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My Pet Peeves

Updated on June 29, 2014

My Pet Peeves - I Have A List As Long As My Arm

I have list of My Pet Peeves that is as long as your arm. It has grown over the years as I have found a lot of things that irritate and annoy me. I thought that I would share them here so you could see if you also get irritated by the same things that I do.

So what is a Pet Peeve anyway?

My Pet Peeves are those little things in life that really annoy or frustrate you. It can be things that aren't designed or made correctly, or things that people do that just frustrate the heck out of you. So what drives you crazy?

Cell phone users are one of the biggest pet peeves that many people have these days. So many people are either loud and rude on their cell phones in public, or use them while driving. And why do some people insist on trying to eat a meal on a plate with a fork while driving too! The world is going crazy - and it's driving the rest of us crazy at the same time.

Driving! Now that's another Pet Peeve! There are so many bad drivers around. We have all seen them, maybe even been one at some point...

How about benefit scroungers? We all love to hate those people who choose to live off the state rather than work for a living (as distinct to those who are unemployed for no fault of their own).

To let people know your Pet Peeves, just add to the list further down the page. As well as adding your Pet Peeves, be sure to vote for the most annoying things on the list. And tell your friends if you like this page too so that they can add their's to the list.

So go on, tell us what gets on your goat. It can be something serious, or something really funny. We could all do with some more laughter, so please add your Pet Peeve to the list.

The "Pet Peeves In Squidville" image is one of many wonderful Squidville images from talented lensmaster Steve Thompson and is used under a Collective Commons License.

My Personal Pet Peeves

Ok, so what really truly annoys and frustrates me so much that I have to get on my soapbox and shout about it....

These are in no particular order, just the order that I thought of them in....

People who drive using their cell phones and are oblivious to the traffic around them. If they are not wavering out of their lane, they are driving so slow compared to the traffic in front, that cars are forced to go around them in order to catch up.

People who talk during Movies or Concerts. This really gets to me, especially at a concert, where they should be paying attention to the artist who is performing. I went to one concert last year and had 4 people in the row in front who did nothing but yap yap yap solidly through the whole performance. They weren't even watching the performer. It was so annoying.

On the subject of Squidoo, lenses that are just a list of links and nothing more. There are so many opportunities to create good lenses, that it saddens me to find those that are nothing more than a 3 line introduction and hundreds of eBay and Amazon links, and dozens of Flickr images. Such a shame, especially if it's supposed to be a tribute lens, in which case there is so much background to write about.

Drivers who don't indicate properly. This really gets to me. Only last night I was going to pull out of a side road and there was a truck coming towards me but indicating that he was going to turn into my road. Good job I didn't pull out, because he just kept on driving straight and would have gone straight into me. Conversely I get mad at those drivers who feel it necessary to indicate when and only when they have already begun to turn. I'm sorry but what's the point of doing it then?

People Who Park Crooked. Oh yes - you know who you are... So you drive up to park, it's a busy day, few free spaces, and there is this car parked almost diagonally across 2 spaces. I feel like doing something nasty to his mirrors or putting nails under the tires... Gggrrrrhhh....

Loud Music In Restaurants. Don't you just hate it when the noise is so loud that you can't hear yourself thing, can't hear your waiter, they can't hear you, and it's impossible to have a conversation. I am one of these people who finds it hard to focus on one specific sound if there is a lot of noise, so trying to understand what a person is saying to me is almost impossible. I often end up nodding and agreeing with them, yet I have no clue what they are talking about. Occasionally I get caught out when I realise they were asking me a question...

People Who Drive Without Their Lights On when it's raining heavily or foggy. Yes I know having your lights on doesn't help you see any better, but wouldn't you feel safer knowing that other drivers can at least see you? It's illegal in the UK to drive in bad weather without your lights on, but certainly many people in the USA, especially in South Florida don't seem to care. They must be some of the worst drivers I have seen anywhere.

People Who Leave Unrelevant Links On Guestbooks. A guestbook is for leaving comments related to a lens or any other web page. It really winds me up to see postings from people who do nothing more than leave a list of links in the guestbook to promote their own pages. It's tacky, trashy and just plain bad. I have all my guestbooks set to remove HTML, plus all comments are set to require approval. I love comments, but don't leave unrelated spam or you will get banned.

Well those are some of the things that really get my goat. I'm not really an angry young man (or old man), but sometimes, you know, things happen that just make you want to wring someone's neck...

But so far today is a good day :)

How To Irritate People - This is a great Monty Python clip, absolutely hilarious.

Movies About Annoying People - Nobody likes annoying people, but when they make a story about annoying people into a movie, it very often becomes a classic. Her

Do Grievances Make People Violent? - Do people who get on your nerves make you want to fly off into a rage?

Do you think that those repetitive things that really annoy us are a factor in some people being violent? For example seeing the same commercial every 5 minutes during a football game, or people abusing the lanes in traffic at the same spot every day. Let's have your view on things...

Do Pet Peeves Add To Instances Of Violence?

Definitely! Some Things Would Make A Saint Violent.

Definitely! Some Things Would Make A Saint Violent.

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    • Sharon Bellissimo 3 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Possibly, and especially the driving pet peeves which can lead to road rage!

    • Tony Payne 4 years ago from Southampton, UK

      @BigRedDomino: My wife gets mad at me when she is watching television and I need to talk to her.

    • BigRedDomino 4 years ago

      I tend to feel more aggressive when the TV is blaring and my husband is trying to talk to me. Makes me want to inflict violence on the television.

    • teach 4 years ago

      Oh, I'm sure they add up over time...our society tends to be not very tolerant of others at times...

    • XpectMore 4 years ago

      OMGosh Yes.

    • TheChefsWife 4 years ago

      In this age, I would say yes. Doesn't seem to take much to push some people's last button... sad, but true.

    • Jen withFlash 4 years ago

      One little thing might not make someoone violent but a series could definitely trigger someone to flip out.

    • PennyHowe 5 years ago

      I am sad to say that I do agree. I think there are just some people who have short fuses and Pet Peeves really bother them. They should probably meditate or take a pill or see a doctor, but until they fix it, they are reality.

    • FashionMommy 5 years ago

      Yes they do especially if the person is having a bad day.

    • Heidi Vincent 5 years ago from GRENADA

      I can really see how pet peeves lead to instances of violence. I was only going through the pet peeves above and getting annoyed. See what i mean:)

    • spellbindingsis 5 years ago


    • JGracey 5 years ago

      I don't think something like that would make a person suddenly violent unless there were other mitigating factors - like they already have a tendency towards violence, or they've been dealing with a long-time stress that's taken them to the breaking but.

      The two choices ... don't leave a lot of room. Neither fit my opinion.

    • priscillab 5 years ago

      Sometimes...if you are having a bad day and you run into too many people who are pushing your buttons, well, who knows what could happen.

    • Pookibum 5 years ago

      I think that sometimes its the small things that can really be too much. With an obvious issue it is easier to address it or ignore it however, the last pet peeve just ads to that little build up of things that bothered you that day and can shock you out of nowhere.

    • bofirebear 5 years ago

      There is the old saying, "The straw that broke the camels back." You never know when one small thing added on everything else is enough to set someone off.

    • capturedbykc 5 years ago

      I believe so... especially if it is something that someone asks another repetitively not to do. Everyone has a threshold or a limit to how much of anything they can take, and no one stated that the violence had to be physical.

    • Aquavel 5 years ago

      Definitely! My husband, who is generally a patient person, becomes so angry when another car cuts him off that I'm scared he'll have an accident. His family is afraid to drive with him for the same reason. I have my own issues too but if I told you I would have to kill you. LOL

    • Didijudy 5 years ago from Canada

      I think so. Pet Peeves can trigger lots of anger which can result in violence; all depending how the person can control their anger.

    • lensesbyjames 5 years ago

      They could just depends how irritated a person can get.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      One never know what may set someone off...a pet peeve could do it for someone at the wrong moment.

    Of Course Not, Some People Are Naturally Violent

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      • Pat Goltz 4 years ago

        People are responsible for their own actions. They shouldn't blame the pet peeve. If I'm annoyed, it causes stress, but not much I can do about that except endure.

      • Peter Messerschmidt 4 years ago from Port Townsend, WA, USA

        No, I don't really get violent about it... I just shrug and let people go about their business.

      • JamesThomasCalho 4 years ago

        No. Two people can experience the same annoyance and respond in different ways. Violence Is a choice a person make largely based in their life experience.

      • stevel58 4 years ago

        Do we get less tolerant as we age or just plain old grumpy.

        If you've not got the right change don't get on the bus.

      • Tolovaj Publishing House 5 years ago from Ljubljana

        We are all violent by our nature, we just have different thresholds. Even people who could not make a violent move will eventually focus violence - on themselves.

      • Kathleen Hiler 5 years ago from Mountain Home

        Praying a blessing for them instead of cursing them..or grumbling helps a great deal.

      • BestRatedStuff 5 years ago

        I sure hope most of use can deal with our pet peeves without getting violent

      • June Campbell 5 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

        Pet peeves create anger but maturity means knowing how to handle anger in a non-violent manner.

      • WaynesWorld LM 5 years ago

        But if you know what's good for you...

      • lilymom24 5 years ago

        I think it depends on the individual and what their personal thresh hold for handling annoyance and frustration is.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        People that get Violent because they feel peeved are generally not very well people, I think at some stage of our lives we have all annoyed someone to some degree

      • getmoreinfo 5 years ago

        Well I would have to say that it is not WHAT happens to you it is HOW you respond to it that makes the difference if it has any power over you. I forget what book I read but it basically said that if a person, place or thing is able to get you mad, upset, or angry then whatever it is has won.

        I guess it is our responsibility to not let these annoyances affect us to the point of violence, because that type of reaction will not solve anything, it will only make matters worse and the ironic thing is that the very thing that annoyed you in the first place will continue despite how we feel about it.

      • Jen 5 years ago from Canada

        I think if you are already having a bad day a pet peeve can make it worse and promote violence in people who are predisposed that way.

      • gypsyman27 lm 5 years ago

        I tend to try to stay away from violence, but once someone has annoyed me I can be really harsh with my words. I know how to hurt people with words. I think that some of us are given to violence, and indeed things like a repetitive commercial may send some into the realm of actual violence. Who knows? See you around the galaxy...

      • allialso 5 years ago

        Violent people will look for any excuse to vent.

      • SaraLynn LM 5 years ago

        I am not the violent type.. but I have seen other people get violent and nasty. I usually do have to speak up and say something. I am always telling kids in restaurants that it is not a day care center and to go sit down. I think that may be my number one pet peeve.

      • mukeshdaji 6 years ago

        A pet peeve standing alone is highly unlikely to turn a sane person into an insane person, with that said, I think most certainly it could take an insane person or one predisposed to acting out in an aggressive manner to react to a pet peeve in an irrational manner.

      • fluffyclouds 6 years ago

        We can be influenced, but ultimately, we choose our actions.

      • Kandy O 6 years ago

        They add to violence, yes. But they do not MAKE people violent.

      • writerkath 6 years ago

        As annoying as the peeve and person doing the "peeving" may be, I can just brush it off. Naturally, there are some people who are just born angry and could find any excuse for violence.

      The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm: A Lexicon for Those of Us Who Are Better and Smarter Than the Rest of YouCHECK PRICE

      Ten Pet Peeves That Dogs Have About Humans

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      3) Taking me for a walk, then not letting me check stuff out. Exactly whose walk is this anyway?

      4) Any good that involves balancing food on my nose, stop it!

      5) Any haircut that involves bows or ribbons. Now you know why we chew your stuff up when you're not home.

      6) The sleight of hand, fake fetch throw. You fooled a dog! Whooooooooo Hoooooooooo - what a proud moment for the top of the food chain.

      7) Taking me to the vet for 'the big snip', then acting surprised when I freak out every time we go back!

      8) Getting upset when I sniff the crotches of your guests. Sorry, but I haven't quite mastered that handshake thing yet.

      9) Dog sweaters. Hello??? Have you noticed the fur??

      10) How you act disgusted when I lick myself. Look, we both know the truth... You're just jealous.

      Now lay off me on some of these things. We both know who's boss here! You don't see me picking up your poop do you?

      Thanks very much to Pennybuckets for sending this to me.

      Really Irritating People - I Wish To Report A Burglary - One Of Those Classic Monty Python Sketches

      People Who Use Cell Phones While Driving

      If you want to use your phone while driving get a hands free phone

      This is a pet peeve of mine, but mostly if the driver is a bad one and oblivious to the world around them.

      I know that it is dangerous to drive while on the phone, especially if you are holding the phone, and I do admit to driving a lot these days while being on the phone, which is legal in Florida as it is in much of the USA. However I do drive an automatic - if I needed to constantly use my hand to change gear, I would not be wanting to hold the phone.

      I wouldn't mind at all if they made it illegal to hold your phone while driving, but I do definitely think people need to be able to communicate while they are on the move, and there is no reason these days why anyone cannot use a headset or other hands free device. Most phones these days include Bluetooth, so you don't even need to attach a cable to the phone to make calls. A woman can leave the phone in her purse, or a man the phone on his belt and still make calls. In addition many phones allow voice dialling, so you don't even need to use the phone to dial.

      Rakuten Shopping (used to be is a great place to buy cell phone and computer accessories at great prices. I have used them a lot and highly recommend them for items such as hands free phone accessories.

      One big NO NO though is texting while driving. Are you crazy? Just how you think you can read text messages at the same time as keeping your eyes on the road, or even worse typing while driving... Some people are just waiting for accidents to happen...

      Bluetooth Hands Free Accessories - If you must use your phone while you are driving, use it with a Bluetooth hands-free headset so you can keep both hands on th

      If you are one of those people mentioned above who holds the phone while driving, just consider how much safer it would be if you used a headset. Not just while driving, you will find a Bluetooth headset handy in all sorts of situations.

      Here are a few products that might come in handy.

      Top Ten Hates Of UK Motorists - As Published In The Bournemouth Echo

      A new survery by engine oil manufacturer Castrol, as reported in the Bournemouth Echo, shows that the most hated traits among UK motorists are Lane Hogging and Tailgating.

      Here is the full list. I think that most of us can identify with these pet hates on the road.

      1. Lane-hogging/middle lane slow driving
      2. Tailgating
      3. Changing lanes without indicating
      4. Erratic or unnecessary braking
      5. Talking on a mobile phone without hands-free
      6. Cutting across lanes due to lack of preparation for junction
      7. Drivers not letting you join the motorway from the slip road
      8. Rubbernecking
      9. Undertaking
      10. Vehicles weaving in and out of slow-moving traffic

      Publicly Funded Modern "Art"

      A rant by Darren Koobs on how public money is spent on the arts

      This article was originally published on Associated Content from Yahoo!

      I went on a field trip once to see a modern art exhibit. It was in a museum that displayed publicly funded work of people with names like Bartholomew Filbert Howlysmurf III.

      I commented that one modern art entry didn't resemble anything at all. A girl standing next to me said, "You're not supposed to see it for what it is. Feel what it means; let it speak to you."

      After a few moments of staring at this thing, I grinned and said, "Wow! It's speaking to me!"

      "What's it saying?" she asked excitedly.

      "It's saying, 'Help me! I'm a metal pile of crap!'"

      She didn't laugh.

      But really, what are they thinking at the National Endowment for the Arts? They support publicly funded creations that back ends of cows can create. And although I'm not a modern art expert, I do know about cow leavings. Having worked in a dairy farm I know more about manure than anyone would want to. And seeing hundreds of millions of dollars spent on essentially the same thing is puzzling. If what the NEA finances truly is art, then I fertilized acres of farmland with modern art publicly funded by cows

      But this isn't what bothers me, as troubling as it is. What's upsetting is that for decades we have been downsizing art education in our schools. Many districts have removed whole arts departments while publicly funded modern art continues to publicly poop in cities across America.

      If the NEA chooses to keep the equivalent of dookie publicly funded, that's ok. But it should not be funded ahead of education in the arts. First teach our children how to use the tools of art and how to express themselves through different mediums. Or at worst arts education can be publicly funded equally with the metal crap piles. At least be fair.

      Darren Koobs writes for Associated Content from Yahoo! Click on the link to read more humorous articles by this talented author.

      My Pet Peeves From Stand-Up-And-Sling

      Parents Who Give Their Children Silly Names

      Doesn't it make you both mad and sad when you hear of a parent who gave their child a ridiculous name?

      Celebrities are notorious for it... For example Bob Geldorf named his daughters Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom and Pixie. David Bowie named his son Zowie. The weird and wonderful Frank Zappa named his children Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet Rodan and Diva.

      How weird is that! But it gets even weirder...

      This is part of an article from the BBC about a recent ruling in New Zealand...

      A judge in New Zealand made a young girl a ward of court so that she could change the name she hated - Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.

      Judge Rob Murfitt said that the name embarrassed the nine-year-old and could expose her to teasing.

      He attacked a trend of giving children bizarre names, citing several examples.

      Officials had blocked Sex Fruit, Keenan Got Lucy and Yeah Detroit, he said, but Number 16 Bus Shelter, Violence and Midnight Chardonnay had been allowed.

      One mother wanted to name her child O.crnia using text language, but was later persuaded to use Oceania, he said.

      I think you will have to agree that some people have no thoughts for how their children will be treated when they grow up. If you would like to read the rest of the article, CLICK HERE

      Roundabout Challenged People

      Roundabouts are common in the UK, indeed in Europe, Australia, let's face it, in most countries in the world.

      So why is it in the USA that so many drivers are Roundabout Challenged?

      I agree that in much of the USA there aren't that many roundabouts, but here in South Florida there are quite a few, and I would say that 90% of motorists down here either ignore roundabouts completely, or drive around them the wrong way.

      There is a small roundabout close to where I work, on the junction of 3 roads. Most people approach it from the east, then turn to the left and head south. And that's exactly what they do - they don't go around the roundabout by driving to the right of it, they just turn left. And god help anyone coming out of the road on the left at the same time. At least twice I have nearly got hit doing that.

      Then, even worse, you get people coming out of the road on the north side and wanting to go south. The distance around the roundabout in either direction is the same, but do they go around it in an anti-clockwise direction? No! They drive around it as if they were driving on the left of the road.

      I have even seen the police cars down here driving the wrong way around the roundabouts - so even if you wanted to report anyone, who do you report it to?

      Just excuse me for a few minutes while I go to the soundproof padded room, scream and bang my head...

      Save Our Green Belt - Don't think about building more houses - think about how to have fewer people

      Don't Build On Our Green Belt
      Don't Build On Our Green Belt

      It really irks me when the news in the UK is filled with stories about legislation to prevent or allow new housing developments to be built on what is currently designated as "Green Belt" land.

      For those who are not aware of what a "Green Belt" is, it's areas of land around cities, towns and villages that has never been built on and that has been designated to remain so, to stop the urban sprawl that leads to settlements eventually joining up with each other.

      Lately in the UK due to a shortage of homes, there have been plans to try to build on some of England's green spaces, which would destroy forever the beautiful views and in many cases also destroy the way of life in what are currently small villages, not to mention putting a strain on the local roads.

      My Pet Peeve is that the Government can't see an alternative to building more houses in what is an already overcrowded island. Why can't they look at some way to reduce the population, by putting in some form of incentive for families to have fewer children, and to lower immigration rates.

      Right now families get benefits for every child that they have, and some who live on benefits have more children just so they can claim more money, not because they want more children, which is also wrong. Maybe I had better stop here before I REALLY get on my soapbox...

      How Do You Feel About Population Growth?

      Do you think the Governments ought to look at ways to build more housing and to keep expanding towns and villages, or do you think it's time to look at ways to prevent the population from increasing further?

      More people means more demand for housing. What should the Governments do?

      People need somewhere to live, does it matter if the countryside is built on.

      People need somewhere to live, does it matter if the countryside is built on.

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        • anonymous 5 years ago

          It would be lovely to save our planet from any further expansion, but the reality is, we can't infringe upon people's rights to procreate. One of the unique solutions, however, for dealing with overpopulation (in relation to land) that appears to be on the up-and-up, is the concept of building "up." Skyscrapers. Plus, who knows about how we'll be using "space" in the future -- and I do mean space, as in the universe.

        • Tolovaj Publishing House 5 years ago from Ljubljana

          Governments will not do anything beside their own comfort zone. It is up to people what will happen. And destroying of environment is pretty much the most dominant force in our history.

        • Kathleen Hiler 5 years ago from Mountain Home

          I agreed with all of your peeves and would add one to the list..People who talk so loud in restaurants that it interferes with your own conversation..we have to listen to all their doings..which we don't care a hoot about..But on the subject of people control..don't you think that there is a lot of that happenning already with abortion..over 54 million people have been eradicated already...yes you can tell that this idea is a peeve for me :):):)

        • BestRatedStuff 5 years ago

          This is a hard one, of course we want to sustain green areas, maybe better city management would be the better choice, but??

        • WaynesWorld LM 5 years ago

          If land is in demand the price is high, if it is not the price is low. I believe greenbelts are a good thing, it totally irks me when someone destroys decades of tree growth for a new development. What would it take to replant those trees with one of those fancy Vermeer tree shovels where someone would gladly pay for a mature tree?

        • kTerrain1 5 years ago

          I want people to live where ever they want -- as long as it's not near me.

        • lensesbyjames 5 years ago


        • Laraine Sims 5 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

          I live in a big country where there is still a lot of space. Unfortunately, the new building is being done in the towns and cities and not only spoiling scenery but also destroying farms and fruit growing orchards surrounding the area. The town wants the taxes from the homes. Farms don't pay much.

          I believe, in this area, greed plays a big part in expansion taking place where it shouldn't. I really like the fact that people are able to come here from other countries and find relative peace and happiness.

        • Thrinsdream 5 years ago


        • miaponzo 5 years ago

          Well.. unfortunately.. people need a place to live don't they? It does matter if the countryside is built on.. but??

        • anonymous 5 years ago

          I found it hard between both choices, I think that more money needs to be set aside for housing and if developed properly we can still have our parks, lakes and all of the things that make living comfortable, on the other hand I am concerned about children being born into families where they are not necessarily wanted, I think that before we become parents we should first learn how to parent properly, the thought of kids living without a decent home is something that we should think about as well

        • getmoreinfo 5 years ago

          I feel that there is plenty of land that is unused and not developed, the population is not to blame for poor city planning. Overcrowded cities are the result of developers and real estate builders being greedy.

          I wish that everyone could experience what it is like to live off the land and enjoy the scenic views of the mountains, oceans and forests. Hopefully people will wake up and see that the problem is not population growth it is poor city management.

        Enough is enough! It's time to save what little countryside we have left.

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          • BigRedDomino 4 years ago

            Norplant for people that use the system and keep having babies because they literally get paid to do so.

          • Pat Goltz 4 years ago

            But do it with deed restrictions and leave the government out of it. And don't go around killing unborn baby humans to prevent housing. Stop subsidizing people just because they ask; let charity take care of them.

          • Tony Payne 4 years ago from Southampton, UK

            @HSP Connections: I completely agree with you.

          • Peter Messerschmidt 4 years ago from Port Townsend, WA, USA

            I think the population on our planet really needs to stabilize; we keep treating "population growth" as an issue we will deal with "later," meanwhile people starve by the millions. Instead of putting 100% of our resources into "how are we going to FEED them," let's put at least part of those resources towards teaching people that having 7 kids creates a problem. We talk about "freedoms" (to procreate, for example)... but let's not lose sight of the fact that one family's "freedom" to procreate eventually impinges on another's "freedom" to have green space and enough to eat...

          • Lorelei Cohen 4 years ago from Canada

            I think the wildlife need a place to live too. Homes are getting increasingly larger and yet families are smaller. Common now - time to stop being so land greedy and share with the creatures who were here first.

          • Lori Green 5 years ago from Las Vegas

            We need to preserve.

          • Phoenix2361 5 years ago

            I don't think smaller families is the only answer. Stricter border control and deporting those who are here illegally with their families would certainly help. Not only would the need for more housing increase but also the government could save money by not paying benefits to those who have no legal right to it.

          • anonymous 5 years ago

            I agree...we should be more concerned with the population of animals decreasing and humans invading their habitat than building more homes for people. Where I live are a lot of bears but our state kills them for getting near the town, when they were merely looking for food.

          • Heidi Vincent 5 years ago from GRENADA

            Well zoning is important and as much as we like to build if we destroy too many trees to build concrete structures, we lose even more. Forests and other large green areas attract breeze or wind which keeps the place cool, rain which provide water for drinking, watering crops and other human needs. So it's up to us.

          • JGracey 5 years ago

            I think both are important. Canada has large areas of countryside, unlike the UK, but I would hate to lose it all due to housing. I'm not saying people shouldn't have kids, but ... well 19 kids one whopping lot of kids - in some small communities, that's the complement of an entire school.

            I think education on both sides of the coin is probably the best option.

          • coldsore lm 5 years ago

            Get out of the EU, stop all the open border policies with Europe which will stem the influx of their workforce flooding here, close the immigration doors and don't allow anyone into the country. Stabilise the population for 5 years and see what effect it has on the demand for housing. If it still increases, opent he doors again and find another solution

          • priscillab 5 years ago

            There needs to be more affordable housing but we also need to protect our open areas...we cannot build everywhere!

          • StrongMay 5 years ago

            It's sad to loose the nature we so need. When Urban Sprawl takes over, there is such a waste of space! Slow it down, use it more efficiently. Today's technology allows us to built up and down rather than sideways.

          • DeniseDurham2011 5 years ago

            Be responsible about our Earth & ourselves, people!

          • bofirebear 5 years ago

            It is time to get more efficient with space and start building up instead of out especially in the cities. Here in the U.S. most cities are made up mostly of single family dwellings. If they were rebuilt into multifamily dwellings that alone would stop the need of destroying more of Mother Earth.

          • Paul Goodman 5 years ago from Florida, USA

            It is peculiar for me as a Brit now living in the USA. They don't have the problems with overcrowding like the UK. I believe that the green spaces in the UK have to be kept green. It is difficult keeping the population down, however, without making the UK a really awful place to live! ;-)

          • Michey LM 5 years ago

            I think what is left of countryside is precious, and gov. better stay out of our lives... for a change

          • capturedbykc 5 years ago

            I am actually quite biased on this... there are some places in foreign parts of the world that do have laws in place to keep the population at a certain level. But for them, that means prying and tearing apart families with more children than are allowed etc. I don't believe in that either, but the world is becoming a bit over populated and more and more of the Earth is being destroyed to allot for it. Trees and forests are a natural habitat for many animals as well as a natural source of oxygen for our planet and for us... if we keep cutting away, there will be nothing left.

          • anonymous 5 years ago

            We live on a finite plant. Every major support system on our planet is under stress because of too much pollution, too much green space destruction, too much waste - - the list goes on. Unlimited population growth is an old idea that has to end.

          • Country Sunshine 5 years ago from Texas

            I live in a rural area, and I really hate seeing all the development in town. Why not just renovate the existing housing, instead of encroach on the countryside?

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            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 3 years ago from Southampton, UK

              @meggingmad: Thanks. It's good to get things off your chest sometimes.

            • meggingmad profile image

              meggingmad 3 years ago

              Excellent lens!

            • CozyKitty profile image

              CozyKitty 3 years ago

              Revisiting this great lens. Since we both share a love for funny Monty Python routines, I thought I'd mention MAD TV's "Miss Swan" as brilliantly played by Alex Borstein. You'll find a whole bunch of them on YouTube. Cheers!

            • CrossCreations profile image

              Carolan Ross 3 years ago from St. Louis, MO

              I love finding comments on my lenses here at Squidoo, still a pet peeve is a comment that simply says "Nice lens." SO "nice lens" Tony! *wink* A unique idea for a lens and very creative, thumbs UP!

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 3 years ago from Southampton, UK

              @Sojournstar Media: Will take a look. Had visitors last night so not had a chance to take a look yet.

            • Sojournstar Media profile image

              Angela Hobbs 3 years ago from The TARDIS

              @TonyPayne: I didnt try FB, but really don't care for linking my entire life to them lol, I signed up with my email addy, (same as user name)

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 3 years ago from Southampton, UK

              @Sojournstar Media: Thanks for letting me know. I will check Squidblogs logs, it's my site so handy to know if there is a problem. I haven't tried logging in via Facebook. Using email should be ok. Squidtop is old but works still, not sure if they are allowing new members.

            • Sojournstar Media profile image

              Angela Hobbs 3 years ago from The TARDIS

              Just wanted you to know several of your links below no longer work! There may be more, but I only tried these few. Also the Squidblogs and the Yuki thig, I signed up for both, but never made it into the Squidblogs because it just sent me around in circles, and the other keeps saying invalid user, even after confirming everything they ask me to. the facebook community goes nowhere.... etc. you can check the rest on your own, but just letting you know there is seriously out of date content here.

              Thank you all the same for this lens, I liked it and clicked so!


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            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 4 years ago from Southampton, UK

              @Melissa Miotke: There are a lot of bad parents around these days aren't there...

            • profile image

              Bartukas 4 years ago

              amazing lens

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 4 years ago from Southampton, UK

              @BigRedDomino: My ex-mother-in-law did that once when I was trying to do some DIY in their house and I said "damn". She went off on a right old royal rant, while I ended up humming the theme tune for the old lady with the green face from the Wizard Of Oz if you know what I mean...

            • peterb6001 profile image

              Peter Badham 4 years ago from England

              Accidentally treading on a snail bare foot always gives me the hump for a few minutes. You've made a fun page for a moody person hahahaha.

            • BigRedDomino profile image

              BigRedDomino 4 years ago

              Also: people that leave on turning signals too long (especially with on/off ramps), crooked pictures, bratty kids, having to repeat myself, Nicki Minaj, crooked rugs, unauthorized use of dumpsters, neighborhood cats that excrete upon my sidewalk,FACEBOOK. Ha,sorry! I could go on and on. As a teenager I had a "Bitch List" in which I vulgarly vented on my pet peeves.

            • BigRedDomino profile image

              BigRedDomino 4 years ago

              Highly entertaining lens-thank you! My biggest pet peeve is when people try to interfere with my freedom of speech:I will be interrupted to be told that what I'm saying is inappropriate. Example!

              Jes exclaims "Oh my gosh!"

              Mother-in-law goes into soliloquy about using The Lord's name in vain/gosh is the same as saying 'oh my God'? ? ?

              That one got the look because words...

            • BigRedDomino profile image

              BigRedDomino 4 years ago

              @peterb6001: That specific accident happened to me as a young'in and I have been terrified of slugs ever sense. I'd rather step on a snake.

            • PinkstonePictures profile image

              PinkstonePictures 4 years ago from Miami Beach, FL

              I can relate to some of these. Thanks for sharing

            • Eric Mayo profile image

              Eric Mayo 4 years ago

              People who say "Conversate"

            • mrknowitall54321 profile image

              mrknowitall54321 4 years ago

              I hate people who drive whilst on the phone!

            • Lady Lorelei profile image

              Lorelei Cohen 4 years ago from Canada

              A very happy Valentine's day Poddy. Hope all those pet peeves are staying at bay today.

            • Melissa Miotke profile image

              Melissa Miotke 4 years ago from Arizona

              I have too many pet peeves to list. People who don't RSVP, let their kids act like maniacs to other people, the list goes on and on...

            • Pat Goltz profile image

              Pat Goltz 4 years ago

              I agree totally with your pet peeve against publicly funded modern "art". If it isn't pretty, or if it doesn't move you to commit a humanitarian act, it's not art. I got some good laughs out of this. Thank you. I needed that.

            • Stuwaha profile image

              Stuwaha 4 years ago

              @TonyPayne: Don't get me started on the garbage that gets pumped though the abrasive speakers of department stores... ;)

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 4 years ago from Southampton, UK

              @Stuwaha: I have been in places like that too. Our local Asda (UK arm of Walmart) sometimes plays annoying music really loud. After a stressful day at work and with idiots blocking the aisles, that's the last thing I need to add to my headache...

            • Stuwaha profile image

              Stuwaha 4 years ago

              Highly amusing and a little bit depressing at the same time. :) Thank you.

              Example of loud music in a restaurant: I was once in a pizza express with atrocious acoustics and they got the bright idea to stick a pianist in the middle. It wasn't just loud, it was distorted and filled me with rage. Unfortunately giving the waiter an earful did nothing to improve the ambiance.

            • HSP Connections profile image

              Peter Messerschmidt 4 years ago from Port Townsend, WA, USA

              This was a really entertaining read-- thank you!

            • BritFlorida profile image

              Jackie Jackson 4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

              What you say about South Florida drivers is SO true!

            • FanfrelucheHubs profile image

              Nathalie Roy 4 years ago from France (Canadian expat)

              Cell phones and dogs are 2 big pet peeves of mine. Unfortunately it seems that stupid, impolite and uncivilized people like to own dogs...I wish they'd stick with parakeets

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 4 years ago from Southampton, UK

              @RhondaAlbom: Thanks for coming back for another look.

            • RhondaAlbom profile image

              Rhonda Albom 4 years ago from New Zealand

              This page always makes me laugh! Thanks for sharing your pet peeves. Blessed.

            • uneasywriter lm profile image

              uneasywriter lm 4 years ago

              People with a carload of kids at drivethru windows. Forever to order, forever to make the order... I think drivethru windows should have a limit 2 person per vehicle rule. Great lens!

            • profile image

              anonymous 4 years ago

              Overusing cell phones and bad grammar are my biggest pet peeves. Also, as a dog owner, I hate it when other dog owners have no control over their dogs. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

            • profile image

              anonymous 4 years ago

              wow I can agree on a log of these pet peeves

            • Gypzeerose profile image

              Rose Jones 4 years ago

              Another great humor lens, well done. Pinned on my humor board and blessed.

            • Joy Neasley profile image

              Joy Neasley 4 years ago from Nashville, TN

              My favorite pet peeve is a cute, little orange and white tabby kitty, named Peeve. She is not with us anymore, but she was adorable and her name made for many interesting conversations with guests.

            • profile image

              locknloaded 4 years ago

              Many pet peeves are related to social convention and hygiene.


              people are irritate to those people who do not brush their teeth or people who refuse to keep right when they ride escalators.(for example)

            • cgbroome profile image

              cgbroome 4 years ago

              Texting tops my list of pet peeves. I think it's one of the worst technological advancements ever invented. It has turned people into mindless, obnoxious, disrespectful zombies - not to mention that it has been the catalyst to thousands of deaths either in or by a car. I'm all for making it totally illegal. I've never texted and never will.

            • AstroGremlin profile image

              AstroGremlin 4 years ago

              Terrific lens! Just FYI, the second Monty Python video has gone away. Monty Python make the stupid things people do seem even stupider, which makes me feel that at least someone understands.

              My pet peeve is typing captchas in Squiddo. Has technology not marched beyond this? Well, captchas and people who can't drive in the first place and then decide to play with their toys behind the wheel. I find myself wishing they would have a fiery crash and then I feel bad. I really resent their parents for reproducing and then making me feel bad for wanting them to drive off the road and end their worse than worthless existences instead of killing me or another innocent driver. And then i get to thinking and I resent their idiotic grandparents. It's just horrible that I end up feeling this way about people who may have otherwise been fine people but gave rise to the menace who careens through the world mindlessly threatening all of us. Well, you did ask. Thanks for listening.

            • JenwithMisty profile image

              Jen withFlash 4 years ago

              I loved the dog list! Too funny! Nice lens!

            • Lady Lorelei profile image

              Lorelei Cohen 4 years ago from Canada

              My pet peeve today is the degree of coloring pages ever increasing here. Gosh it is becoming an epidemic.

            • profile image

              anonymous 4 years ago

              People who say they will do something at a certain time, (I will call you at 11am on Saturday), then do not do it.

            • profile image

              DMVAgent 4 years ago

              I love squids and squidoo alike. :)

            • PennyHowe profile image

              PennyHowe 5 years ago

              No wonder you won a purple star for this lens. It is amazing and from the number of comments, obviously a very popular topic. Love the Pet Peeve toys on Amazon and Pet Peeves from the Dog's perspective. Thanks for sharing this great lens.

            • Anthony Altorenna profile image

              Anthony Altorenna 5 years ago from Connecticut

              Rudeness tops my list of pet peeves. Is it really so hard to share the world with the rest of us, and show a little common courtesy and mutual respect? And they raise their kids to be the same way (sigh)

            • Lady Lorelei profile image

              Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

              I have a brand new pet peeve that I had to include here this morning. Seeing a string of like-like-like-likes by 5 different profiles when I sign in. No comment and no indication that this is a real person. It is my new pet peeve of the day.

            • profile image

              cmadden 5 years ago

              People ordering coffee at Starbucks while maintaining a cell phone conversation - now that ticks me off! Funny lens!

            • profile image

              FashionMommy 5 years ago

              People talking at movies or concerts is at the top of my list.

            • Millionairemomma profile image

              Millionairemomma 5 years ago

              The junk lenses, with endless links are still learning experiments for the lens masters....that's what makes squidoo great, it's free and you can experiment all you want.

            • Deadicated LM profile image

              Deadicated LM 5 years ago

              Great Lens, very meaty; and yes I agree with your Squidoo Pet Peeve, there a way too many Lame Lenses out there and I really don't feel good about "Squid Liking" them (just because someone has visited your Lens/es and liked them). I've been getting selective as of late; and that's part of the reason I don't care for some of the "Squid Quests" that seem to encourage Lame Lenses, I try not to buy in. I've been on Squidoo since 2006 and only have 20 Lenses (by choice). Kudos to you!

            • squid-pinkchic18 profile image

              squid-pinkchic18 5 years ago

              Wonderful lens here! If I had time to think about it, I think I could produce a pretty length list! lol Great lens!

            • Lady Lorelei profile image

              Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

              I live at the foot of a hill and one of my pet peeves are drivers who stop at the intersection at the foot of the hill for no apparent reason. The stop sign is facing the other direction of traffic so my only conclusion is that these people are drivers who need to review their license as they don't seem to know the rules of the road. Grrr...nothing worse than starting at the foot of a hill from a dead stop. What a waste of gas.

            • Lady Lorelei profile image

              Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

              I live at the foot of a hill and one of my pet peeves are drivers who stop at the intersection at the foot of the hill for no apparent reason. The stop sign is facing the other direction of traffic so my only conclusion is that these people are drivers who need to review their license as they don't seem to know the rules of the road. Grrr...nothing worse than starting at the foot of a hill from a dead stop. What a waste of gas.

            • TolovajWordsmith profile image

              Tolovaj Publishing House 5 years ago from Ljubljana

              We all have our peeves... But we all can learn to enjoy our lives regardless of them.

            • profile image

              JGracey 5 years ago

              Enjoyed this - had a good few "snickers" along the way down some of the lists, and added one of my own peeves (though I have a lot more than one). Thanks for the laughs.

            • IMKZRNU2 profile image

              IMKZRNU2 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest

              Great lens! You got them all covered.

            • Kathleen Hiler profile image

              Kathleen Hiler 5 years ago from Mountain Home

              Covered a lot of stuff with this lens. Loud talkers in a restaurant tops my list along with the kids running around unattended.

            • BestRatedStuff profile image

              BestRatedStuff 5 years ago

              Great lens, enjoyed going through some of the most irritating peeves around. Not sure which is my biggest, but you have rounded up quite a few of my pet peeves here.

            • GOT LM profile image

              GOT LM 5 years ago

              Nice work!

            • profile image

              DecoratingMom411 5 years ago

              People driving and using their cellphones is on top of my list as well.

            • priscillab profile image

              priscillab 5 years ago

              So many of your pet peeves are MY pet peeves,LOL.

            • profile image

              StaCslns 5 years ago

              Thanks for making my morning! Great lens!!!

            • profile image

              dmcorl 5 years ago

              Thank you for adding my blog to your list. I appreciate it. I did, however, have a chuckle when I saw the security word verification. LOL...considering the topic of my pet peeve blog. hahaha

            • profile image

              grega85 5 years ago

              Nice lens :) tnx

            • profile image

              anonymous 5 years ago

              Enjoyed your Lens. It was very entertaining!! Nice to see a lighthearted Lens for a change of pace.

            • DelightfulDanie profile image

              DelightfulDanie 5 years ago

              I have so many! It most have felt good to rant about these. . .

            • Rangoon House profile image

              AJ 5 years ago from Australia

              I can relate to yours and the dog's pet peeves!

            • Totus Mundus profile image

              Totus Mundus 5 years ago

              My pet peeve is pet peeves.

            • bofirebear profile image

              bofirebear 5 years ago

              Very good list of Pet Peeves even reminded of some I had forgotten.

            • greenmind profile image

              greenmind 5 years ago

              Wow -- I honestly did not expect much from the title, but you WORKED IT. Pretty inspiring. I'm getting busy starting now...

            • profile image

              anonymous 5 years ago

              Good to learn about your pet peeves.

            • profile image

              Ladyeaglefeather 5 years ago

              Great lens

            • Michey LM profile image

              Michey LM 5 years ago

              Great lens on pet peeves Poddy, this list include a couple of mines as well.

            • capturedbykc profile image

              capturedbykc 5 years ago

              @Pam Irie: I am the same way! Ask me a stupid question, you'll receive a sarcastic stupid answer LOL

            • capturedbykc profile image

              capturedbykc 5 years ago

              Great lens! Many of my pet peeves are listed here. One of them though, I did not see and that is people using the Lord's name in vain. It bothers me because it is rude. To me, I frankly do not care if you believe in God or Jesus Christ... that is your choice, but have a bit of respect for the people around you who may. This especially erks me when it is said around elders and small children.

            • profile image

              transcriptioncity 5 years ago

              Good idea for a lens! Enjoyed it.

            • profile image

              DollarTycoon 5 years ago

              Funny but true stuff. Good Job!

            • thesuccess2 profile image

              thesuccess2 5 years ago

              sdrawkcab gnihtemos etirw ot tseuq a no m'I syddoP iH

            • Pam Irie profile image

              Pam Irie 5 years ago from Land of Aloha

              My pet peeve is stupid questions. I'm sorry, I'm sure I ask stupid questions all the time, but when someone asks me a stupid question, it peeves the heck out of me. Yes, I'm awful (but truthful). haha

            • Country-Sunshine profile image

              Country Sunshine 5 years ago from Texas

              I can certainly relate to this lens! Many of my pet peeves are listed here. You've done a really wonderful job with this! Thanks!

            • natashaely profile image

              natashaely 5 years ago

              This is such an excelelnt page and very funny in places, some people irritate me more than others, why can't they just be like me lol!

            • Close2Art LM profile image

              Close2Art LM 5 years ago

              I'm going to name my next pet, Peeves, great page!!!Blessed

            • profile image

              anonymous 5 years ago

              Returning to refresh myself on your pet peeves and have been here for like 3 days, this has sure grown and offers fun for everyone....even the dogs are getting into the act!

            • sherridan profile image

              sherridan 5 years ago

              Great lens - ever thought of taking up meditation??

            • Virginia Allain profile image

              Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

              A lot of my pet peeves involve oblivious people (on cell phones). Hey, folks, get off the phone and talk to the people you are with and interact with your child.

            • profile image

              VillaDejaBlue 5 years ago

              Nice lens.

            • LaraineRoses profile image

              Laraine Sims 5 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

              My pet peeve: While driving the speed limit, vehicles come close up behind me or I see them doing it to someone else. They want you to move over into the other lane. I usually will move over but If I am turning left soon I will not. If we ever had to stop fast, there surely would be an accident. A lot of drivers in Canada do this ... it's plain rude and dangerous to boot.

            • Commandrix profile image

              Heidi 5 years ago from Benson, IL

              Totally enjoyed your Lens. Since I spend so much time here on Squidoo, the so-called "Lensmasters" who produce nothing but subpar Lenses with loads of links is also a pet peeve for me. I like ones like this where it's obvious that you put some time and thought into it.

            • Holysheepskin LM profile image

              Holysheepskin LM 5 years ago

              How fun is this lens! My biggest pet peeve is probably when people say what? and then answer you...why do that? obviously you heard me! The other is kids with no manners!

            • favored profile image

              Fay Favored 5 years ago from USA

              P.S. You should write your book "I Only Wanted An Simple Life". It would make an interesting read. Don't give up on the idea.

            • favored profile image

              Fay Favored 5 years ago from USA

              Some of the same pet peeves. One more for me is when you are at a stop light and the car next to you has their music so loud you can hear it even with your windows closed. My husband can't stand it when a person stays out in the passing lane and doesn't move over so others can pass.

            • hlkljgk profile image

              hlkljgk 5 years ago from Western Mass

              good one. driving in the passing lane really gets my goat.

            • lilymom24 profile image

              lilymom24 5 years ago

              Good lens on pet peeves and I can relate to the cell phone pet peeve.

            • profile image

              Donnette Davis 5 years ago from South Africa

              Tickled me this did.. I have read a few really great lenses today, I'll be smiling through the day... thank you!

            • WriterJanis2 profile image

              WriterJanis2 5 years ago

              You covered some great ones here.

            • colleenw1 profile image

              colleenw1 5 years ago

              Great lens! One of my pet peeves is how some people seem to think that their turn signals on their car are just decorative accents!!!! Aaarrgghh!!!!

            • profile image

              miaponzo 5 years ago

              Cute and realistic! Blessed!

            • profile image

              miaponzo 5 years ago

              Cute and realistic! Blessed!

            • David Dove profile image

              David Dove 5 years ago

              And I thought it was just me....

            • Morgannafay profile image

              Morgannafay 5 years ago

              You had me howling with laughter when I read a dogs pet peeves! lol

              Also it seems most peoples pet peeves are the driving thing. My significant other gets most mad in the car I think. He calls the slow drivers, or drivers that take so long to clear an intersection, um thumb d*cks. HAHAHHA

            • rainydaz profile image

              rainydaz 5 years ago

              Good to know someone else shares some of my pet peeves.

            • profile image

              thebestmousetrap 5 years ago

              This was funny and I imagine over time, a long time, it may take an hour to read it all! My pet peeve is political parties playing dirty pool. I wish they would respect those of us that know what they are doing and quit catering to the petty folks that love the stuff. That would be an interesting poll

            • profile image

              NC Shepherd 5 years ago

              Wow, I agreed with a lot of those! But I think my top peeve is businesses (especially restaurants) that blast the air conditioning. If I go anywhere, I have to wear a jacket year-round. That's ridiculous!

            • audreannaga profile image

              audreannaga 5 years ago

              awesome lense... we agree on sooo much, it's almost annoying

            • whiteskyline lm profile image

              whiteskyline lm 5 years ago

              I find it interesting that this is your top lens. Then again, I was pulled in by the title through curiosity.

              I must admit, some of these gave me a little giggle, and I agree with them too.

              recently over here in the US, they tightened the reigns on cell phone usage while driving.

              I remember a tad over 10 years ago a phone in a car that wan't hooked into a wire was a pipe dream, which reminds me of Louis CK talking about people upset over a malfunction of something they didn't know existed 10 seconds ago.

              Back to the phones in cars, that should be a no brainer in my opinion.

            • jdream01 profile image

              jdream01 5 years ago

              this is definitely a great lens, have a nice day, tony

            • WebWriteGirl LM profile image

              WebWriteGirl LM 5 years ago

              I've enjoyed reading your lens! It gave me a good chuckle and I completely agree with many of your peeves. Augh, can't stand those crooked cars!

            • BLouw profile image

              Barbara Walton 5 years ago from France

              Oh goodness, I do most of these irritating things, park crooked, roundabouts, can't spell, attrocious grammar (how do you spell attrocious?), ............... Mind you, I find intolerance of my particular foibles fairly irritating. fun and very full lens, Tony.

            • profile image

              BeyondRoses 5 years ago

              Love your pet peeves. Many of them are mine as well. Lots of fun stuff ... creative YOU!

            • profile image

              anonymous 5 years ago

              I really enjoyed the lens, I am not going to say that it peeves me but I agree that a lens with know content and is just full of advertising really isn't very interesting

            • iWriteaLot profile image

              iWriteaLot 5 years ago

              I really like this lens - Monty Python rocks! I don't know the name of the module you used for listing your own pet peeves and what you say when you're peeved (Plexos??) but this is the first lens I've seen that uses those modules in a great way. Most are nothing but links but you're actually has real, live content! Kudos! Blessings

            • SoniaCarew profile image

              SoniaCarew 5 years ago

              Great lens! I recognised some of my pet peeves,..

            • TopToysForKids profile image

              TopToysForKids 5 years ago

              You need to put a warning up for no one to be drinking anything before reading! Excellent lens my friend.

            • profile image

              travelerme 5 years ago

              great thanks

            • Showpup LM profile image

              Showpup LM 5 years ago

              Some hilarious, some I relate to. :) Fun lens.

            • cwkerns lm profile image

              cwkerns lm 5 years ago

              Fantastic lens! Really enjoyed it.

            • profile image

              getmoreinfo 5 years ago

              I had to laugh about the one where you talk about celebrities who give their kids silly names, I would have to agree with you on that one, it should be against the law to name your kid illogical names. LOL

            • hotbrain profile image

              hotbrain 5 years ago from Tacoma, WA

              Wow! That's some list of pet peeves! At first I was surprised to see a lens about pet peeves rank so highly on Squidoo but once I started reading, I knew why! It's a creative lens. I like it!

            • profile image

              julieannbrady 5 years ago

              So, I'm thinking my pet peeve today would have something to do with digging up Natalie; you know? Hugs my dear ... ;) Wow, look at all those angels.

            • yourselfempowered profile image

              Odille Rault 5 years ago from Gloucester

              Enjoyed this lens so much before, I had to pop back in and bless it! :)

            • profile image

              anonymous 5 years ago

              This is a Thanksgiving Thank-You post for being such a funny and helpful lensmaster. You joined my site when I was very new to Squidoo and I really appreciated that. I enjoy your work and am grateful to know you. All the best! Darcie

            • yourselfempowered profile image

              Odille Rault 5 years ago from Gloucester

              Excellent idea for a lens - and brilliantly done! :)

            • Andy-Po profile image

              Andy 5 years ago from London, England

              I just popped back to reread your peeves. Excellent idea for a lens. Quite therapeutic.

            • Zut Moon profile image

              Zut Moon 5 years ago

              What really ticks me is smokers who stand next to a non-smoking sign .... idiots!!!

            • profile image

              anonymous 5 years ago

              haha, love em! I've started my own blog for things just like this called The Delete List

            • mom-247 profile image

              mom-247 5 years ago

              Great lens. My pet peeves generally relate to driving. People here in Brisbane, Australia never let you in when you are trying to get onto a motorway. They make the English seem like the most courteous drivers in the world. Still, we don't have much traffic so I shouldn't complain!.

            • VarietyWriter2 profile image

              VarietyWriter2 5 years ago

              Blessed by a Squid Angel :)

            • rewards4life info profile image

              rewards4life info 5 years ago

              The older I get the more opinionated I get and I kind of like it. Not the first visit and not the last, liked your section on green belt land and with all that's going on at the minute in the UK it's very relevant. To add to your car peeves, men who drive in hats!!! If you get behind a man who drives in a hat then beware it's going to be a long day. Great work, does this count towards my anger management program?

            • profile image

              reasonablerobby 5 years ago

              I don't believe it! The times I've had a 'Victor Meldrew' moment recently. They mostly happen on the train. I-pods too loud, arrogant self important business people who use the carriage as their open plan office, and twenty something girls jabbering about social relationships and clothes....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhh!

            • marigoldina profile image

              Heather B 5 years ago

     peeves. There are just so many to choose from! I personally hate it when people turn the subject back to them when you are telling them something about you! Grr!

            • RhondaAlbom profile image

              Rhonda Albom 5 years ago from New Zealand

              I am so tempted to leave a totally lame, meaningless comment, just for fun. But than I couldn't tell you that my MIL actually told me that she was the only one in her neighborhood that understood how to use the new roundabout. She then explained it is for only one car at a time based on who arrived first. She gets so annoyed that no one else will wait their turn. Her reply to my explanation "They must do the different in NZ, here in the US it is only one car at a time." I had to bless this lens - it is awesome!

            • profile image

              Paula7928 5 years ago

              Great lens!

            • sousababy profile image

              sousababy 5 years ago

              Hilarious . . enjoyed this very much. Thanks for the laughs!

            • EMangl profile image

              EMangl 5 years ago

              you have the "typical wicked humor" that i like about monthy phyton and such

            • andreaberrios lm profile image

              andreaberrios lm 5 years ago

              The cell phones are driving me insane! I really don't like them at all and watching someone completely absorbed by their media gadgets makes me crazy. Great lens!

            • bhthanks profile image

              bhthanks 5 years ago

              It's good to know to try not to do these things that irritate people.

            • Gerald McConway profile image

              Gerald McConway 5 years ago

              Great lens and you have inspired me to create one and then email it to my girlfriend, lol!

            • cheech1981 profile image

              cheech1981 5 years ago

              my sister is a school teacher and every year without fail there are some poor kids in her class with crazy names. last year she had a kid named "daEndofThis" (really, I'm serious). I guess they were trying to say that was the last kid they'd have. there were a few others I can't remember, equally strange. she just started school this year so I'll have to ask if she got another kid named "nuestro senor jesucristo" (our lord jesus christ...yes, really) like the other year!

            • BoyScoutPopcorn profile image

              BoyScoutPopcorn 5 years ago

              My dad laughed at a lot of these and absolutely agrees with most of them.

            • rainbowruffles profile image

              rainbowruffles 5 years ago

              One of my biggest pet peeves is people who break wind in public areas. I have mostly seen it at grocery stores. Its horrible and I don't see how these people are not embarrassed when they do it.

            • auntjennie profile image

              Jen 5 years ago from Canada

              Great list of pet peeves. I really ate cell phone users who try to use their phone and drive at the same time. Where I'm from we have a law against driving while using your cell phone without a headset.

            • profile image

              pawpaw911 5 years ago

              Enjoyed the lens. Great idea.

            • KimGiancaterino profile image

              KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

              Thanks for blessing my surfer wallpaper lens. I'm having trouble posting comments on bio pages, so this is the next best thing.

            • LaraineRoses profile image

              Laraine Sims 5 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

              Dog's pet peeves .. really funny. I wonder if our dogs think that way.

            • TheHealthGuy LM profile image

              TheHealthGuy LM 5 years ago from U.S.A.

              I had a good chuckle. It is good to know that so many people are peeved by the same things as me. I can see why your lens was awarded a purple star. It is good!

            • Franksterk profile image

              Frankie Kangas 5 years ago from California

              Excellent lists. I had a real belly laugh with the dog pet peeves list. Angel blessing and bear hugs, Frankie

            • gypsyman27 lm profile image

              gypsyman27 lm 5 years ago

              I have enjoyed this page, as I usually enjoy your writing Tony. This was amusing and very true and to the point. A lot of your pet peeves are mine as well. I'll have to write some of it down, it might give you a laugh. I hope everything is good for you and yours. See you around the galaxy...

            • traveller27 profile image

              traveller27 5 years ago

              Good list - I'm sure everyone could add mre.

            • Gloriousconfusion profile image

              Diana Grant 5 years ago from United Kingdom

              Was it Freud who said that the faults we criticize in others are usually the faults we hate in ourselves?

            • brbrooks profile image

              brbrooks 5 years ago

              Loved your lens!

            • profile image

              anonymous 5 years ago

              Wow! What a long and very interesting lens! Over 100 peeves listed but I have a few I didn't see: You may add them if you wish or not. Bookmarked so I can return and liked. I'd bless it, too, if I were and angel. :D

            • llfincannon profile image

              Laura Fincannon 5 years ago from New Orleans and South Florida

              Great idea and a fun read.

            • profile image

              troyreed23 5 years ago

              I really enjoyed your lens. I have been thinking about doing a pet peeves lens myself. I can't even begin to express how peeved I am with people who bring screaming kids or babys to fine dining establishments.

            • Joan Haines profile image

              Joan Haines 5 years ago

              How fun to see those Monty Python skits! i haven't seen Monty Python in ages. (Said using my best funny voice.)

            • Sylvestermouse profile image

              Cynthia Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States

              I am visiting the entertainment neighborhood today on our "back to school" angel bus tour and I just had to stop back by and leave behind my blessing here :)

            • profile image

              GrowWear 5 years ago

              Passing through the Entertainment category for the back-to-school Angel quest. A blessing to you for Pet Peeves. Really does help to be able to laugh and commiserate about some of life's most insufferable moments.

            • Sequoia Technol profile image

              Sequoia Technol 5 years ago

              What a Giggle this lens is - I share lots of your pet peeves!

            • dahlia369 profile image

              dahlia369 5 years ago

              I try not to get irritated by things I have no control over - as much as possible. And when I get really upset about something, I usually end up laughing at myself. ~blessed~

            • profile image

              anonymous 5 years ago

              enjoyed reading your lens. lots of things also annoy me, so this was a good read.

            • profile image

              charity7 5 years ago

              I love this lens!!!! Who knew there were Pet Peeve toys? LOL One of my favorite movies was "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" with John Candy and Steve Martin when John Candy's character intrudes on Steve Martins quiet trip home. Annoying people get me.

            • Paul Ward profile image

              Paul 5 years ago from Liverpool, England

              It peeved me that this lens existed when I had the idea to do a pet peeves len :)

              Angel Blessed for sheer quality.

            • profile image

              dannystaple 5 years ago

              This one is great. Especially getting to vent some of my own pet peeves into that nice plexo list. A giggle too - and a couple of monty python vids to top it off. Brilliant.

            • sousababy profile image

              sousababy 5 years ago

              Oh my goodness . . this was hilarious. I never realized there were so many things that irritate others . Ha, oh I must try not to annoy (I promise). Great lens, seriously . . I'll be back.

              Fondly, Rose

            • justholidays profile image

              justholidays 5 years ago

              Well, the system doesn't let me vote in your lists but I'm blessing this lens anyway: too many of those things annoy me too and it's my way to agree with this lens! Excellent - probably your most excellent one!

            • profile image

              Ruthi 5 years ago

              Newly acquired pet peeve: Squidoo lens Plexo lists asking me to Log in or Sign up when I already am signed up and logged in! Great lens, Tony!

            • kismetsc profile image

              kismetsc 5 years ago

              Love these pet peeves. I think you got most of them, and it is fun to see how other people rated those things that annoy them.

            • Charmgal profile image

              Charmgal 6 years ago

              It was a fun way to spend my lunch break!

            • profile image

              TravelingRae 6 years ago

              Funny lens, thanks.

            • mgs249 profile image

              mgs249 6 years ago

              I typed a comment and entered the correct word, kept clicking on it to be sure, but still said it was invalid. This is also, a pet peeve. These words are annoying. HOpe this one makes it. and by the way, my comment before was on people who want you to talk on their cell phones - full of germs, used in bathroom, etc.

            • bikerchickie profile image

              bikerchickie 6 years ago

              People who don't indicate are definitely on my list too, but what about those people who indicate waaaay before they turn? Blinkity blinkity blink miles in advance. Really, what is the purpose of that? If I look up and you're gone, you've turned. That's plenty.


            • Morticella LM profile image

              Morticella LM 6 years ago

              This lens is now listed on squidojo please report any problem and very nice lens It deserved the purple star

            • jodijoyous profile image

              jodijoyous 6 years ago from New York

              The late William Safire (known in the US as a word expert), used to say he wanted to buy a dog and name it "Peeve," just so he could say, "This is my pet, Peeve."

            • profile image

              mukeshdaji 6 years ago

              I enjoyed this lens very much, I will come back again for sure!

            • Scarlettohairy profile image

              Peggy Hazelwood 6 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

              A very thorough list of pet peeves. People standing too close to me a big pet peeve, and people talking on cell phones while driving, and oh, don't get me started!

            • profile image

              anonymous 6 years ago

              A cool lens. Got to agree with the many commentators on the dog pet peeve list. Thanks and have a pleasant day. :)

            • profile image

              momsfunny 6 years ago

              The dogs pet peeves was really, really funny!

            • patriciapeppy profile image

              patriciapeppy 6 years ago

              great lense. one of my pet peeves is when people say they are going to do something and it never gets done until you do it yourself of course.

            • stargazer90 profile image

              stargazer90 6 years ago

              Great lens! At the top of my list are people who text when you're having a conversation with them! That truly bugs me! Not only are they being rude, they are hinting that you are not as interesting as the other person they are texting. Unless it's an emergancy, don't do it around me! lol! Dating articles say that you should never text when you're on a date, why can't this common courtesy be extended to other situations?

            • lizziehumphreys1 profile image

              lizziehumphreys1 6 years ago

              haha awesome lens! :) one of my favourites! people who can't spell or speak properly are top of my list - especially when people say or type "I should of done that" rather than "I should HAVE done that". UGH!

              and definitely my close second is parents that tell their kids off in public for absolutely EVERYTHING!

            • CruiseReady profile image

              CruiseReady 6 years ago from East Central Florida

              I agreae with the previous commenter that the dog part was really funny - and tahis is from a cat person! "Whose walk is this, anyway?" LOL

            • fluffyclouds profile image

              fluffyclouds 6 years ago

              Haha! This lens was hilarious! I don't even like dogs, but the dog pet peeve list made me crack up!! And you and I are two birds of a feather...most of my pet peeves involve BAD DRIVERS!

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 6 years ago from Southampton, UK

              @ChrisDay LM: When I worked in Indiana, one receptionist was so nasty and rude to people calling in that it deterred them. The two we have where I work now are completely the opposite. When they broadcast a message across the intercom, it's like they have been taking happy pills, it's a pleasant change in this age os robotic voices.

            • ChrisDay LM profile image

              ChrisDay LM 6 years ago

              I have to agree with you on so many of these peeves. I drive a huge mileage and so may drivers get up to some very funny tricks. However, I refuse to let them get under my skin - I have to drive my own machine safely and joining in with the roadrage thing is not safe.

              One of my pet peeves is the person answering the telephone in an empty voice saying like an automaton: "can I help you" - judging from the voice and lack of 'engagement', I reckon it's not very likely!

            • Kandy O profile image

              Kandy O 6 years ago

              Great lens! I have to admit, people have called me out on being too sensitive about people not parking between the lines given to them. I mean is it really that hard? People are allowed do-overs to get it right a second or third time. Use them! = )

            • Shoputopian profile image

              Karnel 6 years ago from Lower Mainland of BC

              I love this lens the dog pet peeves way to funny...I'll have to keep coming back, joining your fan club...

            • writerkath profile image

              writerkath 6 years ago

              I loved this lens! I've actually got tears in my eyes from those Monty Python skits. (I've also used Monty Python in a lens - it adds such cheer!). I honestly couldn't choose "just one" pet peeve on your list that aggravates me most... You did such a thorough job!

              Actually, I think that this lens is as educational as it is funny - if someone recognizes a behavior of their own on the list, it may make them think twice next time! Especially those cell-phone ones. :)

              I tried to think of a unique peeve, but you truly covered them for me! Great lens!

              :) Kath

            • profile image

              anonymous 6 years ago

              This lens made me laugh out loud, so many pet peeves that I have are here, BUT the Dogs Pet Peeves about humans is hilarious... I have to come back here when often it is a great way to keep a smile on your face and will share with friends. You are awesome! ;)

            • Lemming13 profile image

              Lemming13 6 years ago

              Odd as it may seem, this lens brought a bright spot to my day which had been blighted by street spitters, coffee shop hogging (one woman taking up four comfy seats for herself, her laptop, and her handbag and coat), loud mall music and hordes of people with poor personal hygiene. Misery loves company, they say, but I think it's just nice to know there are a lot of people who agree some behaviour is just nasty. Bless you, you peevish thing, you.

            • best-intentions profile image

              best-intentions 6 years ago

              This is exactly what I needed to read right about now! I have a few pet peeves myself...people who pace, pen clickers, televisions that are left on all the time...just for background noise, newsletters from my kid's school that are riddled with poor spelling and grammar. I am stopping myself now as I could carry on for quite some time on this topic. Anywho, thanks for the laughs!

            • Stacy Fordham profile image

              Stacy Fordham 6 years ago

              The weird kid names reminds me of something a teacher once told me. She said she had twins in her class named Orangejello and Lemonjello. Spelled like "orange jello" and "lemon jello" but pronounced oh-RON-juh-low and le-MON-juh-low. According to Snopes this is an urban legend and it may be but the teacher said it with a straight face. Great lens.

            • Sylvestermouse profile image

              Cynthia Sylvestermouse 6 years ago from United States

              Adding a blessing for luck on this St. Patrick's Day!

            • zentao profile image

              zentao 6 years ago

              Great lens, Quite funny and also very very true.

            • Philippians468 profile image

              Philippians468 6 years ago

              thank you for this delightful lens! cheers

            • MissBuffySpears profile image

              MissBuffySpears 6 years ago

              People Who Drive Without Their Lights On - I did this one within the first week of getting my license and got pulled over for it. Now I ALWAYS remember to turn my lights on when it's raining :)

            • mivvy profile image

              mivvy 6 years ago

              mine are, people stopping short at the top of escalators and people getting out their credit card or money after they hear what they have to pay in supermarkets. They could have prepared themselves by taking the card out while waiting in the queue

            • jvsper63 profile image

              jvsper63 6 years ago

              Very enjoyable lens. I have never looked up humor on Squidoo before today, And let me say. "it was worth the look" Great lens....Joni

            • profile image

              anonymous 6 years ago

              Very interesting lens! People who can't spell are at the top of my list! People who can't drive are a close second.

            • aesta1 profile image

              Mary Norton 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

              Enjoyed this lens very much.

            • aesta1 profile image

              Mary Norton 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

              Enjoyed this lens very much.

            • Violin-Student profile image

              Violin-Student 6 years ago

              Fun lens. Thanks. My pet peeve right now are pop up ads that don't let you proceed without clicking their offer. (Can you say, "Download my virus?") Control, Alt, Delete gets quite a workout from me recently!

              Have a Great Day.

              -Art Haule

            • stephenteacher profile image

              Stephen Carr 6 years ago from Corona, CA

              enjoyed the lens to be sure!

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 6 years ago from Southampton, UK

              @anonymous: Some people are very cruel with their children's names aren't they.

            • profile image

              anonymous 6 years ago

              Hey, Tony. I think I could probably write my own lens about pet peeves. We older folks get irritated easily. LOL Seriously, this is a great lens. I greatly enjoyed the weird names parents give their kids. I think one of the most outrageous I ever heard about was Bill Lear (of Lear Jet fame, of course) who named his son KING and his daughter Chanda. Talk about a nut case!

            • oneskms profile image

              oneskms 6 years ago

              Had to return Poddys - great lens

            • Brite-Ideas profile image

              Barbara Tremblay Cipak 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

              This is a top notch lens, really excellent :)


            • DogToys LM profile image

              DogToys LM 6 years ago

              Awesome lens!

            • Gripandflip profile image

              Gripandflip 6 years ago

              What a great lens. Keep it up.

            • NAIZA LM profile image

              NAIZA LM 6 years ago

              I really enjoyed re-reading it, Tony. Great to see the new pet peeves updates that is obviously annoys me too though a few of my family notice it..~Blessed by a Squid Angel..~

            • Ben Reed profile image

              Ben Reed 6 years ago

              Great Lens - love it.

            • krish218 profile image

              krish218 6 years ago

              :) so funny! loved it.

            • RhondaAlbom profile image

              Rhonda Albom 6 years ago from New Zealand

              Came back for another visit now that I have my wing. Blessed and featured on my humor angel lens.

            • ayngel boshemia profile image

              Ayngel Overson 6 years ago from Crestone, Co

              Too funny! I'd have to say my biggest pet peeve... people who say horrible things and then say "but I was just joking." Well... that and mean people in general. Mean people really do suck. Excellent lens, but as the mother of a daughter named Mystery I'm not sure if I have violated the bad names rule or not!!

            • profile image

              anonymous 6 years ago

              OMG so true I try very hard to remember that someone who is driving me insane is giving me a chance to learn patience. But there are days...g

            • profile image

              dessertlover 6 years ago

              Funny lens! I love nalts videos - good touch!

            • photofk3 profile image

              photofk3 6 years ago

              Some of the things you write about in this article are things that annoy me, too. For example, people who make phone calls while driving because it can easily cause an accident.

            • joanv334 profile image

              joanv334 6 years ago

              Thanks for sharing!

            • blessedmomto7 profile image

              blessedmomto7 6 years ago

              Great lists of pet peeves.

            • profile image

              JodiVee 6 years ago

              Pet peeve of the moment? Temporarily using someone else's computer and finding their keyboard spattered with dried grease and dirt. Yuck!


            • Othercatt profile image

              Othercatt 6 years ago

              I was at Walmart the other day and there was a kid screaming their head off the whole time. The mom just ignored it (for an entire hour!). Talk about a pet peeve!

            • profile image

              AllyVuitton 6 years ago

              There's nothing more annoying than trying to have a romantic evening out and kids running round, knocking things over! Blessed again!

            • Jack2205 profile image

              Jack2205 6 years ago

              True and funny. Blessed by a Squid Angel.

            • Blonde Blythe profile image

              Blonde Blythe 6 years ago

              Hilarious!!!!! Thanks for making my day!!!! =D

            • darciefrench lm profile image

              darciefrench lm 6 years ago

              Fun pet peeves page- thanks -:)

            • profile image

              kt_glasses 6 years ago

              really interesting lens!

            • Paul Ward profile image

              Paul 6 years ago from Liverpool, England

              I wish I hadn't found this lens - I had some great ideas for my "things that irritate me" lens and they're all here :)

            • profile image

              scar4 6 years ago

              I feel much better right now. I got up this morning with some kinda restlessness and sorrow, giving no reason. I was bitten by life.

            • profile image

              Obscure_Treasures 6 years ago

              Lovely lens.

            • mysticmama lm profile image

              Bambi Watson 6 years ago

              ~ Blessed >*

            • thesuccess2 profile image

              thesuccess2 6 years ago

              It is definitely not an advantage to be easily annoyed, popcorn eaters ruin films for me.

            • Nightowl John profile image

              Nightowl John 6 years ago

              Funny stuff! And true!!! Squid Angel blessed.

            • Nightowl John profile image

              Nightowl John 6 years ago

              Funny stuff! And true!!! Squid Angel blessed.

            • profile image

              acopson 6 years ago

              Great lens, there are a lot of these things i agree with

            • littlelu lm profile image

              littlelu lm 6 years ago

              Great lens! Loved the section on the dog's pet peeves.

            • profile image

              anonymous 6 years ago

              Good point by rwoman, did this make you feel better after you wrote about your pet peeves!? I didn't know I had so many pet peeves till I read all these and said "yeah," "oh Yeah," and "OH YEAH," guess I have to work on what I let bother me a little better.

            • rwoman profile image

              rwoman 6 years ago

              Did this make you feel better or worse about those pet peeves? Too funny!

            • Sylvestermouse profile image

              Cynthia Sylvestermouse 6 years ago from United States

              This is fabulously funny, but now that I have been reminded of a lot of my own pet peeves, I am mad! LOL What a great place to sound off! Just wonderful!

            • profile image

              julieannbrady 6 years ago

              What do I think of this lens? Ah, it is very special. What do I think of YOU? Ah, you are priceless and very special! Fa la la la la ... la la la la ... Merry Christmas my dear!

            • ramonabeckbritman profile image

              ramonabeckbritman 6 years ago

              Happy Lens! I liked it very much,, especially the Annoyed Dogs. I bet that's exatly what they think about us. LOL

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 6 years ago from Southampton, UK

              @anonymous: Those doggy pet peeves are just to believably aren't they. Pleased you enjoyed them.

            • profile image

              anonymous 6 years ago

              You just made my day! Of all the things I enjoyed in this lens, the top ten things that annoy the dog about humans has my vote for the funniest. I have tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard, because as I am reading the 10 things, I visualize the stares I get from my dogs on occasion, that given a choice I would have to refrain from interpreting for fear of being insulted. Absolutely fantastic, and so incredibly clever. Too close to the truth for comfort, I think.

            • profile image

              anonymous 6 years ago

              Definitely the cell phones and driving thing! Bad combo. =) What a fun lens!

            • ThruMyEyes LM profile image

              ThruMyEyes LM 6 years ago

              I really enjoyed this lens!! Great job and very detailed!

            • hayleylou lm profile image

              hayleylou lm 6 years ago

              This is great, thanks for the laugh :)

            • profile image

              GabrielaFargasch 6 years ago

              Great lens!!! For me, loud neighbors are my biggest pet peeve! I had to move out several times over the years because of this problem. That's one of the reasons I prefer renting over buying a house. You can always move out! Lol

            • ChemKnitsBlog2 profile image

              ChemKnitsBlog2 6 years ago

              I love the dog's pet peeves!

            • spunkyduckling profile image

              spunkyduckling 6 years ago

              Hi, i have lensrolled this lens to my army wives pet peeves QUIZ lens. I have always love this lens from the first time I came across it. Great sense of humor :)

            • profile image

              mockingbird999 6 years ago

              I have too many pet peeves. I'd probably have to do multiple lenses to cover them all.

              Nice lens.

            • Dianne Loomos profile image

              Dianne Loomos 6 years ago

              Congrats on your pretty purple star!

            • kimmie1967 profile image

              kimmie1967 6 years ago

              This is a great compilation of pet peeves. I have to say my biggest is when I am with a friend, we are having a conversation and they pick up their cell phone and make a call! I have one friend that is constantly doing this. I wanna take her phone and smash it into pieces!

            • GeoffSteen profile image

              GeoffSteen 6 years ago

              How funny! No wonder you got a purple star. I look forward to future updates...

            • delia-delia profile image

              Delia 6 years ago

              Congrats on the Purple Star! Well done lens...I had a pet peeve lens that I was working on till I saw your lens a while will go a different direction with it...

            • malloryjane profile image

              malloryjane 6 years ago

              Congrats on your purple star, well deserved! =)

            • eclecticeducati1 profile image

              eclecticeducati1 6 years ago

              Love the lens! I especially agree with the loud talking on the cell phone in public. I know I'm older (almost 40) but I just did not grow up in the cell phone generation and so I don't like that.

            • profile image

              anonymous 6 years ago

              Purple Star Award???...its about time. I have always liked this lens Tony.

              It just keeps getting better. ~ Did you get started on the tools lens yet?

            • profile image

              anonymous 6 years ago

              Had a great laugh at Python's "Burglary" sketch...been a long time! This is such a good lens, everyone can find something that drives 'em, crazy. Thanks for a brilliant idea! :-)

            • nebby profile image

              nebby 6 years ago from USA

              I think that you hit upon all my top pet peeves - especially the cell phone people. Grrrrrrr. No I don't get violent, but I can feel my blood pressure going up when I see someone texting while driving. About 2 weeks ago I saw a guy on a motorcycle texting while he was driving - sometimes I wish I was a cop.

              Great lens & congrats on the purple star :)

            • profile image

              RinchenChodron 6 years ago

              Congrats on your purple star - well done!

            • piedromolinero profile image

              piedromolinero 6 years ago

              A wonderful list and a lot to laugh about. I would say the 93 pet peeves in your list make a perfect day of living in Cyprus, especially those about driving. ;) Congrats on the purple star, well deserved.

            • profile image

              anonymous 6 years ago

              This is great! And you've covered mine in there, too. Glad I'm not the only one who wants to pull my hair out.

            • LisaAuch1 profile image

              Lisa Auch 6 years ago from Scotland

              Hehe....I loved this! Blessed by a Passing Angel

            • mariaamoroso profile image

              irenemaria 6 years ago from Sweden

              Yes, I agree with many of your pet peeves. Some are more anoining than others

            • sheriangell profile image

              sheriangell 6 years ago

              Loved my visit here. I've toyed with the thought of doing a "pet peeve" lens, but decided it would probably be the longest lens ever!

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 6 years ago from Southampton, UK

              @norma-holt: Thanks. This is a great lens, appreciate the feature.

            • norma-holt profile image

              norma-holt 6 years ago

              Certainly got a few laughs from me. I am featuring this on who, what, when, how and why?

            • Deborah Swain profile image

              Deborah Swain 6 years ago from Rome, Italy

              Loved this lens! I live in Rome, Italy where talking on your cell phone, whilst driving through a red traffic light is seen as normal!

            • JoleneBelmain profile image

              JoleneBelmain 6 years ago

              I think we have a lot of the same pet peeves lol.

            • CCGAL profile image

              CCGAL 6 years ago

              Swooping back, now that I realize I'm an angel this month, to add ***Squid Angel Blessings*** to this lens. (Still laughing as I fly away to be about my new duties.)

            • Tagsforkids profile image

              Tagsforkids 6 years ago

              Now I'm too upset to answer!! :) Nah, some funny stuff and much that I can identify with.

            • profile image

              RebeccaE 6 years ago

              this is anawesome lens gave me laughs and a bit of food for tought, since some of your petpeeves are mine as well.

            • mosaic lm profile image

              mosaic lm 6 years ago

              The dog perspective is the best. Hahahah!

            • CCGAL profile image

              CCGAL 6 years ago

              Thanks for the laughs! I very much enjoyed this tonight.

            • kateloving profile image

              Kate Loving Shenk 6 years ago from Lancaster PA

              Whereas I think pet peeves in general are a waist of time, sometimes it just feels good to express how you feel about them!

            • puzzlerpaige profile image

              puzzlerpaige 6 years ago

              It's fun to take a break and read other people's pet peeves. I loved watching the video Stand Up And Sling. His 10 were some I hadn't thought of, but agree with. A good laugh this morning.

            • JoyfulPamela2 profile image

              JoyfulPamela2 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

              As usual, you've given me some good giggles! Thanks, friend! : )

            • triathlontraini1 profile image

              triathlontraini1 6 years ago

              "That being said,....". WAY overused these days.

            • daoine lm profile image

              daoine lm 6 years ago

              Isn't it illegal to use a mobile phone while driving? It is here in Aus.

              I also get peeved by non-indicators: "I could've pulled out if I'd known you were going to turn! Now I have to wait for the cars behind you, too, who aren't turning. Grrr."

            • profile image

              SofiaMann 6 years ago

              Well, after reading this lens is less likely to be violent. Good work.

            • VarietyWriter2 profile image

              VarietyWriter2 6 years ago

              Very funny and creative lens. Blessed by a SquidAngel :)

            • profile image

              anonymous 6 years ago

              Sooooo cute :)

            • lasertek lm profile image

              lasertek lm 6 years ago

              I enjoyed this lens very much. Surprisingly, more than half of those you mentioned, annoy me as well. Great lens!

            • girlfriendfactory profile image

              girlfriendfactory 6 years ago

              So funny how similar everyone's pet peeves seem to be! I'm making a lens on the same topic, just a bit of a different angel. Great job with this!!!

            • PromptWriter profile image

              Moe Wood 7 years ago from Eastern Ontario

              Your lens made an impression so I left behind a blessing. Best wishes!

            • profile image

              marsha32 7 years ago

              Cute lens LOL great pet peeves, I have several of my own

            • profile image

              anonymous 7 years ago

              You know when summer begins in my neck of the woods when the ice cream trucks keep rolling by blasting their inane jingles. The law in NYC clearly states drivers of these vehicles must turn off the jingle when they make a stop. Apparently, they just ignore the law and frnakly the city seems reluctant to enforce the law.

            • Airinka profile image

              Airinka 7 years ago

              5 stars!

            • Lady Lorelei profile image

              Lorelei Cohen 7 years ago from Canada

              Oh I love this one! Suffering from fatigue makes my temper just a wee smidge shorter than other peoples. I can sure have a good temper tantrum when my day gets all messed up out there....thanks for a morning chuckle :)

            • Ram Ramakrishnan profile image

              Ram Ramakrishnan 7 years ago

              Very thankful we should be to those that have us peeved.

              There is a lot more to be had from it than just being aggrieved.

              Anything can be turned useful with the right frame of mind.

              This great lens is the outcome of a host of happenings unkind.


            • profile image

              anonymous 7 years ago

              My goodness...looks like a lot of people are "peeved" about something. Very funny lens!

            • greenkat lm profile image

              greenkat lm 7 years ago

              Too funny! I Lensrolled you on my Pet Peeve Site

            • profile image

              alika2010 7 years ago

              Thanks for useful information. I also guess cell phones are pet peeves.

            • RhondaAlbom profile image

              Rhonda Albom 7 years ago from New Zealand

              reading this lens on pet peeves was a great way to start the day! Thanks for the laughs!

            • Hairdresser007 profile image

              James Jordan 7 years ago from Burbank, CA

              My annoyances..... people who talk or use their phones to text at the theater, cell phone drivers. You can afford that car but you can't afford a headset? Really?? People who yell at their crying children.

            • profile image

              anonymous 7 years ago

              This has to be one of my fav lenses in Humour - SquidAngel Blessings for you!

            • jgelien profile image

              jgelien 7 years ago

              These peeves are as hilarious to read as they are irritating to experience.

              I have one. People that talk out loud to themselves at work. I have not one but two of them and it makes it very hard to concentrate. Plus the third, who sits at the other end of the office and yells at her computer.

            • religions7 profile image

              religions7 7 years ago

              Belated happy birthday: Great lens - you've been blessed by a squidoo angel :)

            • spunkyduckling profile image

              spunkyduckling 7 years ago

              Particularly like that doggy pet peeve list. Fun lens. Glad I stopped by.

            • nopantstees lm profile image

              nopantstees lm 7 years ago

              I have quite a few pet peeves. How about lenses listed in the humor section of Squidoo that are about food? That's my pet peeve, for starters. And Crocs. Great work here.

            • amandascloset0 profile image

              amandascloset0 7 years ago

              I love this lens! It's awesome! We all have things that really agitate us. Mine is feet on my couch, but we all have them. 5 stars, fav'd, fan'd

            • profile image

              anonymous 7 years ago

              People who leave spatter food in the mircowave. I hate this because of bacteria is growing in the mircowave and you heat your food with the bad bacteria.

            • Shibamom LM profile image

              Shibamom LM 7 years ago

              This is an excellent lens! I love your sense of humor and enjoyed my visit here.

            • CozyKitty profile image

              CozyKitty 7 years ago

              Great fun! Definitely a favorite, and one to come back to again and again (there sure is a lot here to get us smiling). Funny how these little annoyances really bring people together. "five and fav!"

            • quippingqueen lm profile image

              quippingqueen lm 7 years ago

              Well done! I dab you on both silly shoulders and your hiliarious head, "The Prince of Pet Peeves"!

            • kateloving profile image

              Kate Loving Shenk 7 years ago from Lancaster PA

              I hate to be a spoiler, here, (and I know you all are having fun) but look at it this way: If I allowed everything on the lists here to annoy me, I would have no peace of mind.

              Plus I would be allowing what other people do--or not do--dictate my happiness. I say Never!! to that!

              As a nurse, I trained my self to look at annoying idiosyncrasies as somehow characteristic of that person, (patient) and therefore, precious.

              Don't you want your nurse to see you that way, too?

              Sure I get annoyed. But I look at the annoyance as a signal that I am not looking at the Divine inherently there, but invisible to me.

              BTW, thought provoking lens, obviously!! High Five!!

            • five starbaby-com profile image

              five starbaby-com 8 years ago

              This is a 5 star lens! I love all the funny stuff that u share. I would love it if you reviewed/critiqed my lens, I do movie posters as invitations and announcements for births, parties... I'm a Squidoo rookie :)

            • profile image

              Tarra99 8 years ago

              So funny...I love that 10 pet peeves dogs have about humans! LOL...Thanks for visiting my "reuse toothbrushes" lens...I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

            • VladimirCat profile image

              Vladimir 8 years ago from Australia

              As long as none of your Peeves are Pets!

            • squid-janices7 profile image

              squid-janices7 8 years ago

              LOL - I needed a good laugh this morning so thank you. 5* and fav'd!

            • stephenteacher profile image

              Stephen Carr 8 years ago from Corona, CA

              We seem to agree on a lot of these! Good stuff!

            • profile image

              bluehawk 8 years ago

              Great stuff Tony! I don't agree on cell phones in cars though. Maybe if there were an IQ limit (maybe even just to drive?? :) ) but many of us can hold a conversation fine and know when it's OK to drop the phone if necessary. (concept!)

              Thanks for the mile long list! :)

              David Vondracek

            • Heather426 profile image

              Heather Burns 8 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

              Love it! I voted for a few of them....mine is people who say "You need to________________"

              No, I don't. You might want me to, or even need me to, so own it , already. I always want to say,

              " I don't need to do anything except die, when the time comes." LOL

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              Funny stuff! Thought you'd get a kick out of this:


            • Lori Lee-Ray profile image

              Lori Lee-Ray 8 years ago

              Poddy, I think you are my alter ego. We share the same peeves!! lolol great lense!

            • Davidfstillwagon profile image

              Davidfstillwagon 8 years ago

              Terrific lens and I agree with a lot of the listed pet peeves!

            • Xim LM profile image

              Xim LM 8 years ago

              People that chew with their mouths open. There's just something about the smacking sound that just drives me nuts.

            • Jen Maskill profile image

              Jen Maskill 8 years ago

              What a fab lens. Thanks I really enjoyed reading it :D

            • profile image

              robertkoger123 8 years ago

              Great work of the lensmaker

            • profile image

              RinchenChodron 8 years ago

              Great lens FIVE BIG STARS *****

            • Paula Atwell profile image

              Paula Atwell 8 years ago from Cleveland, OH

              Blessed by an Angel. :)

            • profile image

              poutine 8 years ago

              Great work with this "Pet Peeves" lens.

              I have so many pet peeves that I don't know

              where to start. I'll have to come back and

              post a few of them.

            • profile image

              Four_Eyes 8 years ago

              Hope you don't have a pet peeve about someone with four eyes looking at you.

            • Slothlover LM profile image

              Slothlover LM 8 years ago

              Really funny! 5 Stars--Great lens!

            • Slothlover LM profile image

              Slothlover LM 8 years ago

              Really funny! Great job!

            • JiaPanda profile image

              JiaPanda 8 years ago

              Great Lens! I really like this one! One of my biggest pet peeves is when people call me honey, baby, sweetie, and they are like 19 years old and don't even know me. and Okey Dokey(an old Southern saying), which maybe they don't know or maybe they do know, that it means OK idiot!

              ~Jia Panda~



            • KimGiancaterino profile image

              KimGiancaterino 8 years ago

              Hope you don't have a pet peeve about Angel Blessings, cuz you're gettin' one!

            • Snozzle profile image

              Snozzle 8 years ago

              Enjoyed the lens, certainly made me smile. I reckon my list of peeves would be a mile long too.

              Great stuff,


            • Spitfire70 profile image

              Spitfire70 8 years ago

              I just stopped by again to say hello! I just totally LOL at "thesuccess'" comment! I hate that, too!!

            • Sarunas profile image

              Sarunas 8 years ago

              Awesome lens : )

              Good job. 5 stars from me.

              Keep it up.

            • profile image

              Dr_Rozno 8 years ago

              Congratulations! This lens is featured on PR-4 main page of The Coolest Squidoo Group

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              perfect..i did one of these things that annoy me the most in an article on AC and you covered just about all of them.

            • TreasuresBrenda profile image

              Treasures By Brenda 8 years ago from Canada

              Great work here Tony. I've been before but I'm back as a brand-new SquidAngel to bless your effort.


            • K Linda profile image

              K Linda 8 years ago

              I am mostly a positive person, but sometimes we just have to vent! Having lived other places, I think we here in So. Florida are especially challenged, particularly when driving, by annoying people. My biggest pet peeve is people who barge ahead of a long line of cars at a left turn and want to get in front of you as though they just remembered they had to turn left. Grrrrrrrr!!!! Great lens! 5*

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              Just back for another titter!!

            • MikeMoore LM profile image

              MikeMoore LM 8 years ago

              Awesome lens! I enjoyed every second of reading it. It made me chuckle aloud at times, and you share many of the same peeves that I do. I'm going to lensroll this lens with my uncool-cool-people lens. They're similar in nature. Man, you did a great job. Thanks for the laugh and the read! :)

            • KimGiancaterino profile image

              KimGiancaterino 8 years ago

              This is a great place to visit when I need a laugh!

            • profile image

              itsjoanne 8 years ago

              Really good and entertaining lens. Particularly liked the ones from the dog's point of view.

            • thesuccess2 profile image

              thesuccess2 8 years ago


              I hate it when products hardly say what they are any more, you know they are covered in labels New, Fresh, Shiny, Better Value etc but you just want to know if it's shampoo and not conditioner or ketchup!

            • profile image

              COSMOSCreative 8 years ago

              Great Lens with good work. Really I like it. :-D

            • Beaman LM profile image

              Beaman LM 8 years ago

              You know a great lens when it leads the reader to waste a lot of valuable time where he could instead have been working on a lens. This is one of those great lenses, which I couldn't help clicking on left, right and even centre. 5*!

            • profile image

              jbarnhart41 8 years ago

              I have been thinking about making a pet peeves les but there is no way I could top funny! i added my #1 peeve to your list..Great job...5 *s.

            • SilvaraWilde profile image

              SilvaraWilde 8 years ago

              I agree with all the peeves, I also hate it when customers ask for advice at my work, and then spend the next ten minutes arguing with me about my suggestions!

            • CatharinaE LM profile image

              CatharinaE LM 8 years ago

              Very funny lens! 5*****! I love "From the dog's perspective", nicely done!

            • profile image

              Joan4 8 years ago

              Great way to start the day! Fun! Thank you! Junk e-mail is becoming my # 1 pet peeve as well as DM's on Twitter that just send me a link! lol oh, and comment links that have nothing to do with the subject of the lens!

            • profile image

              ThomasC 8 years ago

              Thanks for the laughs Tony! Blessed by an Angel today!


            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              awesome lens, loved it and very good with being interactive with the reader, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              This is a really great lens. Awesome idea and so much fun to read and vote.

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              The dog peeves are very funny. Excellent lens!

            • profile image

              drizzit13 8 years ago

              omg love it. i have so many pet peeves, i can't keep track of them all. one would have to be when the girls in my classes say like 50 times in 5 sentences, can't they just keep their thoughts going? anyway, great post.

              Super Tight Stuff

            • profile image

              juozapuxasz 8 years ago

              Great lens! 5*

            • profile image

              jipock 8 years ago

              Really Great Lens!!

            • EpicFarms profile image

              EpicFarms 8 years ago

              A big FAT thumbs up to you and your peeves! I would definitely add women putting on makeup and fixing their hair while driving on an Interstate (if I can finish assembling myself before I leave the house, anyone can) and people that park in handicapped spaces, jump out and RUN into the store (grrr) 5* and thanks for the lensroll :o)


            • greenerme profile image

              greenerme 8 years ago

              Great work! I have a lot of pet peeves, but this guestbook only allows 1000 characters!

            • Ramkitten2000 profile image

              Deb Kingsbury 8 years ago from Flagstaff, Arizona

              Funny, I was thinking up a list of pet peeves while exercising today. I thought of so many, I came home a did a Squidoo search to see if there were any pet peeve lenses out there (expecting there would be) and found this one. Ya had me nodding quite a bit. I do have to go back up to the list, though, and add one: people who eat raw onions and then go to the gym. Yuck! There was a girl in Jazzercise this morning whose breath nearly knocked me on my tooshie. Anyway, whenever I'm feeling cranky because someone did something on my peeve list, I'll come back here and make sure you've got it on the list. :)

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              I like what someone said about people who park their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle. I have to push the cart to the side. Sometimes, they'll say "Oh,I'm sorry" in an innocent tone (if it's a woman--a guy will want to punch me out). If you're so sorry then why do you do it?

            • CatharinaE LM profile image

              CatharinaE LM 8 years ago

              Excellent lens, I agree with most of your pet peeves. One of mine is a neighbor's dog barking the whole day or night, hate

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              I love the peeves a dog has about humans! That was hilarious! My biggest pet peeve other then motorists blocking crosswalks are the people who are in a store on their cell phone talking to someone and trying to make a purchase at the same time. That's just plain rude.

            • avocado47 profile image

              avocado47 8 years ago

              Pretty much the only thing that bugs me is people who talk too much. I think there are a lot of people out there who love to hear their own voice, and they assume I am interested in their inane banter. I'm really not as cynical or judgmental as I sound, it's just the one thing that really bugs me - but it's EVERYWHERE. UGH!!! okncalmdown

            • profile image

              CookiesAndMilk 8 years ago

              "Drivers who don't indicate properly" I long to throttle them...LoL, good lens! My pet peeves are, well, innumerable, possibly. However, one stands out so much that I...made a lens about it! I prefer to think about it as a public service announcement to the world!

              You can read it here if you'd like:


            • Spitfire70 profile image

              Spitfire70 8 years ago

              I think I love you. No, really, this is a GREAT lens!!! I am so glad I found it. I loved the pet peeve about the lenses that are only links. I hate that! Oh, I could go on forever about the other peeves, too. I favorited you, rated you 5*, I will certainly link to this lens and I will be back! Great job

            • nightbear lm profile image

              nightbear lm 8 years ago

              I work in an emergency room... when the waiting room is full of people with colds, sniffles, earaches, sorethroats, whining and sniveling, and then the patient having the heart attack comes in and the whinning patient comes up to the desk and screams at me how she has been waiting longer than him and why is he getting to go first.....I really hate that. Great lens, Tony

            • LissaKlar LM profile image

              LissaKlar LM 8 years ago

              Funny as heck...are you in standup? Missy

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              I love your lens!

            • debnet profile image

              Debbie 8 years ago from England

              Another Pet Peeve of mine is waiting... waiting for other people to make decisions that affect my life. Also, trusting someone who says they're going to do something to find they haven't bothered :(

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              I've been featuring this lens on Lensmaster Susie Lehto, that's what I think of this lens, it's on the side list of lenses in my favorites. - It was fun coming to visit it again! - I added my 2 cents... "My Pet Peeves" is a great lens!!! :)

            • carny profile image

              carny 8 years ago

              On the topic of cellphones... Personally, I don't like the fact that when you have one, people expect to reach you 12/7 and get an answer to whatever question they might have immediately. I sometimes wish to take a holiday on an uninhabited island or something along those lines :)

            • OhMe profile image

              Nancy Tate Hellams 8 years ago from Pendleton, SC

              [in reply to sittonbull] Are you talking about me! lol

            • sittonbull profile image

              sittonbull 8 years ago

              I will feign ignorance for many of my pet peeves, because any of my buddies reading this would immediately and gleefully "test my limits" on them while laughing maniacally! It is, however, fortunate that my vehicle is not equipped w/ mounted ordinance like the twin 120 mm cannons on the new Leopard 2 tanks. If so, I would be in the pen for having already eliminated from the gene pool all of those inconsiderate b...ards who fail to understand the courtesy of following the law that says, "Slower traffic keep in the right lane!" You know who you are!! It's not that hard to move over when faster traffic is using the left lane and it's just common courtesy! Of all the laws enforced on the highway, special emphasis should be placed on a "common courtesy" law!

            • funwithtrains lm profile image

              funwithtrains lm 8 years ago

              I share many of your pet peeves. One of mine: people using cell phones in the gym. It's hard enough to get motivation to be there, so I shouldn't have to listen to someone shouting on their cell phone the whole time I'm on a treadmill or while I'm trying to concentrate to lift weights (especially since it is against the gym rules).

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              This is a fun lens! I wish I didn't have pet peeves, but I have far too many.

            • profile image

              poutine 8 years ago

              I totally agree with most of your pet peeves.

              One of mine is the anchorman on TV, saying "Don't go away, we'll be right back".

              Do they really think that we sit there watching all those dumb commercials?

            • PastorKay profile image

              Pastor Kay 8 years ago

              For me, it is emails designed to cause panic, fear, or anger that are completely unfounded and easily verified at snopes...and the fact that my friends actively waste my time with it. If only everyone could check the facts before they hit forward.

            • allinfoisfree profile image

              allinfoisfree 8 years ago

              Awesome, and amen! :)

              The biggest pet peeve of all? When you're working in Microsoft Windows and another app pops up in your face and you lose your keystrokes, or you accidentally click on something and who knows what happened! And I have to stop everything and find the correct app again. This is one of those problems that Microsoft just can't seem to fix, ever, in any version. Ok, I'm done. Nope, not angry, just a little peeved. :)

            • Northernista profile image

              Northernista 8 years ago

              Hey there! Made me laugh, but I'll have to admit- people that complain are one of my pet peeves.

            • dc64 lm profile image

              dc64 lm 8 years ago

              Yeah, I totally agree with the cell phone addiction people seem to have. I don't even own one of those things, because, frankly, I hate talking on the phone and I don't want to be "on call" 24/7. I don't like the cell phone driving thing, and I hate to see a family eating out with their children, and they don't even talk to their kids, they are too busy on the phone all the time.

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              There are roundabouts in Vegas that are poorly engineered (too small). It's like the dopey road designers didn't understand the concept. The old, spacious roundabouts are safe and easy for drivers to understand. It's great to read about all the peeves I have on common with others.

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              [in reply to Margo_Arrowsmith] It's amusing to see two people (young of course) sitting together in a restaurant completely ignore each other while using the phone and texting throughout the meal.

            • Lizblueberry profile image

              Lizblueberry 8 years ago

              Your lens if really great! I guess I would be at the top of your pet peeves. My ear is glued to the cell phone.... even in the car:)

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              nice lens and awesome videos..

              keep up the good work..

            • The Eclectic Muse profile image

              The Eclectic Muse 8 years ago

              I agree with it all! Especially your personal pet peeves. On the concerts, how about those 10 foot tall people who stand the entire time? I'm guilty on the link lenses, but I'm slowly adding content...Slowly but surely.

            • aidenw profile image

              aidenw 8 years ago from USA

              Parents who give their children silly names... that's a good one. I don't like the sound of the name my parents gave me. Very few people can even pronounce it correctly. So a few years back I took the liberty of choosing a new name, Aiden. Difinitely a 5* lens.

            • oneskms profile image

              oneskms 8 years ago

              Another one (for me anyway) perhaps engulfs the wider picture of today's living or peoples attitude. Basically impatience - why can't people wait their turn, when in a queue that is what the queue is for - to simply take your turn not to try and get in front. Garage forecourts while waiting for petrol, the stupid system at mcdonalds where if you choose the wrong cashier you are there twice as long as someone who walked in 10 minutes after you, why do people always want to be in a rush !!!!!! Apologies but that's that off my chest on this Sunday morning and I can't hang about with everything to get done today (lol)

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              I hate it when I have no voice - when I know that something is wrong but the people that need to hear just can't or won't hear. It is something about democracy and UK politicians are a prime example of what makes me mad.

            • profile image

              Mayflowerblood 8 years ago

              lol this lens is very entertaning. good one Poddys

            • profile image

              seedplanter 8 years ago

              Hey soon as you calm down, you should tell us what you really think. ;-D

              Loved this lens, and my neci is tired from nodding!

            • Music-Resource profile image

              Music-Resource 8 years ago

              Hi Poddys: My Pet Peeves made me laugh and shake my head yes to almost every list item. I'm with you. Being stuck with so many egocentric idiots is a cruel sentence, true? ~Music Resource~

            • Andy-Po profile image

              Andy 8 years ago from London, England

              Great stuff (5*). Very funny.

            • papawu profile image

              papawu 8 years ago

              Great and funny lens! Lens rolling you to a couple of my lenses.

            • piedromolinero profile image

              piedromolinero 8 years ago

              A very nice lens and funny as well. And of course, there is so much truth in it. 5*

            • profile image

              real_estate_hawaii 8 years ago

              I agree cellphone is really annoying! I enjoyed reading your lens, 5* for that!

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              Ok, 15 minutes later my computer was able to download your lens, Tony! Do I have a pet peeve? Yes, I do! - On to your lens, it's doing great and I'd give you 5 more stars again, if I could. Emailed it, and lens rolled it.... Keep-up the good work!


            • Gordon N Hamilton profile image

              Gordon N Hamilton 8 years ago from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

              Can relate to most of these things, especially people using mobile phones while driving. It's been illegal for some time in the UK but it's incredible how many people one can still see doing it on a daily basis. I'm afraid, however, that I would make it a total ban - including the use of hands-free. It is still a distraction, even when the phone is not physically held.

              After all, we managed before these devices became popular...!

              Great, thought provoking lens.

            • annetteghallowe1 profile image

              annetteghallowe1 8 years ago

              Thanks for the Sunday morning chuckle! 5*

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              Just back to say thank you for featuring "Squid Etiquette", have also lensrolled.

            • profile image

              ChristiannaGarrett-Martin 8 years ago

              I have just realised to make a bit of extra cash on Squidoo, you need products! It's getting the balance right, between sales and text that counts, I should think!

              5 stars


            • profile image

              Gillie2tat 8 years ago

              What a fun lens! And so true!

            • profile image

              GrowWear 8 years ago

              Nice venting lens, Poddys. It has gotten my ire up: Will you people who pull out in front of me only to make a quick turn without using a turn signal just....STOP IT! ...:)

            • MargoPArrowsmith profile image

              MargoPArrowsmith 8 years ago

              The other day I was driving with a young colleague, she was driving and the trip was about 40 minutes each way. When the phone rang, not only did she answer it, thereby risking my life as she's driving on the highway while talking with the other hand, but carried on a conversation, laughing and joking for most of the trip! Like I wasn't there.

              Then she did the same thing on the way back!


            • VBright profile image

              VBright 8 years ago

              What a fun lens. I put my 2 cents worth in. Actually, 4 cents, because I added to 2 plexo's. I always enjoy your lenses!

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              I suppose my biggest pet peeve is 'men who are pigs'. Gentlmen are cool! I like the lens Tony, glad I stopped by...fantastic rating, too. 5*

              Got some laughs!

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 8 years ago from Southampton, UK

              I agree with that, but even more important, I like to have enough light to read the menu. When the print is too small and the background is to dark as well it's impossible for me to make out the writing.

            • Paula Atwell profile image

              Paula Atwell 8 years ago from Cleveland, OH

              One of my pet peeves is when a restaurant is too dark. I like to see my food.

            • profile image

              ThomasC 8 years ago

              I had some good laughs reading this lens! Funny what annoys some people huh! Gave it a blessing!


            • profile image

              tdove 8 years ago

              Thanks for joining G Rated Lense Factory!

            • CherylK profile image

              Cheryl Kohan 8 years ago from Minnesota

              This lens continues to amuse me, Poddys! (I just submitted a pet peeve, by the way.)

            • NAIZA LM profile image

              NAIZA LM 8 years ago

              I enjoyed reading this lens up to the last. Yeah, there are lot of annoying things to me that sometimes people not like celphone too most of the time and the weird ring tone. Haha! Fantastic lens!

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              Nice one Poddys. 5*s. Roundabouts - the most stupid thing I have ever seen on a large roundabout (and it was in Poole, which you know so well), was the person who missed their exit and then REVERSED on the roundabout to get back to the exit they wanted - think about it!

              Then there's the shop assistant. You have been queuing for 10 minutes. It gets to your turn. The phone starts ringing and they answer the blasted phone and allow the person on the phone to jump the queue! Maybe you should start a Pet Peeves group - would be great therapy for more people to do a similar lens.

            • PromptWriter profile image

              Moe Wood 8 years ago from Eastern Ontario

              I haven't been back in a while. I've added a few more above. My latest peeve is neighbours who don't have filters. That's all I'm going to say.

            • profile image

              julieannbrady 8 years ago

              Just popping in this evening to say hi! At the moment, I really hate when people get up to their elbows in nose-picking. Yech.

            • ElizabethJeanAl profile image

              ElizabethJeanAl 8 years ago

              After spending parts of my summer and every waking hour since the first of August helping open a new school, I've added a hundred items to my pet peeve list. Its been a rough haul. Reading this and flipping through one of your jokes lenses helped.



            • profile image

              poutine 8 years ago

              Fun to read about people's pet's peeves. They are all so different.

            • profile image

              inkserotica 8 years ago

              I love reading stuff like this :) The way the mind works (psychologically) fascinates me! Excellent stuff, 5 Stars x

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              Someone calling me to talk and being interrupted by five other calls they receive (never emergencies). Leaving me for a couple of minutes, or forgetting I was the one they called!!

            • billnihill profile image

              billnihill 8 years ago

              This is aggrivating, and I find it a lot: "On the subject of Squidoo, lenses that are just a list of links and nothing more...". I usually just pass these by. Nice work!

            • profile image

              CleanerLife 8 years ago

              Great Lens! Let it out!

              One thing I don't see... How about being the person talking to the person who is driving while on their cell phone? The call is so important, but they couldn't pull over and focus on the conversation?

              Worse yet... what if they are a borderline road rager, giving me rants on all the other drivers around them in-between talking to me?! ARRRRGGGHH!!!

            • The Homeopath profile image

              The Homeopath 8 years ago

              My biggest pet peeve of all time: when people are trying to park in a parking lot and will idle their car backing up traffic waiting for a spot that is only 2 or 3 spots closer than one that's open. It's like some weird game with people - "hey, I win at life if I get a good parking space". It's beyond a pet peeve even, it just cheeses me off. *I* make a point to go straight as an arrow to a farther space just to take advantage of the extra exercise opportunity.

            • RuthCoffee profile image

              RuthCoffee 8 years ago

              How can anyone who loves a child want to inflict such damage on them as to name them Fifi Trixibelle or some of those other atrocities? Uniqueness if fine but geez! I'm banking on seeing a lot of lawsuits by teens who are suing their parents over the names they were saddled with for so many years.

            • RuthCoffee profile image

              RuthCoffee 8 years ago

              One day they will crack the mystery as to how cell phones suck the common sense and courtesy out of people but until then I would be satisfied if they would pull the plug on automated call trees so that companies are forced to actually speak to you. Now where did I lay my handgun?

            • Webcodes LM profile image

              Webcodes LM 8 years ago

              Great lens 5*, my pet peeve is when people belch in front of others.

            • profile image

              anonymous 8 years ago

              I thought this was a great lens, something I can definitely identify with :)

            • rebeccahiatt profile image

              rebeccahiatt 8 years ago

              This must have been a fun and stress releiving lens to write. I loved it and participated!

            • debnet profile image

              Debbie 8 years ago from England

              One of my Pet peeves, is when someone says they're going to do something & then they don't!!! GGGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • TreasuresBrenda profile image

              Treasures By Brenda 8 years ago from Canada

              I am a calm, patient type of person but it really bothers me when people talk on their cell phones while driving. Often it is that person that is doing something dangerous or who is totally unaware of what is going on around them.


            • Lizblueberry profile image

              Lizblueberry 8 years ago

              I work retail and my pet peeve is people that walk into my store on their cell phones and ignore me. People have lost their manners. Isn't there a cell phone signal zapper??

            • profile image

              WhippetTalk 8 years ago

              The number ONE peeve of mine is the driving while on your cell phone one. I am so nervous around those people who swerve into your lane and cut you off or drive too slow because they are way to busy having a conversation instead of driving! GRRRRRRR!

            • profile image

              Colorfulscene 8 years ago

              Great lens! thanks for visiting mine.! Rolled too by the way, and faved. 5 sTar lens!

            • beeobrien lm profile image

              beeobrien lm 8 years ago

              Oh boy, don't get me started. I think maybe I need to start my own pet peeve lens. You've covered some really good ones here.

            • profile image

              enslavedbyfaeries 8 years ago

              I think this might be a great form of therapy! Everyone should make a list like this and get their frustrations out. Nicely done and very funny stuff. p.s. I think you may have been driving around on some of the same roads as my dad, sorry about that, lol.

            • profile image

              akrause2112 8 years ago

              I agree with people talking at concerts and movies. It drives me batty. Went to a concert last week with a friend and she kept wanting to talk. GRRRRR My children KNOW not to speak to me while I am trying to watch something. Fun lens! 5*****

            • Amanda Blue profile image

              Amanda Blue 8 years ago

              Another very original lens by you, Poddy (minus the s). I added owners who let their aggressive dogs roam off the leash as one of my pet peeves, and must say that people who talk too much are also high on my list (although I sometimes do that myself.) 5 whopping stars. Best to you.

            • Spook LM profile image

              Spook LM 8 years ago

              My pet peeve amongst others too numerous to mention is people who can't drive on there side of the road. Honestly believe that this causes more accidents than people in the world while they drive by, completely oblivious that they were the cause

            • Nancy S Oram profile image

              Nancy Oram 8 years ago

              Very creative lens topic. Everyone can relate. Most of mine are already here, but I hate the drug company commercials on TV.

            • profile image

              animal_lover79 9 years ago

              I can't stand rude store clerks who act like you are bothering them for buying something.

              One of my biggest pet peeves is people who don't hold the door for others. Didn't their mothers teach them manners? Great 5-star lens!

            • profile image

              ThomasC 9 years ago

              My pet peeve is people who make lists of pet peeves!

              Ok I'm joking but those words sure are good keywords to add here for ya!

              Loved your lens on pet peeves and have given you ***** and a fav! Great work!


            • profile image

              anonymous 9 years ago

              Loved it, great topic and lens! - Kathy

            • profile image

              jstonedotorg 9 years ago

              Nice lens. Thanks for the roll. I rolled back. Would be a good one for the Worst Ever Group.


            • blue22d profile image

              blue22d 9 years ago

              Poddy, thanks. I needed to see this lens. Drivers and cells phones is my big I feel like I am not the only one. Great lens.

            • Teddi14 LM profile image

              Teddi14 LM 9 years ago

              Funny! I drive in congested traffic everyday for 30 minutes with STUPID, unfocused, cigarette smoking, eating, phone talking drivers. I arrive at work stress and feeling like I am going to have a heart attack. Then I go through it all again on the drive home. I come home just bitching about the drivers. I have always joked that I am going to start to document my daily drive. Now that I am on Squidoo I can actually do it. Thanks for reminding me of that. I gave you 5 stars and favorited you.

            • profile image

              kellylowe 9 years ago

              I absolutely LOVE this lens. You hit the nail right on the head in many areas, and it is amazing that some of my pet peeves are also pet peeves of other people. I'll definitely be a frequent visitor. Fav 5 Stars

            • PromptWriter profile image

              Moe Wood 9 years ago from Eastern Ontario

              I think this lens is awesome. I can't believe how much we all have in common. So... what do people who do these things complain about I wonder. My latest peeve is those who park in front of the doors to run in when there is a parking spot 10 feet away. I also hate when people chat up the cashier when there is a huge lineup. Oh! and people who email me to tell me I misused it's/its in my email. It's an email, not a bloody essay. And they preface... I hope you don't mind. If you have to say that then you know it is going to annoy someone. Ok, I'm done.

            • PleasantValley LM profile image

              PleasantValley LM 9 years ago

              I like this lens because it is not annoying! Five stars for the unique topic.

            • hearthealth lm profile image

              hearthealth lm 9 years ago

              Wow, your stuff here can actually be great joke writing prompts, hehehe! 5 flamin' and favin', thanks for visiting me!

            • ShannonC LM profile image

              Shannon Chiarenza 9 years ago from Vancouver bc

              Yep these are my pet peeves as well...great lens :)

            • ElizabethJeanAl profile image

              ElizabethJeanAl 9 years ago

              Great lens! You have another winner.

              5 stars


            • Winter52 LM profile image

              Winter52 LM 9 years ago

              A woman pulled out in front of us yesterday... and she was on her cell phone. Definitely with you on that one... and most of the others if truth be known. Restaurants and noisy kids comes in a second... but have to admit there was a family with a two/three year old at a steak restaurant on Friday night (I was expecting the worst) and she was as good as gold and her little face could melt your heart. *****

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 9 years ago from Southampton, UK

              I think that's one reason why I created this lens, just to check if I am out there on my own (and sometimes I'm way out there...), or whether there are other people who get aggravated by the same things as I do. Seems there are - comforting isn't it...

            • chefkeem profile image

              Achim Thiemermann 9 years ago from Austin, Texas

              You got my pet peeves pretty much covered here. It feels already better knowing that I'm not alone with my complaints. Now let's make sure that all those people read this lens! *****

            • gurneywagon profile image

              gurneywagon 9 years ago

              Great sounding board! My pet peeve: people who interrupt me...I always say to them: "excuse me for talking while you were interrupting" :) I appreciate your lens and you as well for having posted a note in my guest book! Thanks :)

            • CherylK profile image

              Cheryl Kohan 9 years ago from Minnesota

              What a great idea for a lens! I agree with all your pet peeves, actually. I love children, but children who are not well-behaved and whose parents do nothing about it ranks pretty high on my list. Also, the talking loud in public on cell phones is extremely annoying.

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 9 years ago from Southampton, UK

              I mostly dislike web sites that have sound, I agree they are very annoying. My Space is like that too. If someone selects to have sound on their My Space page, it's on by default, so you have to turn it off. Click on one of their friends, visit their page, go through the whole ordeal of stopping the sound on their page, then return to the previous page and the music starts again... I just get fed up with it after a while, it drives me away...

            • profile image

              ladystrange 9 years ago

              Very clever, nice job thinking outside the box. 5 stars.A few of my pet peeves; Marketing videos, why do they have to be so boring-they oughta have toilet paper hanging out their pants or something so will pay attention, and how come every Biz Op wants you to conference call, waste your minutes and run up your phone bill, Why not a chat room? Oh yeah, those websites that actually have sound. Ill be watching TV with Family and surfin traffic exchanges, then a sudden blaring blabber mouth, Okay I am done for now.

              Oh yeah, those pink hands free sets work well, I got one for my daughter for Christmas. At first when I heard her blabbing on this thing in her room and bathroom, I thought she was going crazy or snook someone in.

            • profile image

              Artster63 9 years ago

              Right on target. My first entry on my lense and blog is about someone driving, on the phone and trying to drink some water (or at least I think it was water) all at the same time. Aarrgh.

            • profile image

              anonymous 9 years ago

              I love this page. I've added a couple of my pet peeves as well, haha!

            • av dude profile image

              av dude 9 years ago

              Some Good Ones On The List, No Doubt.

              This Lens Could Be Quite A Hit! 5*

            • ElizabethJeanAl profile image

              ElizabethJeanAl 9 years ago

              I'm with you are the cell-phone peeves. I carry a phone for emergencies, but I like being out of touch. My students have to turn off their cell-phones during school hours. You would think we were asking them to cut off their right arm!

              Great lens! *****

              Liz :)

            • TriviaChamp profile image

              TriviaChamp 9 years ago

              Great idea for a lens. I must say that my biggest peeve has to be parents that do not supervise their children when out and about.

              All the best!


            • RuthCoffee profile image

              RuthCoffee 9 years ago

              Pretty much all of the cell phone ones rank with me. Actually, all the noisy inconsiderate stuff. That pretty much covers it! Great lens idea!

            • profile image

              julieannbrady 9 years ago

              My pet peeve, at the moment: To Catch a Thief in under 40 days tells you more about it. Great lens.

            • profile image

              fledgling 9 years ago

              Great Lens! Pet Peeves? How much time do you have to listen Ha Ha! Some of mine are, trying to get a REAL person on the phone, not a computer, arrogant service providers (phone, cable etc.) who keep charging us more, and giving us less! cashiers who talk instead of getting your items scanned quickly.....

            • k8company profile image

              k8company 9 years ago

              Funny lens! I left my peeve on there too. Cell phones are the root of all evil!! :)

            • profile image

              manxsal 9 years ago

              Great idea for a lens! 5 stars :)

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 9 years ago from Southampton, UK

              I agree Tony about the cell phones. I talk on mine a lot in the USA - you still can in most places, but I think I am pretty safe - the traffic is lower than in the UK, and I drive an automatic, but still there are some idiots out there who just don't pay attention. I would be quite happy for them to make it legal only with a handset. It's not as if they are expensive. Thanks for the feedback.

            • tonyab lm profile image

              tonyab lm 9 years ago

              I left an item on the list about people who drive while holding their cell phones. Thanks for visiting my lens and for the nice comment! (I'm a Warcraft lover too.) 5 stars - I love this lens. Gives folks a chance to vent a bit.

            • TonyPayne profile image

              Tony Payne 9 years ago from Southampton, UK

              Thanks for the feedback and for adding your pet peeves. Now all we need to do is get the word out about this lens and I think it will take off of it's own accord once the list gets larger.

            • evelynsaenz1 profile image

              Evelyn Saenz 9 years ago from Royalton

              This lens is lots of fun. Thank you for giving me a chance to vent my pet peeves. Thank you for visiting It's Raining! It's Pouring!

            • jadedcreative profile image

              jadedcreative 9 years ago

              Thanks for the nice comment! I left a peeve on the list and gave you a 5 star!

            • Shellonline LM profile image

              Shellonline LM 9 years ago

              My biggest pet peeve is when people talk really loud on their cell phones right next to soft please! Geez! Drives me nuts!

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