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All About Nakajima Yuto

Updated on May 19, 2011

Nakajima Yuto

Yuto is an actor slash singer slash dancer slash drummer slash song writer who was born on 10th of August 1993 in Tokyo, Japan.

Nakajima Yuto has got the looks of a matinee and the heights of an NBA player; he's actually the tallest in their group. Fan girls would've loved him for his head-turner looks---his eyes are bird shaped in close up (if you know what I mean), the nose are average (I mean it's not too pointed but definitely not flat), and he's got this sexy red thin lips (which I love the most). In one of his interviews, he said his charming points are the mole under his eye (yes, it adds to the sexiness) and his hoarsing voice.

He's a food lover (I actually mean, "he loves to eat") and his favourites are horse sashimi, strawberry and mango. He's not a shy, quiet type of guy. He in fact describes himself as 'loud', since he loves to make his friends laugh----let's say, sometimes he's the mood setter too. Yuto is a very positive person---an optimist---which is why he would always say 'Don't give up!', either to himself or to the persons he work with.

Nakajima Yuto's career has indeed grown a lot since his first appearance when he was a kid (in 5th grade, to be exact). 2007 was the year that his group, Hey! Say!, started releasing albums that had actually hit the Oricon charts in Japan. Yuto's self-composed song called "Dash!!" was included in the Hey! Say! Jump's first album, JUMP No.1.

More of Yuto's solo songs include,

  • D.N.A

  • The unique love

  • Uruwashi no Bad Girl

  • You & You (duet with Yuri Chinen)

  • Higher (duet with Takaki Yuya and Okamoto Keito)

More about Nakajima Yuto

  • He said he gets teary eyed whenever someone pinches his nose hard.

  • One of his assets is that he can play the drums, and does very well on it.

  • He's got a problem with his left breastbone because it sticks out.

  • He plays a lot of sports which includes soccer, basketball, volleyball, and karate (he's a purple belter).

  • He can actually touch his head using his feet.

  • He has lots of favorite songs since he's a music enthusiast himself. Two of his favorites are 'Mezamero! Yasei' from Matchy with Question (according to his former interviews) and Kat-Tun's 'Real Face' (according to a source).

  • His favorite movies are Star Wars and Spiderman.

  • His favorite manga is Naruto.

  • His childhood dream is to be a rescuer, because he admires the job that risks life to help others.

  • He loves his PE, Nihongo and Science class. His least favorite subject, on the other hand, is math.

  • He's a fan of Johnny Depp and Daniel Radcliffe.

  • When he was asked of 'what would he want to be if he would be reborn', he answered "I want to become a lovely, charming being like tree sparrow."

Yuto's Type of a Girl

  • Yuto would want a girl whose kind, smaller than him, has a healthy looking pale face, not boring to be with, black long-haired, and someone he can depend on. He claims that he prefers a more mature type to a cute type; and one that can speak English. He could get attracted to girls who look good on jeans with dress on top, and girls who wear glasses at times could make his heart skip a beat. He also likes it when a girl(his type of girl) puts her hair behind her ears.

  • Yuto said he'd like to have his date in a movie theater and/or in an amusement park. And according to him, he'll only kiss a girl when no one looks, because he finds it very awkward to do 'it' in public.

  • In confessing to a girl, he'll simply say, "I like you, so please go out with me" (though he never had one before). On the other hand, any kind of confession from a girl would be fine, except that his heart has the tendency to beat fast if she says it timidly.

  • If ever, he wanted his girlfriend to call him only by his name. Sweet name callings like honey, baby, sweetheart or whatever won't really matter on him.

  • He dislikes girls who put on their make up on the train and those who often blurt "eew!" expressions.

  • He feels good when a girl smile/laugh at what he does, and he thinks to himself "Yay!"

  • He said he had his first love when he was in first grade, whereas the girl was from the same class as him.

  • He'd like to get married in between of his 26 to 30s year and he wants to have 3 kids, in orders of girl, boy, boy. He think females are tough so he wants his first daughter to grow up right then he'll let her settle down the little brothers.

  • As for the name of his kids, he said he wanted to decide it when they are born, or when they get older so he can ask them what they want to be called.

  • Sweet answers from Yuto (from one of his interviews):

    Proposal words: "I'm going to make your everyday happy so please marry me"

    Anything you want to say to your future wife? "Please take care of me."

    Your girlfriend is late, how long would you wait? "I'll wait until she comes." (uhh, really sweet!)

    The last day of earth, what would you do? "Find my true love. I want to love for once before I die."

In one of the magazines that has featured him (and the rest of the Hey! Says!), there was this part that included stuffs about their type of a girl. Some of Yuto's part has contained the following:

Girlfriend Requirements:

  • Loves me

  • I love her

  • Easy to talk to

  • Has worries

  • Can have fights with me

  • But can make up the next day

  • Isn't unfaithful

  • Clearly says what she likes/hates

  • Adult-like

  • Dependable

  • And most important thing is that we love each other and that we can get along well

"It's important that I worry about the girl I'm going out with. For us to be in good terms, things should not be kept to ourselves. Instead, I would want the two of us to share what's on our minds. And the most important thing we should tell each other is that we love each other! It'd be great if we could talk a lot together, hang out together and get along well."

I would do these things for my girlfriend:

  • Have fun, but I might be kind of loud

  • Eat skewered liver and bitter foods together

  • Go shopping together

  • Giver her things like sweets

  • I'm a bit messy, so she can nag at me (laughs)

Nakajima Yuto answers the basics girls would love to know


1. Favorite food in my bento

2. Favorite Sport

3. Favorite ride or attraction in amusement park

4. Favorite color

5. Favorite subject

6. Favorite Animal

7. Favorite nature of myself

8. Favorite girl's fashion

9. Favorite girl's hairstyle

10. Favorite girl's behavior


Nakajima Yuto

1. Chicken wings. With spicy flavor.

2. Skiing. Since olden days, I always go together with my family to do that.

3. Jet Coaster. I've begun to ride that!

4. White. Many of my cloths and accessories is white too.

5. Physical Education. (

6. Dog. When I called and then he come near me directly is cute <3

7. Spiritful. Others like to said, "You're noisy".

8. Rough feeling. But I feel worry if you wear short cloth in bottom side

9. Semi-long. Black hair is good.

10. Wrinkled his forehead while her chin is leaning on both her hands.


DASH!! - Nakajima Yuto


boku no naka no boku ni kitta

doushitai no

susunde kurou zutto kumo

doushi datte jiyuu sa

muri shitetara oretachi tsubasa

tobenai mama

aseru boku wo suikomu

you ni miborosu sora

jitto tachidomatte ittemo hajimaranai

kimi ni wa sa misetai yo

yume miteru kagayaku sekai

tsuyoku tsuyoku

motto tsuyoku

mune ni omoi wo daitara

saa ikou ze mukae kaze mo fukete

takaku takaku motto takaku

ano sora no motto ue ni

hane wo hiroge ima sugu JUST FLY AWAY

shippai nante osorenakute

minna yo

kitai dake wo POKKETTO ni de ippai tsunete ikun da

tsurai hou ga houri toki mo aru keredo

kimi ni wa sa mite hoshii

yume no saki kagayaku sekai

atsuku atsuku motto atsuku

mune no kibou moyashite

saa ikun da oikaze ni notte

tooku tooku motto tooku

karakamade toberu hazu sa

hikaru hane de ima sugu JUST FLY AWAY

tsuyoku tsuyoku

motto tsuyoku

mune ni omoi wo daitara

saa ikou ze mukae kaze mo fukete

takaku takaku motto takaku

ano sora no motto ue ni

hane wo hiroge ima sugu JUST FLY AWAY


I asked the person inside of me

What do you want to do?

Keep going or stop

You're free to choose either one

If you try too hard, your folded wings

Will be unable to fly'

The sky looks down on me as if absorbing the impatient me

Nothing will happen if you just stand there

I want to show you

This superb world when you're dreaming

Stronger stronger more stronger

If you hug your thoughts into your chest

Now let's go, be hit by the head wind

Higher higher more higher

Even higher than that sky

Spread your wings right now and just fly away!!

You don't have to be afraid of failures

Just gear a lot of expectations into your pocket and go

There are times when there is more hardships

I want you to see, in front of your dreams

This superb world

Hotter hotter more hotter

Burn hopes into your chest

Now go, ride on the tail wind

Far far more far

You can fly to a distant place

With your shining wings, right now just flyaway!!

Stronger stronger more stronger

If you hug your thoughts into your chest

Now let's go, be hit by the head wind

Higher higher more higher

Higher than that sky

Spread your wings and right now, just fly away!!

Bird-Shaped Eye

on jaqui reid's perspective

So, why have I described Yuto's eyes as bird-shaped on the intro?

It all started with this photo ----------> was one of the firsts yuto pics on my yuto folder, and it is also one of my favorites. I was looking over the photos one time, till I found myself staring on his eyes (particularly, on this photo). And then I said, "oh, it looks so much like a....bird, it's a dove!." And then... that's how it came about. I just saw a dove on his eyes, and it's cute. Anymore questions? LOL xD

Nakajima Yuto - videos

Hey! Say! Stuff from Amazon

Feel free to submit any information you know about Nakajima Yuto, and I'll give you the credits. Thanks a lot! ;)

-jaqui reid

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    • profile image

      しり 3 years ago

      So many rivals XD

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      elva suiren

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Yay! He's my ichiban &lt;3

      "man of my dreams" lol

      Thank you so much for the info :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Yuto is my ichiban forever! He's so handsome! =)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Yuto is my ichiban forever! He's so handsome! =)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      i also have my right breast sticking out because of a minor skating accident... hahaha i was trying to jump and do a twist in the air, serves me ryt for trying to do stunts lyk that

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      hontou ni arigatou ne ^^

      thanks for the info .

      that makes me like yuto more before :D

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      thanks for the info ne :)

      that makes me like Yuto more than before .

      i hope, yuto will always be a good one. you too right? ^^

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    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      he's my dream ;"&gt;

    • iamjaqui29 profile image

      iamjaqui29 7 years ago

      Thank you guys for the comments and the facebook likes. Help me out improving this page by just dropping any information, link of Yuto photos and song, and yuto-centric sites right here. Leave your name so I can credit. Thank you guys!

      anyway, like soo inlove wit this guy too.hee ;))

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I always love him :D With the things he got, I bet he can go further and become one of the legendary Johnny's :)

    • iamjaqui29 profile image

      iamjaqui29 7 years ago

      @anonymous: i believe in that too, emiichan ;)

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      YUTO (you to) me are everything!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      im so inlove with this guy ;"&gt;

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      anonymous 7 years ago

      @anonymous: and in mine too ;))

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      yuto always in my heart

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      This made my morning. I love Nakajima Yuto since I was in first year highschool. And I do wish that I could be that girl of his that he will marry &lt;3

      Btw, thnks for this post. It made my day. Made me smile first thing in the morning &lt;3

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      kawaii yuto!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I soo heart NY. thanks for the post! ;)


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