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Professional Music Performance & Production

Updated on February 13, 2015
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Deborah L. Alexander is an author, business woman, wife to Doug for almost 40 years, a mother of three adult children & a grandmother of 4.

Our Son, the Professional in Music Production & Bass Guitar

Jarrod is performing here with his band "Glass Tuxedo" in St. Paul Minnesota

My husband Doug and I escaped the Texas heat and headed north to St Paul, Minnesota. However, our main purpose for the journey really had little to do with the weather, although it was a nice change from the Texas winters.

Our reason for travelling north in December was to watch Jarrod perform and to attend his graduation ceremony. He earned his music production degree and graduated from the McNally Smith College of Music on December 15, 2012.

Jarrod has earned two music degrees; his first is bass guitar performance. Jarrod is a talented musician. I am excited to share details of our very unique Minnesota travels and of the wonderful experiences we enjoyed with our son, the professional musician during our week "up north."

Our First Night in St Paul

We arrived in St Paul on December 13 and settled into our room at the Cosmopolitan Apartments in the downtown area.

We spent that evening with Jarrod and his friend Adam in a music recording studio at McNally Smith. Jarrod had some work to finish for school and we were privileged to go along and observe.

Jarrod intended to record his dad singing and playing the guitar. His dad is also a talented musician, singer, and guitar player. (Back in our dating era, Doug played bass guitar and sang in a band called "Mesquite".) So this first night in St Paul, we visited the music studio and Doug practiced in the background while Jarrod and Adam worked on their homework.

I took a few pictures. Doug and I also met Jarrod's teachers who were working late during finals week. They all told us how much they enjoyed having Jarrod in their classes and that he had a bright future in music.

Big Brother Attends Jarrod's Graduation!

On December 14, our oldest son Jason joined us. We picked him up at the airport that evening. It was more than I ever expected to be with both our sons in St Paul for this special occasion. It was such a blessing!

Jason is an Endodontist in the US Navy and we do not see him as often as we would like. I thank my daughter-in-law for helping Jason get to the graduation.

We also missed having our daughter, Amanda and her family with us; they were unable to attend due to prior obligations.

Fender Blue Jazz Bass Guitar

The "Lake Placid Blue" bass guitar is very similar to the one Jarrod plays. It has been a durable, great sounding bass guitar.

Fender Blue Jazz Bass Guitar

Fender Standard Jazz Electric Bass Guitar - Maple Fingerboard, Lake Placid Blue
Fender Standard Jazz Electric Bass Guitar - Maple Fingerboard, Lake Placid Blue

Jarrod has played this guitar for around six years so far.

We would highly recommend this Fender jazz bass guitar for anyone desiring to play bass guitar.


Jarrod's Graduation Day - at McNally Smith College of Music in St Paul Minnesota

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Jarrod & Jason at MOA
Jarrod & Jason at MOA

Jason & Jarrod at the Mall of America

Then before Jason had to catch his plane back home, we all went to the Mall of America.

Simply walking through the mall is an enjoyable experience and just about any shop you could imagine can be found there. It is also the only mall with an indoor amusement park. The theme is Nickelodeon and Sponge Bob and his friends are featured throughout the park.

The Mall of America is an amazing place with no shortage of things to do and see.

Let Your Strings Shine & Make Your Performance Memorable with these neon Bass Guitar Strings in Many Assorted Colors--like neon blue, yellow, pink, purple, & or

A Professional Music Recording Session

For Doug by Jarrod

After getting Jason to the airport, we headed back to downtown St Paul. Jarrod booked the music recording studio for that night where he made a recording of his dad singing and playing the guitar. The entire experience was indescribable. I observed the process and took pictures-which I apologize for . . . they turned out blurry because I had to turn off the flash due to all the studio glass. However, I did get a few good ones.

Doug sang several of the songs he sings in church and the entire experience was very emotional. Observing my husband sing and play as my son recorded in the state of the art recording studio was an awesome blessing and an experience I will always treasure.

This is Jarrod's perspective of that night in a message he posted on facebook-"Got the amazing and incredibly rewarding opportunity to record my Dad tonight. I couldn't be more proud of him and it couldn't be more obvious where I got my talent from. Also I couldn't be more lucky to have the parents that I do! I would be lost without them."

Such a beautiful message filled with love . . . your mom and dad love you too Jarrod.

Now Jarrod has the raw recording, which he will work his production magic and skills on, making it into a finished professional recording. I can't wait to hear the final creation!

Pictures of the Recording Session

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High five! Great job Jarrod & Adam!
High five! Great job Jarrod & Adam!
High five! Great job Jarrod & Adam!

Presenting . . .

Glass Tuxedo

Jarrod plays bass guitar in two different bands. One of those bands, "Glass Tuxedo" happened to have practice on December 16. Doug and I were privileged to go along with Jarrod for a personal concert of their amazing music.

The band is made up of Austin, the lead guitar and singer, Cory, the drummer, and Jarrod on bass guitar. These guys are extremely talented and play original music written by Austin. This too was a most wonderful experience and I loved every song I heard.

Glass Tuxedo performs in the St Paul-Minneapolis area. Here are a few pictures we snapped during our special show in a small room at McNally-Smith.

Glass Tuxedo - Makin' Amazing Music!

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Sites in the City of St Paul

Now we had two more full days left before flying back to Texas on December 19.

In that time we visited Mickey's Diner, Candyland, Key's Restaurant and just walked around St Paul enjoying the wonderful cold, crisp atmosphere there. Our visit was only a few days after a 14-inch snowstorm, so snow was piled up all around.

I will link my previous lens "The Beauty of St Paul Minnesota" to share most of the sites we revisited.

Our Sunday Morning Agenda

Visiting a Beautiful Historic Church in Downtown St Paul

The morning of December 16 we visited The First Baptist Church located in downtown St Paul.

This is a church with a very long history dating back to its beginning in 1849. That is before the Civil War began.

The people of this church were warm and welcoming and the visit was a terrific experience. The building was beautiful and I took a few pictures to share.

First Baptist Church, St Paul Minnesota - Began 1849

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Thank You Jarrod!

I want to finish up by thanking Jarrod for an amazing and special visit to St Paul and allowing my husband and me to personally experience his daily life there. Jarrod is a sweet, thoughtful, and loving young man and I couldn’t be prouder of the adult he has grown into. I thank God for the special relationship and connection I enjoy and share with him.

Texas Bound!

Next it's December 19 and we all fly home to Texas for Christmas!

Jarrod usually makes that yearly trip alone but this year we all boarded the plane in Minneapolis/St Paul bound for Dallas/Fort Worth together.

And I look forward again for my next opportunity to visit St Paul.

Photo Credit:

All photos featured here belong to Deborah L Alexander

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    • DLeighAlexander profile image

      DLeighAlexander 3 years ago

      Thank you for visiting and thank you for your comment. I would have to vote for "good looking". My son the musician is definitely a heart throb. The pictures of his music performance are especially amazing!

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      Dineshraj 3 years ago

      - Either everyone you shoot is good lonkiog or you capture their beauty with your lens. Both? More good music recs- thanks! He's got heart throb good looks a la James Dean.

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      renewedfaith2day 4 years ago

      You must be very proud.