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My favorite Broadway plays and Musicals

Updated on August 19, 2013

Broadway is a tough, tough arena for singing. -Julie Andrews

I've seen a couple of Broadway plays and musicals. I love going to see them it truly is an art piece. Although, sometimes the prices excessive, it usually is completely worth it. Like in the title of the intro, one of the best singers of all time, Julie Andrews more known as Maria in the Sound of Music, claims that Broadway is a tough arena for singing. This just proves how trained and talented these artists are.

This lens will review a series of Broadway plays that I went to see. The list will be prolonged as time passes since I go see some about twice a year!

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One of those just feel good plays, that is sure to put a smile on your face. It follows a young lady, Tracy Turnblad, in the early sixties that, against all odds, is trying to make it on a television show and include African Americans on the Cornie Collins show.

The music is obviously outstanding and very catchy. Every character is really well developed and has a little something about them. Laughing isn't an option!

If you have the chance to go watch this Broadway play, it is surely worth it! If you don't have the money for it or the chance to go see it, renting the movie is an excellent alternative.

Sadly it doesn't have any scheduled shows for now.

Hairspray Trailer

It's the trailer for the movie because I couldn't find a trailer for the Broadway version!

The Phantom of the Opera

One of the longest running Broadway shows, the Phantom of the Opera has a wonderful mix of drama and comedy. If I would have to describe it in one single word, I would have to go with: EPIC! It is the story of a so called theater that was haunted by a phantom, who quickly falls in love with Christine, the young prospect of the opera that has an amazing voice. It is a story of love, jealousy, vengeance and it captivates its audience. The special effects of the Broadway play are draw dropping. I've never seen something like it. It's one of the best special effect plays out there.

Anyways, there is also a movie of this Broadway play, so if you don't have the opportunity to see the Broadway play, you can just rent or buy the movie!

Phantom website

The Phantom Of The Opera Trailer

Shrek the Musical

Light and funny, Shrek the musical is far from being a typical Broadway play. The decor is really something and each character has a special something. It was actually adapted from a movie to a play, which makes it a way harder job since a movie has better effects and famous actors in it. It is one of the most underestimated Broadway plays because it rarely gets sold out. I would recommend this show for a younger audience even though I'm sure anyone would enjoy it!

Shrek the Musical website

Shrek The Musical Trailer

The Lion King (Musical)

By far, my favorite play! Words can't even describe the emotions, the feelings that this Broadway production has brought to me and probably to others. It was pure gold, I would even say diamond! It was so majestic, nothing like I have ever seen. How the animals, played by humans, came to life was really ingenious and I didn't expect it to be that successful.

The Lion King was my favorite movie growing up, so maybe that's why I loved it so much, but I guarantee that anyone would love this play if they would go see it. It is really worth the money, so if the show passes near your city, make sure to go see it!

Lion King website

Lion King Preview

Beauty And The Beast

Reminding you extremely of the classic Disney movie, this musical is a one of a kind theater show. This version was much funnier than the original Disney movie. It was a little less majestic though, but reaches a much broader audience.

If you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast, than this Broadway is a must see. If not, it could be a very entertaining night anyways, but probably not worth the expense.

Beauty and the Beast website

Beauty And The Beast Trailer


What can I say about this Broadway except for the fact that it's simply fantastic. The story of this Broadway is the prequel to the famous Wizard of Oz. The movie makes much more sense after watching this Broadway. Apart from that, the music is really amazing, you'll want to listen to it all the time after watching the show especially the hit Defying Gravity. This is the final song of the first act, it fits perfectly and makes you want to break into singing and get up on your feet! It quickly becomes dramatic, the story is very intense and the ending fulfills all expectation! Wonderful! I would consider watching it a second time if it ever comes back!

Wicked website

Wicked trailer

Mary Poppins

Once again, pretty spectacular productions for being only the travelling one! Mary Poppins vocals weren't as solid as I expected them to be. She was a little shaky on certain songs. But the other actors, oh boy were they spectacular. The mother of the children was out of the ordinary, the chimney sweeper was also amazing. The best voice on the stage was the homeless lady feeding the birds. The price of my ticket was worth hearing her sing 2 songs! That's how wonderful she was.

For the theatrical part of it, it was very solid. The story was a little long and wasn't exactly like the Disney version which is good and bad. The symbolism throughout the play was clever and the messages transmitted by this play were very clear and a lesson can be learned by many. Money isn't everything.

Mary Poppins website

Mary Poppins Trailer

Rock of Ages

What a spectacle! You feel like getting up and dancing at every song. It lifts the spirit with its wondeful upbeat songs and at the same time, soothes with wonderful and powerful rock ballads. Every Rose has its Thorn is probably the highlight of the show. So many lessons are learnt form this originally by Poison.

Real rock fanatics will be blown away with the talent of these performers. I didn't expect such success with these covers of classic rock songs.

I recommend to anyone who wants to simply have a fun evening to go see this play!

Rock of Ages Trailer

Broadway Song of the Day

Awesome songs!

Which Broadway play would you love to see or loved watching?

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    • mj11769 profile image

      mj11769 4 years ago

      Loved phantom of the was awesome.....saw it last moth on broadway.......

    • kabbalah lm profile image

      kabbalah lm 4 years ago

      They are all great.

    • Liveliferead LM profile image

      Liveliferead LM 5 years ago

      @MarilynThompson: Woah, 3 times, that's awesome! And I heard they are pretty much the same! I actually had the chance to see it on Broadway though! But most plays, I watch them in Montreal!

    • MarilynThompson profile image

      Marilyn Thompson 5 years ago from Washington State

      I loved, loved, loved The Phantom!!

      Haven't see it on Broadway but have seen it 3 times in Seattle.