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Thor Ragnarok

Updated on December 8, 2017

Thor - Ragnarok

What started as a fresh take on superheroes with genuine laughs and equal amounts of fun has now been reduced to only laughs and absolutely zero fun. That summarizes the current state of the MARVEL franchise right now. Playing safe, raking in millions when they should be exploring new themes/moods and most importantly taking risks. But what are they doing right now is rehashing their own previous films in terms of plots, characters and JOKES.

Sad thing is I am finding these Marvel films so out of place and lacking fun for the same reasons that made me fall in love with them in the first place. What reasons? Let's talk about them:

1. Comic book accuracy: Yes, I get it we need more and more films that stay true to their source material and so far MARVEL is on point in that front. Spiderman Homecoming was all about how Spidey should be. Thor Ragnarok is no different. So no, I still love how Marvel doesn't drift too much and stays on track when it comes to staying true to the comics.

2. Laughs: Now, This is where MARVEL films are walking on a real thin line. Spiderman Homecoming worked great but in Thor Ragnarok it seems so QUITE OUT OF PLACE, CONTRIVED AND IN YOUR FACE. It's like a 2 hour compilation of jokes that somebody wrote while surfing on the internet. It's just your random Internet humour you find everywhere in the form of Internet memes. The film gets to a point where you stop taking it seriously. No matter who wins, loses, lives or dies you just don't care. Because you know everything is a fucking joke and there's a really silly joke waiting to happen so obviously WHY CARE?

3. Team-ups: Yes. Superheroes teaming up is all fun right? It is. It totally is. It was perfect in CIVIL WAR and maybe beyond it in the first AVENGERS. You had goosebumps when your favourite superheroes had each other's backs and when stakes were legitimately high. Now It has become an everyday thing and mostly it has become a way to lure audience into the theatres. And it's a shame to see a franchise like MARVEL becoming so insecure about it. Hulk here is wasted. He plays no significant part in the plot. You'll start asking what he's doing? Why he's here? Why they are fighting ? What's the point of this fight? He's just there for some cheap laughs and of course cheap mindless action.

4. It doesn't take itself too seriously: It used to be a great thing (until Civil War maybe?) but now it happens so often that absolutely nobody takes anyone or anything seriously in these films. I mean at least take an onscreen death seriously for fuck's sake.

Overall, this is a real mindless yet dangerous trend that Marvel needs to STOP following. I get it people go in there for some good laughs but also they want to be involved in the story, right? A ridiculous joke every five minute doesn't serve this purpose. Loki acting like a clown was another turn off. Anyway, this is my take on what's wrong with MARVEL films nowadays.

P.S. I am not a DC agent or a MARVEL agent.

© 2017 Ankit kalp


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    • thedevilinme profile image


      13 months ago from Northampton, United Kingdom

      Marvel are killing DC and I love it!

    • Ankit kalp profile imageAUTHOR

      Ankit kalp 

      13 months ago from India

      Thanks Craig! Much appreciated..

    • Craig Easom profile image


      13 months ago from British Empire

      Hello, Ankit

      Honesty is the true medicine to movie madness, the current state of so many movie franchises nowadays, perhaps the king of which is Marvel.

      Seriously man, loving the honesty. Can't wait to see what you write about next. Keep up the good work, and stick to the raw honesty, always makes for the best read.

      - Craig Easom


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