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Mid-Life Crisis

Updated on August 3, 2010

Mid-life Crisis


Mid-life Crisis

by Chuck RitenouR


There's a housewife who's in desperate need of a man's gentle touch

No matter how much love she gets, she never gets enough

And when her heart gets restless, she turns to her own devices

And the young man who mows her yard helps her with her mid-life crisis.


He gets to work at 9AM and she's waiting for him there

Secretary with ruby red lips, blue eyes and long blonde hair

She makes his coffee extra sweet, she knows the way he likes it

She makes his heart skip a beat working on his mid-life crisis.


yeah, its just another day in a small midwestern town

Everybody knows everybody and they all know what's goin' down.

They all try to do the best they can and they make their sacrifices

they're all looking for a little help to make it thru their mid-life crisis


One day you're gonna wake up and feel a little strange

Take a long hard look at your life and know its time for a change

You can give in to the feelin' or you can try to fight it

But there's no place you can hide from your own mid-life crisis.



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