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My 7 evilest anime characters

Updated on January 11, 2014

In this article you will find 7 evilest anime character. The characters I represent in here are the evilest in anime world(for me) . I hope you understand that this is only my opinion you are not forced to acceot this list . You can dusagree of course , I am saying it again this is my opinion I am just sharing my experience, you can participate by leaving comments in here

7 Evil spirit in Bakura ( Yu gi oh)

This guy is a secondary character in anime yu gi oh . He appeared in the middle of the series and disappeared in the end but I like him, he was very evil. He was not very powerful and every time he was facing someone he was losing :D but he always kept on going. He is smart, he is using the fact that he is a spirit , he is transorting himself from body to body in the right time thus it is very ahrd to get him. This guy worths to be in this list though he is the last

# 6 Orochimaru (Naruto)

Orochimaru. This guy is extremely evil. He did experiments on people, torturing them, he made them kill each other to select the strongest, he killed his former teacher and many other people.He is leaving his marks on necks of otehr people so that if he gets killed in action he can rcover himself , teh idea of that is very similar of the idea from Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows where the main character was leaving parts of his soul in different items. After all his deeds he became a demon whom is almost impossible to kill. He used to be a good guy when he was little but when the war emerged he saw many severe and awful scenes which turned him into a monster always chasing more power

# 5 Madara Uchiha (Naruto)

Yet another evil character from anime "Naruto". Unlike the previous character "Orochimaru" this guy is world famous evil man. Despite being evil he is extremely strong, he defeated the five Kages (country rulers) at the same time without much effort. He is an ancient evil man. he was able to fid a way to terror the world for hundreds of years , vene after his death he is destroying the world. Even when he is dead his powers ar as much as when he was alive. He was a good guy when he was little . He got a friend whom he was trusting. Their famailes where in war but they secretely keep seeing each other. They grew up and made a village together but then a conflict emerged. His clan lost faith in hima and he declared a war to a village he created himself. Then he left the village in search of power

# 4 Lelouch (Lelouch of the rebellion)

# 4 Lelouch (Lelouch of the rebellion) This guy was evil from childhood. He became that evil because of britian , Britian detroyed his country and turned it into a zone with a name. He got a special power and that made his worse. Apart form being evil, he is very smart. His strategizing skills are awesome. He was able to fool a big army of Britian soldiers and he made many smart and perfect plans. He never lost. Even if the situation was too difficult he was always finding a way of dealing with it. This guy has some good sides as well. He loved his handicapped sister and he would never allow anythign to happen to her even with the cost of his own life. He also had a quality of being a good friend

# 3 Roberto (Monster)

This guy is a secondary character in anime "Monster". He was rasied in a very harsh orphanage and became a killer. The reason I put him here is his way of killing peple. He is doing that with such coldness. He is also very smart and he is good with flirting with women. Roberto is secial because he was able to get out from difficult situations for example : once he was shot 2 times and he fell of a tall balcony and a fire started there but he managed to get out and stay alive. His survival skills made me to put him in top 3.

# 2 Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light yagami. Almost everybody knows him, even people who haven't seen anime "Death Note". He is super smart, super intelligent and super evil at the same time. Among this list Light is the one who killed the biggest number of people. He had this special notebook which allowed him to kill people with just writing their names. He wrote so many names that he covered 30 pages. He had this ability of dealing with difficult situations. His plans were awesome. He was not implementing his plans until he was sure that his plans would work.

# 1 Johan ( Monster)

This guy is the evilest in here. He was able to convince people to kill each otehr when he was 10 years old. Just like the previous character "Light Yagami" this guy is also super intelligent. In the end Light Yagami is losing his control over emotions but Johan maintains emotional balance all the time which makes him number 1 evilest character in here. Although he was extremely evil he had a love in his heart. It was the love of a sister. He tried to save his sister from mafias , actually he never tried, he always succeded, he never had fails. Even when he was about to die it wasn't thanks to the power of a main hero , it was according to his plan. He decided to suicide but but without killing himself. He was going to make a doctor kill him, who once saved his life.

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