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My Favorite Song of Barry Manilow

Updated on January 3, 2020
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The Singer

Even before my teenage years, I have been a certified Barry Manilow's fan. Barry Manilow is an American singer-songwriter who was born in Brooklyn, New York. He started his career in 1964 but rose to fame in the 70's and up to now is one of the greatest singers for me. I love most of his songs and I never get tired of listening to them repeatedly. Among his songs, my favorites are Mandy, I Write the Songs, Even Now, I Made It Through the Rain, The Old Songs, Please Don't Be Scared, Ships, Can't Smile Without You, Somewhere Down the Road, and Ready To Take The Chance Again. When Barry Manilow sings, he puts so much feeling into his singing and most of his songs will touch your heart. Whenever I hear his voice, it makes me feel nostalgic and makes me want to listen to more of his songs. Among my favorites, the one that really touches my heart is Please Don't Be Scared which was released in his 1989 self-titled album.

Please Don't Be Scared

This is my most favorite song of Barry Manilow. Just the title itself is so positive that it feels like it is talking right to you. The lyrics makes one feel stronger and hopeful. It is very encouraging to hear this song. It makes one realize that you are not the only one suffering or experiencing different trials and hardships in this life. The music or the tempo is just right.

The Lyrics of the Song


There's a light behind your eyes,
I see it shining;
It only fades when you cry.
There's a heart that beats so strong,
I feel it dyin';
When the night time lasts too long.
Now you and I have lived out centuries,
And all I can say is what you've offered to me.Please don't be scared,
'Cause I've stood there too;
Between survival and the right thing to do.
'Cause only the strong admit their fears,
And if you really need me,
I'll always be here.The parties and the lights,
Fade to memories in the still of the night.
And you wonder in your mind,
If there's nothing left to show for all the time.
'Cause feeling pain's a hard way to know you're still alive,
But someday someone will make you glad you survived.Please don't be scared,
'Cause I've stood there too;
Between survival and the right thing to do.
'Cause only the strong admit their fears,
And if you really need me,
I'll always be here.'Cause feeling pains a hard way to know you're still alive.
But someday someone will make you glad you survived.Please don't be scared,
'Cause I've stood there too;
Between survival and the right thing to do.
'Cause only the strong admit their fears,
And if you really need me,
I'll always be here.No matter where you are,
If you really need me,
I'm never far...

Why I Love This Song

I love the song's melody, which was soft and slow and the lyrics were very comforting. Barry sings it as if he was talking directly to you. This song reminds us that in this life, there are times when we had to choose between doing the right thing and doing what is needed to be done in order to survive, that there are times when we had to swallow the bitter pill if only to stay alive in this world. That pain and sufferings are part of this life. It also tells us that no matter how big our problems are, we are not alone and there are always those, like our family and friends, who are willing not just to listen to us, but also to help us. It also tells us that it is okay to admit our weaknesses and our fears. That all of us have, in one time or another, feels helpless and confuse, alone and weary. Sometimes it is hard for a person to show his weaknesses to others for fear that other people might take advantage of him.

My favorite part of the song is the chorus, which goes:

-From the song Please Don’t Be Scared by Barry Manilow
-From the song Please Don’t Be Scared by Barry Manilow

Final Words

I like how the song ended up in a positive way. The song is very uplifting, to say the least. I wish I could also be an instrument to help another person. Helping others actually is more like helping ourselves. It gives us a positive feeling. It does not also mean that helping others only means giving material things. Sometimes people just need someone who will listen to them, give them words of encouragement, or sometimes just by staying beside them and not leaving them in their times of distress means a lot. Having a shoulder to lean on and ears that are ready to listen to you anytime makes all the difference. This world really needs songs like these that will always remind us to have faith in humanity. I hope I can watch a Barry Manilow live concert in the future, but as of now, I have to be contented watching him on TV or via the internet.

Which of the following is your favorite Barry Manilow's song?

I have given you my favorite song by Barry Manilow. Can you tell me which one is yours among those listed below?

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If you have a favorite Barry Manilow’s song that was not on the list above, feel free to tell me. If not, you can just leave a message for me to know that you’ve seen this page.


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