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My First KISS Concert

Updated on October 31, 2012

Yes, My First

You would think that with all the years that KISS has been around, I would've caught them at one time or another. Not the case. I think I missed all the early years because I wasn't with anyone that was a fan, or I couldn't afford the ticket prices. Hard to believe that I had to wait more than 40 years for my first KISS concert, but I think it was worth the wait.

Photo">KISS -Paul Stanley


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My husband has been going on and on about how good a KISS show is for years, so I was expecting something spectacular. I got everything I thought I was going to get, and then some.

If you've ever been to a KISS show you know that the show is full of theatrics and pyro. I wasn't sure what I was going to get when the show opened, but it starts with all the guys coming from the ceiling. They opened with something off of Sonic Boom. I honestly can't remember all the songs they did. Since I had never seen them before, most of the show is a blur in my head. I remember lots of pyrotechnics, some scathing guitar solos, and some pretty decent drumming.

The did old favorites as well as newer stuff. I remember them doing Beth, Black Diamond, Cold Gin, Calling Dr. Love, Love Gun, and Shout It Out Loud for sure. There was always something either going up to the rafters or coming down from the rafters. I was awestruck!

A high point for me was Paul Stanley jumping on a harness thing and floating over the top of the audience to a smaller stage at the back of the floor seats. The band was doing I Was Made For Loving You while he was there.

Gene still spits blood and blows fire, Paul still does his little dance with the rear end wiggle, and except for a couple of high notes that Paul really couldn't hit anymore, the show was just as mesmerizing for me as it was for my 6 year old son. I'm sure my face must have looked just like his during the show.

The Photos I Took

Click thumbnail to view full-size
My son with his face paint.  He chose the character he was going to be.Stage show.More of the stage show.Awesome light show.Paul floating across the audience to a smaller stage.Paul on the mini stage.Another shot of Paul on the mini stage.This face says it all!
My son with his face paint.  He chose the character he was going to be.
My son with his face paint. He chose the character he was going to be.
Stage show.
Stage show.
More of the stage show.
More of the stage show.
Awesome light show.
Awesome light show.
Paul floating across the audience to a smaller stage.
Paul floating across the audience to a smaller stage.
Paul on the mini stage.
Paul on the mini stage.
Another shot of Paul on the mini stage.
Another shot of Paul on the mini stage.
This face says it all!
This face says it all!

You Know They're Here

How Old Were You?

How Old Were You The First Time You Saw KISS?

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    • WindyWintersHubs profile image


      6 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      Congrats on your Purple Star! I really didn't know who KISS was until I started watching Gene Simmon's reality show. I have heard a few of their songs but I never made a connection to who the rock group was until then.

    • Ashly Rain profile image

      Ashly Rain 

      8 years ago

      Love it! My first KISS concert was the Lick It Up Tour - "unmasked". Accept opened up for them. Was a blast. I've been looking through your lenses and am enjoying them thoroughly!

    • LoKackl profile image


      8 years ago

      Sounds and looks wonderful. Wish I were there. S/A Blessed!

    • drifter0658 lm profile image

      drifter0658 lm 

      8 years ago

      First off...I have missed you :) Secondly, unlike you, I saw KISS on their Alive tour...and then twice in two nights on the Destroyer tour (both tours were actually one long road trip for the band)

      I promise I won't be a stranger...


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