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Speed Sight Reading Music Part 1

Updated on August 31, 2011

2 part ultra compacted hints and tips e-page on how to Speed Sight Read Music

   You've heard of Speed Reading for books, you've seen the blazing superhumans display their speed reading skills on the pages of the Guiness Book of World's Records, you even fancy yourself somewhat of a speed reader... well read on to find out how you can speed sight read music. Using these suggestions for sight reading music, you can inmprove your sight reading skills 100 fold in no time. 

Here are some basics about English language speed reading, contemplate to yourself the crossover they might make in relation to music speed sight reading

  1. What is speed reading?

Speed reading is the skill of moving the eyes, and some other external pacer, across and down a page of print at a rate which avoids having to go back and redo mistakes (this is called regression) all the while inducing better concentration and comprehension. In music speed sight reading, having to go back a page means that somebody turned the page too fast and we weren't able to retain the notes in our ram. See below for tips on improving the skill of eye movement as it pertains to music speed sight reading.

     2. What is the theoretical limit to human reading speed?

There is no known theoretical limit to reading speed. That means that music too has no theoretical limit on what speeds we can achieve. Like reading words,  speed reading music allows you to read at closer to your thinking speed

    3. How fast can speed readers read? Is it necessary to music speed sight read?

Speed readers of English text can read comfortably at speeds of between 800wpm and 1200wpm, without even practicing constantly. Speed sight readers of music can read any music, in any key, flawlessly... at first read. (Not including graphical notation or other existing forms of non-western musical notation), but is it necessary? Music sight readers who consistently practice their skills over time, can reliably retain in memory just enough music so that a page turn can be effictively done without interrupting the flow of the piece. It is not necessary for Music sight readers to speed read to play a piece correctly. But what they can do is borrow some of the speed readers good techniques to improve upon our sight music sight reading skills.  If you would like to get to the point where your music sight reading skills become sufficient to read any music layed out in front of you, in any key, with any amount of complex rythmical variety and range and inventory of notes ... read on. 


      4. Does speed reading music ruin the enjoyment of the music?

No way! Speed reading music enhances enjoyment of the music,. The goal is to have greater concentration for longer periods of time so that you retain in memory more measures of music so that the flow remains uninterrupted These equates to fewer page turns errors where one hand has to come off in order to facilitate a page turn. Once you master the Preliminary analysis part of sight reading down it will be hard to stop your flawless sight reading. equates to you being more confident in your playing.

     5. Can anybody learn to music speed sight read ?

Yes! If you can read music, then you can also speed sight read music.

      6. What about IQ and age ... do these influence one's ability to learn to sight read music?

Not significantly so. Anyone can improve on their current music sight reading skills - regardless of what speed they read. If you read at 2 measures per minute, and practice to open your eye focus and reduce regressions your speed will increase immensely. Not only that but you will be able to read music away from your instrument and be able to clearly hear all the individual parts or voices  in your head and assign them any instrumentation you want. Soon you will find music books next to your night stand dresser for a little reading before bedtime. What greate books to read than from the classical masters or any music that you are fond of. No need for expensive dvd players, mp3 players, tape decks, turntables, live performances or any external listening device. All you need is the printed music and your mind.

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