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"My Fanbase Will Destroy You" from 2Mex

Updated on June 22, 2014

My Fanbase Will Destroy You

2Mex released his new album, "My Fanbase Will Destroy You" in September of 2010. Amazing new styles, heavy new beats and mad flow faster than anything he has done before. Silent for four years, he is certainly no longer is. I don't know what a V-Jay Jay is but he is certainly going to be big.

For a Nation of B-Boys

In this new pursuit, 2mex includes new beats and rhythms, as well as songs that return us to the old days remaining true to his message from the start. Are you giving yourself away to technology, are you still a nice guy like you were even though now you are nothing more than a wi-fi transmitter. Depth of thought reflects upon his four years of silence since he brought us the wisdom from "Over the Counter Culture."

Are you still addicted to your technology or perhaps you have killed the pain with your Oxycontin, he understands but wonders where this world is leading us all. He does relate to the lack of representation that has become Amerika, the falseness that is our political community, our leaders laying down with liars and lawyers and lions, and dares to ask us once again, why? Why are you continuing to embrace this way, time after time of being fooled by people who think that no one can see them.

Of course we all pay lip service to these ideas but Alex returns to us to remind us that those words hold power and that we all have a responsibility to fight for these ideals not to let them slip into the mediocrity that rings so loud it deadens us. "Do I have to keep my hand on your throat for you to stand on your thoughts? Understand this dead hand control is distrait!" Inpatient after so long of repeating and remind us of the same message, he brings the question that we all need to think about, when will we actual evolve into something more, when will we focus our attentions on changing these issues that are affecting our world, affecting ourselves. Seriously, take the cybertech out of your ear when you talk to me, have some respect.

The wordsmith seems to feel that he can comprehend the depths that he has affected his loyal followers, that he can understand how deeply his words has restored and redeemed his b-boy nation. Perhaps the best example would be from the master emcee himself in Dead Hand Control, "I came here to disturb the peace, I deserve to live in peace...." I wonder if he knows how many dark nights that he truly has gotten us through, how often beyond the final limits of tolerance and sympathy, his words bought us inspiration and guidance, leading us all to a better world, if only within our selves. Truly the man spawned a nation of B boys.

The immense effect he has on his followers, 'That kind of love, that cats get in line for' can be attributed to the ideas that move beyond common popular hip hop topics, into realms that deal with the average person, the human condition, he relates, he empathise, he redeems. Never alone, many artists come to contribute to this new endeavour of constant unwavering war against the ignorance and injustice that has been swept under the rug. The funky gangsta baseline he throws out on "Press Your Luck" had his nation of B boys on the floor laughing with him all over the world. He has the ability of course to go mainstream but chooses instead to bring us, the masses a message.

Perhaps he does understand his fan base, we listen to ever single word, every thought and every idea. We are out there in the world, pressing our luck with 2mex is on our tongues, trying to educated, trying to get them to listen and remember. Zombies are among us, leading the world, without the ability to remember, soulless, godless and morally corrupt, devoted only to their profit margin. Even if you kill 2mex's message, we will still destroy you tyrants and oppressors. Around here we put the fun in the funeral. Listen to these new tracks often, his inner fire, destroying false ideals and perspectives faster than the Santa Ana fires, will consume a lot more than just Los Angeles.

So what do you guys think?

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