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nicki minaj or lil kim

Updated on November 8, 2010

Beef between 2 plastic surgery women

the beef between nicki and kim. to me there are no real winners. both both surgery, kim who;e face and nicki butt implants. its more like a mother-daughter, older-younger sister or student-teacher feud. kim came first did her thing then got locked up. while away the younger nicki took the spotlight stealing kim's look, makeup poses and rap style. to me both don't write their own lyrics but kim is claiming to be original. both wear similar weaves and clothes (lack) as well. women do get jealous over women having the same things at the end of the day.

who's better overall?

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    • profile image

      barbie bitch 6 years ago

      thiz is stupid

    • profile image

      Daintychi 6 years ago

      They r both great