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Nick Jr Cartoons Offer Animation That Adults, Children and Babies Can Love

Updated on March 23, 2015

One of the best parts about becoming a parent is being able to see things through a child’s eyes again.

This includes having fun, eating candy and my favorite, watching cartoons. Cartoons have changed a lot since you and I were kids even though there are remakes of 80’s TV cartoons like ThunderCats and Care Bears. However some of the best cartoons on television today are available on Nick Jr without commercials. I am talking about Blue’s Clues, Wow Wow Wubbzy and Team Umizoomi. These 3 shows are some of the best on television, not only for children and babies but for adults as well. They each offer something different from animation styles to story lines and even educational value for the kids. Personally though I feel there is a lot of intellectual thought that goes into this programming because it can even hold my attention well after the kids run off. This is probably due to the well developed characters and plot lines that keep you laughing not only at their silliness but the wisdom behind them.


Blue’s Clues with Steve

If you haven’t heard by now, Blue’s Clues is a show about a guy and his dog named Blue. During the show they play a game called “Blue’s Clues” in which the dog leaves clues in the form of a paw print on items that are clues. Once 3 clues are found he puts together the clues with the audience to find out what Blue is trying to tell him. Originally this all took place with Steve who wore a green stripped shirt and later changed to Joe when Steve goes away to college. Personally I preferred Steve for his animated gestures and overall ability to hold my attention.

The animation is made to look like construction paper was put together to form the background and characters. However Steve and Joe are real life actors that are most likely filmed using green screens and then edited into the animation. This cartoon offers a more traditional form of animation as opposed to the computer generated cartoons that are becoming more popular.

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Wow Wow Wubbzy

Probably not the most educational show for your children to watch but it is pure fun. The levels of excitement in the story line, characters and animation make it hard not to like but it is comparable to straight sugar for kids. Once they get a taste of this delightful TV cartoon you will never hear the end of it. Wow Wow Wubbzy is a television show about Wubbzy and his 2 friends, Widget the builder and Walden the thinker. Together they go on adventures and get into trouble but there is also a moral behind each story. Wubbzy the main character, a silly looking blocky toon with a bendy tail, is very animated and always causing mischief unknowingly. Eventually by the end of each story Wubbzy figures out his mistake and corrects it either through an apology or the truth, each episode ending with a song specific to the moral of the story.

Animation is key for Wow Wow Wubbzy’s appeal. It is bright and shiny, but more so the character animation and objects are electrifying and energetic. The writers and artists put a spin on everyday items that make them “Wubbzyish” which really just means bubbly, big and colorful. It is a computer generated cartoon which can seem like a downside but it is very well done. It will eventually win your heart over as I am sure if it hasn't already captured their attention, it will infect your kids mind from the very second they lay eyes on it.


Team Umizoomi

I am not going to lie; I thought Team Umizoomi was a little abrasive at first. However my son loved it and the more time went by I realize how awesome the cartoon really is. Not only because it has some great animation but because of the educational value. These tiny superheros are always counting, creating shapes and making patterns. Kids love the way they present the learning as well because they make it fun. Instead of just counting an item many times they will relate counting to the speed of an action or how high something can go. When they create patterns or shapes, they sing songs and ask questions which really gets kids interested and involved. The only problem you will have with Team Umizoomi eventually will be that you cannot get the songs out of your head. You will find yourself singing “flower, acorn” “flower, acorn” over and over again.

The animation includes 3 characters. Milli, Geo and Bot each have their own mighty math powers. Milli has pattern power, Geo has power of shapes and Bot is a robot computer. Animated action and bright colors keep children glued to the screen but will intrigue the kid in you as well. Aside from that everything is wrapped in patterns which give it a weird affect that draws your eyes in like a diamond.

Nick Jr – Blue’s Clues, Wow Wow Wubbzy and Team Umizoomi

With their well developed characters from their unique animation to their wacky sayings it is easy to fall in love with these shows. Nick Jr provides commercial free television all day which means cartoons are always available. So it is easy to see how addicting they can be, not only for your children but for yourself as well. Although Blue’s Clues, Wow Wow Wubbzy and Team Umizoomi are not the only good shows offered on Nick Jr they are some of my favorite picks, each one providing its own unique form of art and entertainment.


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