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My Top Ten Movies

Updated on September 20, 2014

My Favourite Movies of All Time

I love watching movies, either at the cinema or at home on TV. I have a huge collection of movies on VHS and now DVD and the ones I love the most are those that I can watch again and again and still be enthralled.

I guess my favourite movies are comedy movies, but I also like action, thriller, war movies and pretty much any other genre really, as long as it has something unique or unusual about it.

This lens showcases my 10 favourite movies; a difficult list to create but most of them sprung out as ones that I have watched too many times! They are in no particular order; I hope you like them as much as I do: let me know what you think in the guestbook.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a movie filled with humorous moments and lovable characters. The first time I saw this movie I watched it again almost immediately. I particularly love the way momentous events keep happening around Forrest without him really knowing it.

This movie follows the life of Forrest Gump, an intellectually challenged individual. Sitting on a bench, waiting for a bus, Forrest tells a procession of people his life story, a story in which he has an uncanny knack of being involved in historic events, earning fame for a variety of reasons and becoming a "gazillionaire" without knowing what he is doing.

This is a very touching and amusing tale and it is very funny to see all the ways in which Forrest earns fame and meets a string of Presidents.

Favourite Quotes

1. And cause I was a gazillionaire, and I liked doin it so much, I cut that grass for free. - Forrest Gump

2. Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey's uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that's about it. - Bubba

3. I'm sorry I had to fight in the middle of your Black Panther party. - Forrest Gump.

4. That's all I have to say about that. - Forrest Gump

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I have loved Chitty Chitty Bang Bang since childhood and somehow I end up watching it every time it is repeated on TV, which is often. I still love it, guess I can't grow up. The only thing that has changed is that where I was once petrified of the Childcatcher, he is now my favourite character.

In this musical, two children beg their father, Caracatus Potts, not to allow a vintage car go to the scrapheap. After earning enough money in a song and dance group he buys the car and refurbishes it with surprising results.

After meeting Truly Scrumptious, Mr Potts and his two children embark on an adventure in which the evil Baron Bombwurst, the ruler of Vulgaria, attempts to obtain the car. After the evil Childcatcher abducts the children, Mr Potts and Truly Scrumptious come up with a plan to rescue the children and the car.

Favourite Quotes

1. Too late, had your chance, muffed it. - Mr Scrumptious.

2. There are children here somewhere. I can smell them. - The Childcatcher.

3. Children, come out wherever you are, I've lots of lovely goodies for you. - The Childcatcher.

4. And the big brown bear came lolloping over the mountain. - Grandpa.

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From the first time I saw Zulu I was hooked. For a little boy who liked playing soldiers, this was the perfect movie. Somehow I haven't moved on and enjoy it just as much today.

Encouraged by their victory over British troops the day before at Isandlwana, a Zulu army attacks a small outpost where engineers are building a bridge at Rourke's Drift. Numbering only around 100 defenders the redcoats make a brave defence, led by liuetenants Bromhead and Chard, until they are forced back into a final redoubt. Four thousand Zulus are unable to defeat the redcoats at Rourke's Drift and finally salute their fellow warriors before leaving the battlefield.

Favourite Quotes

1. This is going to hurt you a lot more then it will me, I'm happy to say. - Surgeon Maj. Reynolds.

2. If a dog was as sick as him,they'd shoot it! - Private Henry Hook

3. Did I ever see a Zulu walk down a City road? No! So what am I doing here? - Private Henry Hook

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The Time Bandits

The Time Bandits is one of the weirdest and most random movies I have ever seen. Every time I see this film I laugh at the antics of the midgets and small things that might not be noticed such as the walls of an unknown time portal in Kevin's bedroom being wallpapered. Totally daft.

The Time Bandits are a group of midgets employed by The Supreme Being to help with creation. However, they run off with a map of time portals which they plan to use to rob historical figures, but instead they end up in a boy's bedroom; Kevin. After robbing Napoleon, meeting Robin Hood and tricking King Agamemnon out of his riches they are persuaded by Evil to search for the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness. Evil then tries to steal the map but is eventually destroyed by The Supreme Being who turns out to be a rather officious figure.

Favourite Quotes

1. So that's what an invisible barrier looks like. - Fidget.

2. Dead? No excuse for laying off work. - The Supreme Being.

3. If I were creating the world I wouldn't mess about with butterflies and daffodils. I would have started with lasers, eight o'clock, Day One! - Evil

4. Here's to stinking rich! - Wally

5. Well, of course. I am the Supreme Being, I'm not entirely dim. - The Supreme Being

6. Come on then. Back to creation. We mustn't waste any more time. They'll think I've lost control again and put it all down to evolution. - The Supreme Being

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The Passion of the Christ

I was very skeptical about The Passion of the Christ before watching it but I was mesmerized by the images. This is one of the most graphic, brutal movies I have ever seen but it feels like a piece of art rather than entertainment.

This is the story of the last days of Jesus Christ, from his arrest, through his trials by The Jews, Pilate, Herod, Pilate again and then the scourging and crucifixion. The soundtrack is entirely in Latin and Aramaic with subtitles, which lends the movie a more realistic feel.

Favourite Quotes

1. What is truth? - Pontius Pilate

2. Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. - Jesus

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Star Wars

My parents took me to see Star Wars at the cinema when it was first released and I was hooked forever. I have seen all the Star Wars movies on the big screen, on release, but none made such an impression on me as the first. I am still looking out for a decent lightsaber.

A young man on a forgotten planet takes possession of two droids, one of whom has a message for an old hermit, from a Princess. After meeting Obi Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker gets involved in an adventure against the Empire, led by Darth Vader. After releasing the Princess, Obi Wan has a lightsaber fight with Darth Vader and allows himself to be defeated so that his friends may escape. Luke Skywalker then joins the rebellion against the Empire and Obi Wan communicates with him, using The Force, to help him destroy the Empire's secret Death Star.

Favourite Quotes

1. Use the Force, Luke. - Obi Wan Kenobi

2. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force. - Darth Vader

3. The Force is strong with this one. - Darth Vader

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Gladiator is all about the story and the action. This movie contains some of the most realsitic and prolonged fight scenes in any Roman-themed movie and the story is one of real intrigue. A great movie.

General Maximus leads the Roman legions to victory in Germania and the Emperor, Marcus Aurellius, lets him know that he wants Maximus to be the next in line. The Emperor's son, Commodus, hears of this and murders his father, ceasing power and condemning Maximus to death. Maximus escapes but only to be taken as a slave and then to become a Gladiator. As a gladiator he becomes famous and challenges Commodus's power, finally killing him in the gladiatorial arena.

Favourite Quotes

1. Those giraffes you sold me, they won't mate. They just walk around, eating, and not mating. You sold me... queer giraffes. I want my money back. - Proximo

2. It vexes me. I'm terribly vexed. - Commodus

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The first time I saw Highlander it was one of those wonderful movie moments when I didn't know anything about the film and was very pleasantly surprised. The Scottish scenery always reminds me of my trips there and the music by Queen is some of my favourite, but it is the action with the pantomine-like bad guy, the Kurgan, that really makes the film. Kurgan is a bad guy who ranks alongside the most famous movie villains.

Connor MacLeod is born not knowing that he is Immortal, but he soon finds out when a mysterious warrior runs him through on a Scottish Highland battlefield and he miraculously recovers. Eventually he finds out that he is one of many immortals who can only be killed by being beheaded and that they must all join together for "The Gathering" until there is only one remaining who can claim "The Prize". The evil Kurgan in his quest to claim the prize steadily beheads all the other immortals until it is down to just him and the Highlander.

Favourite Quotes

1. It's better to burn out than to fade away. - Kurgan.

2. Who wants to live forever? - Connor MacLeod.

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This Is Spinal Tap

For years I had heard about This Is Spinal Tap but hadn't seen it. When I finally got round to watching it I couldn't believe what I had been missing; one of the funniest movies ever! I have watched Spinal Tap dozens of times and still laugh out loud at many scenes.

This spoof documentary follows a fictional rock band from the UK on tour in America. As the documentary goes on everything goes wrong on the tour; cancellations, technical problems, poor promoting and the band split. This story is interspersed with interviews with the band members and hangers on.

The humour is largely based on the stereotypical behaviour of rock bands and parodies of their egos as well as the sheer idiocy of the band members.

Favourite Quotes

1. As long as there's sex and drugs, I can do without the rock and roll. - Drummer, Mick Shrimpton.

2. Have... a good time... all the time. - Keyboard Player, Viv Savage

3. You can't really dust for vomit. - Lead Guitar Player, Nigel Tufnel

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Snatch is one of the most intricate and amusing movies I have ever seen. With so many storylines running parallel it is very nicely worked at the end as they all come together. Although violent at times, this is an amusing movie because of the extreme nature of many of the characters who are very memorable.

A number of groups of villains are involved in chasing a stolen diamond and bare-knuckle boxing matches and eventually all their paths cross. Central to the story is a gypsy boxing champion who fights for caravans but who is crossed by a gangland boss. The boss thinks everything is going his way until the gypsy, played by Brad Pitt, comes up with a surprise.

Favourite Quotes

1. Who is gonna mug two black fellas, holding pistols, sat in a car that is worth less than your shirt? - Sol.

2. It's an unlicensed boxing match. It's not a tickling competition. These lads are out to hurt each other. - Turkish

3. London. You know: fish, chips, cup 'o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary Poppins... LONDON. - Avi

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Movies You Must Watch - A definitive list of good movies

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1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die: 5th Anniversary Edition

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Are your favourite movies on this list. If they are let me know. If not, what should be on the list?

Alternatively, just say hi.

Movie Feedback - Please Leave A Comment About My Favorite Movies

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    • nickupton lm profile image

      nickupton lm 5 years ago

      @grannysage: LOL Every time I go to a seafood restaurant I start prattling on about shrimp!!!!

    • profile image

      grannysage 5 years ago

      We were recently in Louisiana and every time I would look in the fish section of the grocery store and see all the different types of shrimp, I would remember that quote from Bubba in Forrest Gump. That is the best of the movies you have listed here.

    • profile image

      GentlemenGogoVEVO 5 years ago

      Yes, are so many good movies in your lens, hello my friend nickupton!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Time Bandits will always be a childhood favorite. Glad to see it here.

    • profile image

      TravelingRae 6 years ago

      Great 'favourite movies' lens--I like the favourite quotes sections and the addition of the poll modules. Blessed by a SquidAngel 8/15/2011

    • zentao profile image

      zentao 7 years ago

      Some great choices of movies!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Nice Squidoo. Its very interesting what folks write ans share. Chris

    • nickupton lm profile image

      nickupton lm 7 years ago

      @OrlandoRemedios: I have loved Time Bandits since childhood. Every time I watch it I find something new.

    • profile image

      OrlandoRemedios 8 years ago


      Surprised to see Time Bandits, also one of my favorites but usually not enough people know this great film.

      Make sure to check also my movie list (in progress) centered around Leadership and Management display in movies.



    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 8 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      I like your selection of movies. Well done!

    • nickupton lm profile image

      nickupton lm 8 years ago

      So do I.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I love Chitty Chitty Bang Bang