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Mythbusters-Collection 10, reviewed

Updated on March 18, 2015

Jamie and Adam at their best! Mythbusters has a well earned title of "TV Classic", reaping millions of fans around the world, waiting to be surprised at what their next episode is going to be about, I used to be a translator for the Argentinean TV and obviously watched every single one of them, After a few seasons, they began to run short of myths to prove or bust and here's when they really got creative, fine tuning their science to the maximum. Besides their production, they have a "suggestion box" where anyone can send in their myth to be proven or busted.

Whatever they take on, they will perform in the very best science lab style, sometimes even resembling CSI testings, naturally with a hilarious outcome.

What I love most of the 'busters is when they bring in Buster for an ordeal too risky to be performed by either of them. Bustin' Buster allows them to put in an extra cuota of violence, though softened by an understanding and consoling "Ouch" when the poor doll can not be saved for the next performance. They must have blown up at least 20 Busters since they began.

The rest of the crew, Kari, Tory and Grant, have all tuned in to the same frequency as the two special effects experts, making up a really fantastic gang.

Jamie and Adam seem quite cool on stage, but I remember seeing a sort of despising look on Jamie's face that set off my internal alarm... Is it true that they don't get on well, or was he just "playing the character"?

Even if you have seen all the episodes, they are worth while watching one hundred times. A worthy 10 episodes to keep! They say good things come in small packages... well these are only ten episodes, but your video collection can not go without them.

These collections are also worth while having at home, to watch time and time again!

Photo Gallery

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Adam, special effects expert. Co-hostJamie, special effects expert, Co-hostBuster, victim of Jamie and Adam's viciousness.
Adam, special effects expert. Co-host
Adam, special effects expert. Co-host
Jamie, special effects expert, Co-host
Jamie, special effects expert, Co-host
Buster, victim of Jamie and Adam's viciousness.
Buster, victim of Jamie and Adam's viciousness.

Take a peek at the Mythbusters in action,

Whatever they do, they will have a blast... and you will have belly-bursting laugh!

More of the Mythbusters in action

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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I haven't watched Mythbusters much, but my (grown) son loves it and I'm sure I would, too - especially after reading your enthusiastic review. Thanks!