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My Favourite Malaysian Songs

Updated on March 1, 2011

A Malaysian Songs Lens

Just want to share the current Malaysia songs favourite with the rest of the world. As the majority of the population is Malay (around 50%), most of the songs here will be in Malay. We have of course Malaysian singing in English as well as renown Malaysian overseas such as Zee Avi. I am using this lens to showcase the current favourite as well as golden oldies - songs that stuck in my mind. Hope you'll enjoy it as well.

Kalau Berpacaran by Suhaimi Meor Hassan, Ana Raffali & Altimet

As of today, 1st March 2011 .. this song tops the charts.. an amalgamation of the older generation singer, Suhaimi Meor Hassan (an artist form the 80s.. hibernating for overseas study.. working in the defence industry before becoming a CEO in his own company) and two new artist Ana Rafali and Altimet. This song is actually a song advising couple to behave during relationship in view of the increasing baby dumping cases due to close proximity of usually Malay couples. Quite catchy beat :)

Dendang Perantau by P.Ramlee

P.Ramlee was Malaysian greatest artist of all time.. an actor, a singer, a film producer, a composer, a musician, a scriptwriter, a director.. he was the genius of Malaysian artist. He died nearly three decades ago but his legacy still lives on. His movies are on every week as well as his song.

I choose this song as it is a must song for all Malaysian. This is actually a song for the Eid Celebration when the Muslims celebrated the closing of their month long Ramadhan, the fasting month.

Dendang Perantau or Lament of the Traveller is actually about somebody unable to come back to the family during Eid. Hehehe a special song for me which brought tears to my eyes when I were unable to come back for Eid when I pursured my study in Australia in 1995/96. A very special song to all Malaysian.

Isabella by Search

In the early 90s when the Rock fever gripped the whole of Malaysia and the rest of the world, Search ruled the Malaysian rock scene. This song is an evelasting classic Malaysian's slow rock and still on air.

Isabella refers to the name of a woman - the song was about her sad love story. Really reminded me of my teen years :)

Salam Terakhir by Sudirman

Sudirman was also one of Malaysian powerful artist. An artist, a cartoonist and a lawyer to boot. Salam Terakhir or the Last Goodbye is a very poignant song which featured him singing his last goodbye to his fans. A while afterwards he was struck by a mysterious disease as died soon afterwards. I really love Sudirman during my childhood years.

Mona Fendy's Ratapan Anak

Please don't listen to her - she was a terrible singer.

But the artist, Mona Fendy was an imfamous Malaysian witch doctor which had murdered a Malaysian politician and cut his body into 13 pieces. This song was of course recorded before she did the deed. She had since been hanged for the murder along with two accomplice.

Cindai by Siti Nurhaliza

Siti Norhaliza, the singer burst into Malaysian music scene as a pop princess and now grow into a pop diva. She is lovely in every genre of song she sang be it ballad, pop etc. Here, I'm showcasing her singing a traditional Malaysian song - Cindai, is actually a type of traditional cloth. Traditional Malay song is known to be quite difficult to sing due to the lenggok or tune of the singer need to rise and lower. As she nails this, other type of song is a breeze.

Siti Norhaliza does Malaysia proud :)

Kantoi by Zee Avi

Zee Avi is a Malaysian artist discovered by You Tube whch propel her into the international market. I love this simple song Kantoi or caught with it Manglish (Malaysian English) ditty. Go Zee Avi!

Pergi Tak Kembali by Rabbani

This is one of Malaysian nasyid group or Islamic singing group. This song Pergi Tak Kembali or Gone Without Returning is actually to remind people of their death - leaving love ones, money and all worldly goods into the afterlife and you fate is determine on whatyou did on earth, which will determine where you'll be in the afterlife - hell or heaven. You will also see how the Muslim are buried after death.

Very nice message on a very nice song.

The lead singer, Ustaz Asri has since passed on. A very nice man. Al Fatihah.. may he resides in heaven. Aminnn..

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