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My Daughter Seo Young - Korean Drama 2012

Updated on October 15, 2014

Weekend Family Drama about Father - Daughter Relationship

KBS2 Weekend Drama My Daughter Seo Young flied under my k-drama watchlist radar. I'm a huge fan of family drama, however, I never had any motivation to watch any drama longer than 32 episodes.

Surprisingly, I totally enjoyed 58 episodes of My Husband Got a Family aka Unexpected You which occupied the previous timeslot of My Daughter Seo Young. So I thought I might give MDSY a go too.

Lee Bo Young who recently wrapped up her latest drama The Equator Man playing as Lee Seo Young in MDSY, a daughter who has deep resentment against her father Lee Sam Jae (played by Chun Ho Jin). I love this father-daughter combo, and they've played as father-daughter as well in MBC Weekend Drama Hooray for Love.

MDSY is penned by scriptwriter So Hyun Kyung who wrote one of my favorite family drama of all-time Brilliant Legacy, as well as 49Days and Prosecutor Princess.

Director is Yoo Hyun Ki who directed Brain last year.

It aired on KBS2 every weekend, starting from 15 September 2012.

The first four episodes gained high viewership ratings, it reaches almost 30% (episode 4 rating based on AGB Nielsen is 29.1% for Nationwide and 29.8% for Seoul metropolitan area). Maybe it receives the boost from its predecessor drama which achieved more than 40% ratings. So it will be interesting to see if MDSY can retain the high viewership and give the viewers a strong, engaging, realistic family drama.

At the moment, I'm on board and will be looking forward to watch MDSY on KBSWorld.

Image Credit: screencap from MDSY Teaser

Details & Casts

My Daughter Seo Young
My Daughter Seo Young
My Daughter Seo Young
My Daughter Seo Young


Number of Episodes: 50

Original run: September 15, 2012 - March 3, 2013 on KBS2 every Saturday & Sunday 19.55 KST

Genre: Family, Romance


Lee Family

- Chun Ho Jin as Lee Sam Jae [Father]

- Lee Bo Young as Lee Seo Young [Daughter]

- Park Hae Jin as Lee Sang Woo [Son]

Kang Family

- Choi Jung Woo as Kang Ki Bum

- Kim Hye Ok as Cha Ji Sun

- Lee Sang Yoon as Kang Woo Jae

- Park Jung Ah as Kang Mi Kyung

- Lee Jung Shin (CN Blue) as Kang Sung Jae

Choi Family

- Hong Yo Seob as Choi Min Suk

- Song Ok Sook as Kim Kang Soon

- Choi Yoon Young as Choi Ho Jung

- Shim Hyung Tak as Choi Kyung Ho

Director: Yoo Hyun Ki

Scriptwriter: So Hyun Kyung

Official Website: Seoyoung


Brief Character Descriptions



Lee Sam Jae'S Family

Lee Sam Jae'S Family
Lee Sam Jae'S Family
Lee Bo Young as Lee Seo Young
Lee Bo Young as Lee Seo Young

Lee Seo Young (Lee Bo Young) is a smart beautiful woman who despite all the hardship in her life, is able to place first in anything she does.

Working part-time in various jobs (including a tutor to a rebellious young man Kang Sung Jae) to pay for her college tuition fees & living cost, she studies law and graduated top of her class.

Seo Young hates her irresponsible father as he always looks for trouble and rarely support his family. Seo Young's mother sadly passed away during the surgery from a heart disease, her mother knew about the illness, but didn't tell anyone. The whole family devastated, especially Seo Young who put all her hatred towards her father and in the end cut her relationship with his father.

Chun Ho Jin as Lee Sam Jae
Chun Ho Jin as Lee Sam Jae

Lee Sam Jae (Chun Ho Jin) is Lee Seo Young's and Lee Sang Woo's father. He used to work as a contractor, however, due to monetary crisis and incidents, his hardship life began. He's an optimistic person but also temperamental.

Her daughter blamed him for her mother's death and cut ties with him.

So he pledged that he will change for the sake of his family, to be the best dad for his children and to gain her daughter's love back.

Park Hae Jin as Lee Sang Woo
Park Hae Jin as Lee Sang Woo

Lee Sang Woo (Park Hae Jin) is Lee Seo Young's twin brother.

Similar as his twin sister, he is also a very smart man. He is doing his residency at General Hospital Internal Medicine and is willing to forfeit his study so his sister can graduate from college.

He is torn between his sister & his father icy cold relationship, but in the end, he is trying to reconcile them & bring the family back together.

Kang Ki Bum's Family

Kang Ki Bum Family
Kang Ki Bum Family
Choi Jung Woo as Kang Ki Bum
Choi Jung Woo as Kang Ki Bum

Kang Ki Bum (Choi Jung Woo) is a very prominent and successful businessman.

Kim Hye Ok as Cha Ji Sun
Kim Hye Ok as Cha Ji Sun

Cha Ji Sun (Kim Hye Ok) is Kang Kim Bum's wife. She loves singing and has a selfish personality.

Sometimes she envy her son Kang Woo Jae & daughter-in-law Lee Seo Young's marriage life because she rarely receives the love from her own husband.

Lee Sang Yoon as Kang Woo Jae
Lee Sang Yoon as Kang Woo Jae

Kang Woo Jae (Lee Sang Yoon) is Seo Young's future husband (from the description ^^). The first fateful meeting was quite memorable in a bad way. Woo Jae splashed Seo Young's favorite white dress and she demanded an apology from him.

Comes from a wealthy family, Woo Jae thought everything can be settled by money; so he gave her a cheque in which she returned it back to him.

Little did he know that Seo Young was on the way to his house, to look for a tutoring job advertised by Woo Jae's mother.

Lee Jung Shin (CN Blue) as Kang Sung Jae
Lee Jung Shin (CN Blue) as Kang Sung Jae

Kang Sung Jae (Lee Jung Shin) is the youngest in the Kang's family and is a rebellious teenager. He hates studying and prefer to listen to music.

All of his tutors gave up on him, until one day, a beautiful Seo Young came & be his tutor.

He slowly has a crush with her and studies harder to impress her.

Choi Min Suk Family

Choi Min Suk Family
Choi Min Suk Family

OST List

My Daughter Seo Young OST List

My Daughter Seo Young OST Part 1 - Released September 28, 2012

Miss You by Melody Day

My Daughter Seo Young OST Part 2 - Released November 19, 2012

Quietly by Go Yoo Jin

My Daughter Seo Young OST Part 3 - Released November 30, 2012

Lonesome Story by Beige


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