cage the Elephant, the edgy alternative band with several Top 100 Alternative hits. You can also follow lead singer, Matt Shultz (@mynameisbabyblue), but he has only shared 85 photos on IG. Nick by contrast is quite active and has shared over 350 photos and has 2,800 followers.

Dylan Kongos - Singer, Bass, Kongos (@dylankongos)

Kongos is a fairly unique band out of Phoenix. The four members are all members with the last name Kongos and are the sons of Johnny Kongos, who was a rocker in the early 1970s out of South Africa. The four brothers have started off strong with 2 Top 100 Alternative hits. You can follow all four of the brothers, they use their real names (first and last), Dylan, Jesse, Daniel and Johnny. I have listed Dylan here, he is the bassist and lead singer on several of their songs. He has shared 300 photos and has 3,500 followers

Dustin Bushnell - Rapper, Guitar, The Dirty Heads (@dubbyb)

The Dirtyheads are an Alt Reggae band from Los Angeles. Dubby and Jared Watson have been friends since middle school and started The Dirtyheads in high school. One of my favorite bands, The Dirtyheads are finally getting radio play with their latest album, Sound of Change. Dustin has shared over 700 photos and has 22,000 followers. You can also follow Jared (@jaredwatsondh).

Tyler Joseph - Singer, Piano, Twenty One Pilots (@tylerrjoseph)

Twenty One Pilots are a musical duo out of Columbus, OH. After a couple of self published albums in 2009 and 2011, they released their first studio album in 2013 and have several of the tracks make it onto the Billboard Alternative 100 including "Holding onto You" and "Car Radio" and "House of Gold". Tyler has posted over 250 photos and has 150,000 followers. You can also follow drummer Josh Dun (@joshuadun).

Taylor Swift with co-star Jeff Bridges from The Giver

Carrie and Miranda as Thelma & Louise
Carrie and Miranda as Thelma & Louise | Source
Tim and his beautiful wife, Faith Hill
Tim and his beautiful wife, Faith Hill | Source

Country Stars on Instagram

Country is one of the few musical genres that is still enjoying success. Unlike other genres it is growing instead of contracting mostly because country music fans still buy CDs. At any rate, there are many top Country music stars that are available to follow in Instagram.

Note that I have only linked the first three as the site limits the number of outgoing links per hub.

Taylor Swift - Singer, Guitar (@taylorswift)

More than any other artist, Taylor Swift has led the convergence of Pop and Country genres. She is the consummate crossover act popular among both Top 40 Pop music fans and more hard core Country music lovers. Taylor is active on Instagram with over 250 photos posted and has a huge following of over 11 million followers.

Carrie Underwood - Singer (@carrieunderwood)

Carrie Underwood is one of the early American Idol winners and became of the two most successful recording stars from the show. Carry is a crossover artist but not to the degree of Taylor Swift, because her music still tends toward more traditional Country. She has one of the most powerful voices in the music industry. She is also married to an NHL star, Mike Fisher, of the Nashville Predators. Carrie has shared over 150 photos and as 1.2 million followers.

Tim McGraw - Singer, Guitar (@thetimmcgraw)

Tim McGraw is probably the biggest current male Country music star having produced 25 number 1 Country hits over his career. He is also an actor and has had roles in The Blind Side, Friday Night Lights and The Kingdom. He is married to another Country star, Faith Hill, and is the estranged son of Tug McGraw, the MLB Pitcher. Tim is quite active on IG posting over 480 photos and has 230,000 followers.

Keith Urban - Singer, Guitar (@keithurban)

Brett Eldridge - Singer, Guitar (@bretteldridge)

Dierks Bentley - Singer, Guitar @dierksbentley)

Jason Aldean - Singer, Guitar (@jasonaldean)

Neil Perry - Drums, The Band Perry (@neilperry)

Skrillex's view from the stage
Skrillex's view from the stage | Source
Deadmau5 with Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk
Deadmau5 with Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk | Source
Steve on stage swinging out over the crowd
Steve on stage swinging out over the crowd | Source

EDM on Instagram

EDM Artists, as a group, are prolific IG users sharing thousands of photos. This also makes them some of the most followed musical stars on Instagram. They love to take shots of the crowd from stage and they often bring interesting guests on stage to join them.

As in other categories, only the first three artists are linked.

Deadmau5 - EDM Artist (@deadmau5)

Deadmau5 (Joel Thomas Zimmerman) is one of the earliest house music producers and EDM artists. He hails from Canada and always performs onstage in a giant mouse head, creating a trippy juxtaposition for 20 somethings that grew up watching Disney movies and shows. Deadmau5 has shared over 1,100 photos and has 1.1 million followers.

Skrillex - EDM Artist (@skrillex)

Skrillex (Sonny Moore) is an EDM artist from Southern California. He started out his music career playing guitar and singing for a heavy metal band, From First to Last. He started producing solo music and performing at clubs in 2008 as a DJ. He has won 6 Grammy awards for his music. Skrillex has shared over 700 photos on IG and has 1.5 million followers.

Steve Aoki - EDM Artist (@steveaoki)

Steve Aoki is a progressive house music producer from Miami, FL. Aoki has collaborated with many of biggest musical artists such as, Linkin Park and Iggy Azalea. Aoki is also one of the most active IG users among musical stars having shared over 4,200 photos and he has 1.5 million followers.

Calvin Harris - EDM Artist (@calvinharris)

Zedd - EDM Artist (@zedd)

Steve Angello - EDM Artist, Swedish House Mafia (@steveangello)

Two legends James Hetfield and Kris Kristofferson
Two legends James Hetfield and Kris Kristofferson | Source
Creepy mirror shot of the Clown mask
Creepy mirror shot of the Clown mask | Source
Mike Shinoda on stage with the band
Mike Shinoda on stage with the band | Source

Metal Bands and Artists on IG

James Hetfield, Singer and Rhythm Guitar, Metallica (@papa_het_)

James Hetfield is one of the original founders, with Lars Ulrich, of Metallica. Probably one of the most iconic heavy metal bands, Metallica, has remained current for over 30 years. James is on Instagram and has shared over 350 photos and has 129,000 followers.

Shawn Crahan, Drummer and Clownface, Slipknot (@6cl6wn6)

Shawn Crahan is one of the founders and percussionist for Slipknot. He is also an amateur photographer and loves Instagram as a medium for sharing his ideas. He is also famous for the Clownface that he wears in concert. Shawn has shared over 650 photos and has 38,000 followers.

Mike Shinoda, Rapper and Keyboards, Linkin Park (@m_shinoda)

Mike Shinoda is one of the founding members of Linkin Park and is both the rapper and keyboardist for the band. He is also the founder of side project, Fort Minor, which is a rap act with a collection of rappers. He is active on Instagram and has shared over 430 photos. He has over 280,000 followers.

Trent Reznor, Lead Vocals and Keyboards, Nine Inch Nails (@treznor)

Trent Reznor is the unique and progressive leader and lead singer of the band Nine Inch Nails. Long before the current trend of pushing the envelope, Trent was writing and performing songs like I Want to &$%# You Like an Animal. The progressive metal band has influenced many of today's newer electronica metal bands. Reznor is not very active on IG yet having shared about 65 photos and he has 81,000 followers.

Tom Morello, Guitarist, Rage Against the Machine (@tommorello)

Formed in 1991, Rage Against the Machine was one of the first bands to combine rap and metal and became a huge influence for later bands like Linkin Park and Rise Against. Bringing huge energy to their live shows, Rage was a huge draw at festival shows throughout the 90s and 2000s. Tom Morello is the lead guitarist for the band and has shared over 250 photos on IG. He has 48,000 followers.

Biebs catching air off a skateboard
Biebs catching air off a skateboard | Source
Ariana sharing seflies with fans
Ariana sharing seflies with fans | Source
Katy going undercover to check out the Art Institute in Chicago
Katy going undercover to check out the Art Institute in Chicago | Source

Pop Music Stars on Instagram

Ariana Grande - Singer (@arianagrande)

It is only fitting that someone who grew up with Instagram would be one of the most followed celebs on the app. Ariana Grande was first a Disney star, Cat, on the hit show Victorious and later Sam and Cat. Like most Disney channel stars, she is a triple threat that can act, sing and dance, but her voice is her real talent hitting high notes that probably make Mariah Carey jealous. She is now one of the biggest female pop stars on the planet. Ariana shares lots of photos on IG, over 1,600, and has more than 17 million followers.

Justin Bieber - Singer (@justinbieber)

He is the Elvis of our times, and he is also one of the most followed celebs on Instagram with over 22 million followers. Justin Bieber is a talented singer, dancer and musician. While he started out as a teen heartthrob, he is developing a bit of a bad boy image as he tries to transition to an Pop star for adults. Justin has shared over 1,800 photos on IG.

Katy Perry - Singer, Guitar (@katyperry)

Katy Perry is a singer, songwriter that has sold over 81 million singles worldwide. She is an amazing songwriter that really knows what the public wants. She is the first female artist in history to have 5 #1 singles on one album, Teenage Dream. Katy is relatively new to Instagram but she has picked up the pace during the past year. She has now shared about 180 photos and has 8.5 million followers.

Beyonce - Singer (@beyonce)

Kesha - Singer (@iiswhoiis)

Justin Timberlake - Singer (@justintimberlake)

Hayley Williams - Singer, Paramore (@yelyahwilliams)

Selena Gomez - Singer (@selenagomez)

Pitbull - Singer (@pitbull)

Iggy Azalea - Pop Rapper (@thenewclassic)

Big 50 and Lil 50 with matching Benzies
Big 50 and Lil 50 with matching Benzies | Source
Diddy with Meekmill on the road.
Diddy with Meekmill on the road. | Source
Wiz Khalifa with his dog, Vincent
Wiz Khalifa with his dog, Vincent | Source

Rappers on Instagram

Rappers, as a group, are probably the most active celebrity group on Instagram. They share photos constantly, often many times a day. They also don't have much of a filter and will share just about anything. That is both good and bad depending on what you want to see. Their feeds are generally NOT G Rated, so be wary if you don't want to see sex and drugs and Rock & Roll.

Note that I have only linked the first three as the site limits the number of outgoing links per hub.

Sean Combs "P. Diddy" - Rapper (@iamdiddy)

From humble beginnings as a rapper, Sean Combs has built an entrepreneurial empire that includes a Record Label, the Sean John clothing label, Ciroc Vodka, restaurants, film production and more. He is reported to be worth more than $700 million. Like many rappers, Combs is very active on Instagram having shared over 4,700 photos and he has 4.2 million followers.

Wiz Khalifa - Rapper (@mistercap)

Cameron "Wiz Khalifa" Thomasz is one of the most popular young rappers in music today. He has been nominated for a number of Grammys and has produced 5 albums. Khalifa has been very open about his daily use of marijuana and now is sponsored by a medical marijuana dispenser that sells the Khalifa Kush line of cannabis. Khalifa is active on IG sharing over 1,700 photos and has 4.3 million followers.

50 Cent - Rapper (@50cent)

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is a rapper from NYC that has leveraged his rap career into other ventures including an acting career, the G-Unit clothing line, G-Unit Records and G-Unit Films. Jackson is also active in philanthropy, especially hunger in Africa. He has launched an energy drink, Street King, which contributes proceeds to feeding the hungry. His goal is to feed one billion starving people in Africa. Jackson is less active than many rappers on IG but still has posted 380 photos and has 3.5 million followers.

Drake - Rapper (@champagnepapi)

Aubrey "Drake" Graham is a Canadian rapper and actor that actually started his career as a teen actor and got his big break on a teen show called Degrassi: The Next Generation. His popularity on that show helped launch his rap career. But it was his catching melodies and interesting lyrics that really drove his popularity. He has sold over 50 million albums and has twelve number one hip-hop singles. Drake has shared over 1,400 photos and has 6.4 million followers.

Meek Mill - Rapper (@meekmill)

Robert "Meek Mill" Williams is another of the popular young rappers. After releasing a few of his own albums, Meek Mill created the Dream Chasers record label for young rappers. Meek Mill is one of the most active Instagram users having posted over 7,300 photos and he has 3.2 million followers.

Soulja Boy - Rapper (@souljaboy)

Chance The Rapper - Rapper (@chancetherapper)

Lenny chillin' on the streets of Paris.
Lenny chillin' on the streets of Paris. | Source
#tbt Snoop Dogg style with Tupac
#tbt Snoop Dogg style with Tupac | Source
Aerosmith on the road
Aerosmith on the road | Source

Music Legends on Instagram

Steven Tyler - Singer, Aerosmith (@iamstevent)

Snoop Dogg - Rapper (@snoopdogg)

Dave Grohl - Singer, Guitar, Drums, Foo Fighters (@davegrohlrp)

Mariah Carey - Singer (@mariahcarey)

Lenny Kravitz - Singer, Guitar (@lennykravitz)

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    • Besband profile image

      Bes Band Associates 

      2 years ago from Tacoma, WA

      This post is HUGE!

      I really enjoyed reading it, too. I'm still learning Hubpages but Imma follow your posts. :)

    • lmm-uk profile image

      Last Minute Musicians 

      6 years ago from London, UK

      Cool lense man, I voted "world" in your poll, think I`m the only one so far!

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      Egils Petersons 

      6 years ago from Latvia

      My favorite is Michael W.Smith!


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