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Bad Day Best Bloopers

Updated on February 7, 2015

About this Page

So we all have those things that happen, they have you saying "only me, these things never would have happened to anyone else."

Some of these things scare me, or I may even think it is so funny, I am rolling on the floor laughing at my self. Most of the things that happen frustrate me, but after it is all said and done I like to laugh about it. So I share them with friends and family. We have quite the giggle fest. That is not enough though. I want to share my funnies with my readers, for then they will have an idea who is behind the words.

Our First Valentines Date
Our First Valentines Date

Our first Valentines Blooper

It was our first Valentines. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at a local Spanish restaurant, then went to a hotel. It was a wonderful evening and we were in Texas. It was 32 degrees outside and the hotel was no smoking. He had been working 7/12s for about a month, making him tired. While he had crashed for the night I couldn't sleep. I wanted that last cigarette before bed. I knew I would be cold and I didn't want to get dressed.

Me getting the bright idea to just smoke in the bathroom near the vent would comfy and warm. So I decided to try it. When I lit my cigarette, it flowered out causing ashes to fall everywhere. so I took two quick hits and put it out for fear I would set something on fire. I was tring to be bad and just don't have the rule breaking confidence I had as a child. I dipped the cig. in the toilet to be sure it was out. and went to bed. about 10 minutes later he wakes up screaming the hotel is on fire. I had just fell asleep.

So jumping out of bed in a panic. he says did you set the hotel on fire?

NO!!!!! I barked. Climb to my feet and ask, "Should I get dressed?"

"Well yes, if there is a fire we have to go outside."

Planning an escape route, he opens the room door to see where the smoke is coming from, cause we are on the 4th floor. Meanwhile, I am bending over to pick up my jeans off the floor, I glance over and notice the smoke is coming from the bathroom. I quickly run to the bathroom which is filled with smoke and notice the sorce I grab the clothing article and quickly dipp them in the toilet.

I then tell him the close the door we will be okay. As he steps into the bathroom I hold up his boxers. Which have the whole buttocks area burned out of them. Trying not to laugh about the boxers, was extremely hard, while he was steaming from the ears himself.

I braced for the lecture and follow it well I wouldn't have even dreamt of it had you not been doing it for the last six months. We travel for his job. So we are in hotels a lot.

The next day his brother and sister in law asked how our date went. Laughing my ass off I had the boxers with me. So I hold them up and then said " It was so great I got a souvenir to remember. Thinking I was being dirty they both smile.

He says" NOW turn them Around!!!"

They look at us puzzeled as I slowly turn them around and said "I set his undies on fire."

Laughing so hard at the thought, they had buckled over. "I then state at least he can't say no one ever set his pants on fire! I burned right to the flesh."

Immediately they stated " I hope you weren't wearing them man."

No so as soon as the laughter calmed down I had to tell the story. turning the shame from him to me!

I tell everyone it is our Valentines Blooper!


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