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Interview with Singer Ida Jo - New Female Singers 2010

Updated on July 31, 2011

Ida Jo - One of the Best New Female Singers

Welcome to the first of many articles on New Female Singers-2010.

Today I would like to introduce you to one of the best new female singers today, Ida Jo. This women has a beautiful voice and has played the violin since she was seven. She received an Emerson Scholarship to Interlochen Arts Center at the age of fourteen and began performing at fifteen.

Ida Jo doesn't just play the violin, she has a relationship with it. Ida Jo's violin playing is so unique because she has studied so many different types of fiddling, classic being one of them. She mostly uses a unique style called "chopping". "Chopping" is a folk fiddle style.

I want to thank Ida Jo for agreeing to the interview with New Female Singers 2010. She has been absolutely wonderful. I admired her previously, but after working with her my respect has grown even deeper. What a wonderful, hard working, and passionate artist she is.

Photo © Copyright Gary L. Geiger

Colors - Ida Jo and the Show - New Female Singers 2010

Ida Jo and the Show performing "Colors" on the Urban Theater.

August 12th, 2010 in Madison, WI.

Review of the Album, Providence - Ida Jo and the Show - New Female Singers 2010


I am so passionate about the violin. Out of all of the instruments that I learned to play, I love the violin the most. It is so sensuous. I can feel it reverberate through me. It must be my resonate frequency. When played as if a Ruler, it is the only instrument that can portray such agony, hurt, love, fear, and total hope all at the same time. The relationship with a violin is definitely an intimate one, and I can feel the relationship that Ida Jo has with hers.

As soon as I heard Ida Jo play her violin, I was besotted for sure. Then I heard her voice and I was awestruck. Not only can she play the violin, her voice completely compliments and melts in with the King of all instruments. She is playing the Ruler yet showing Him respect. In return, He plays her like a fiddle.

I would highly recommend this album, "Providence", to anyone who enjoys something slightly more classical or folk in style. If you are a lover of the violin this is a must have album.

Photo © Copyright Ida Jo

Exclusive Interview with Ida Jo - New Female Singers 2010


Q - Ida Jo, I know that you picked up a violin at a very early age. When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in music, and what was the trigger?

  • I don't remember a specific moment when I decided to pursue music as a career. To me, a profession is what you spend the majority of your time doing and a hobby is what you do between sleep and your profession. I have always spent my time on music so it made no sense to stop.
  • ~Ida Jo
Q - What has been the highest and lowest point of your career so far, Ida Jo?
  • The highest point for me was probably the making "Providence". For so long I'd backed other musicians and played on their records so seeing my own songs come to life was spectacular. I guess it wasn't just the songs coming to life; it was the sound and the feel. I had the idea for the sound of this record for a while before Scott Lamps (Scott produced the record and played upright bass on it) and I started the recording process. When sounds and songs are just ideas it takes so much mental energy to keep it all straight in your head. It's quite a euphoric relief when you can let them go and live on their own. The last part of "Providence" was the drum tracks played by Jordan Cohen. It added more than I ever imagined it would and completed the project in such a positive way. It was definitely a high from start to finish!
  • ~Ida Jo
Read the full interview with singer Ida Jo at New Female Singers 2010

Photo © Copyright Ida Jo

Buy Ida Jo and the Show - Providence

New Female Singers 2010

Everything Ida Jo and the Show - New Female Singers 2010


I Hope that You have Enjoyed this Article on, Review of, and Interview with Ida Jo

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