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I Want This Guns and Roses Drum Set

Updated on January 23, 2015

#3 Is A Favorite No Doubt

Yep. some great hits.
Yep. some great hits. | Source


I do believe at this time in my life this is as close as I will get to having my own drum set. Especially getting a Guns and Roses Drum set. Even if it is a tiny little replica. Makes it easier to contain all the memories, cause I can surely take it with me on the road.

Maybe that is the answer to cleaning up my cluttered life. Buy everything in mini size like this. Then I can have my special collections and memories of things I like without having to build a new house. Or clean up a room with enough space to put a real drum set in.

Oh, but I would really love that. Would that motivate me enough to actually put a new roof on that room? Finish the windows? Would have to make it soundproof. Don't have neighbors that close, but close enough, hearing me bang on the drums all day might bring more than just squirrels and racoons watching me play.

Now why did I pick Guns and Roses you say? Well, a couple of their old songs I heard the other day. Reminded me why I like them so much. The irony of it I say to those who wonder how I could ever like such heavy metal rock and roll.

Listening to the words, that's how. Listening to the way they say it, play it. What the meanings of the words mean to me personally. And when your a kid and fall in love with the drums, and want to play them everywhere and listen to every good drummer to learn how to do it, well, two of their songs complete the song for me.

Which ones? You tell me. I am sure on at least one we will both agree.

Running Out of Patience

Enjoying myself so much watching their MTV video from 1988 that I am going to go find all my Guns and Roses CD's and load them on my iTunes.

Goodnight. Hope you enjoyed the show.

Musical Dreams Coming Alive

"I've been walkin the streets at night, trying to get it right." Favorite Song, favorite line. Helped me once again, decide, find my place. Patience is worth it, in the long run, thanks G&R.

When we listen to this old rock and roll music from back in the day we can feel our bodies start to laugh. Why is that? Our heavier, wrinkled, slow moving bodies try to convince us, oh girl, come on now, aren't you too old for that?

Never, as we turn the stereo up louder and pump up the bass. It soothes us to the core, either by their words or the beat or just the way it makes us tap our feet. Don't scorn us now. We are returning to our youthfulness in our old age. It has been predicted that way throughout history. We are born helpless little babes, we grow and take on life and live it to the fullest, providing for our families, communities and mother earth.

Now it is time to finish the final round of the circle, taking care of us, while our physical bodies can still get out of bed and get behind the wheel and drive that RV to whatever concert we want, living off our retirement.

Playing In The Rain

Good advice to never give up on ourselves,
Good advice to never give up on ourselves, | Source

Adding To My Music Memory Collection

Some to play with traveling down the road.
Some to play with traveling down the road. | Source

Do I Dare Say Soul Music?

Yes, the softer side. That is the irony I mentioned. Screaming rock and roll then, this soft heart. That is what music is to me, emotion releasing. The Greatest Hits CD that I am listening to right now never fails to take me to those special places where I first decided, I love this song and what it means to me this time in my life.

Go Ahead and Have Fun

Cyborgs and all that jazz. Funny sometimes what a song means when ya hear it, then when ya see it in a movie like this. Compelling us to travel coast to coast listening to bands in live concerts is still a dream that could be realized. Yeah right, If we were 20 again. Who says? We are much closer now to that retirement gate why not enjoy a perfect date hobbling along with our canes with our hearing aids turned up, parked up nice and close to the speakers blasting out that awesome drum roll from the past?

© 2013 MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose


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  • MJ Martin profile image

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 4 years ago from Washington State

    @SusanDeppner: Thanks Susan52

  • SusanDeppner profile image

    Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

    Owning a small replica is a very cool idea! Hope you get it!