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Night Things (2010) Horror Movie Review by Nightcat

Updated on January 21, 2015
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Nightcat is a movie junkie who loves rationalizing her obsession by writing movie reviews.

There aren't too many films out there that can give me a serious case of the creeps in broad daylight. But somehow this film managed quite nicely. Maybe that is why I love a good low-budget horror film. The people who make them often make deep financial sacrifices because they believe in the film that much, and this clear labor of love is no exception.

You aren't going to see a million dollar extravaganza, but you are going to see something much better. Old-school horror. Old school as in back when horror movies had a plot and made sense. And the plot here is excellent. Alex has learned some serious survival skills in her forced isolation. Lured deep into the woods by her rather demented grandfather, she has lost her sister to his dark experiments, and now must face the Lures and Night Things on her own.

The Lures are bad enough. Cunning beings from another world (this film has some serious sci-fi chops as well) they are servants of the Night Things, malevolent beings of darkness. Crafty and duplicitous by nature, the Lures stalk the woods seeking victims for their masters and they love to torment Alex. First as voices, then taking on stranger and stranger forms until they learn to mimic humans perfectly.

As their name implies, they must lure Alex or other victims into the woods and away from safety, where they literally bury them alive. Which is a serious problem because Haley, a young physics student wanders into the bubble of warped reality surrounding Alex's cabin and almost gets blasted to kingdom come. The two women must learn to trust one another, something that is hard when either one may be a Lure biding its time. To complicate matters, the only way to escape the Lures in daylight hours is to either commit suicide or be killed.

As the women are trapped in a place where two worlds meet this simply shunts them back to where they first died. Now, neither truly dead or alive, they must race to find a way to use the hellish Machine Alex's grandfather used to open a door between the worlds to set things right. Sounds simple enough, but as the film goes on the Lures get craftier, and the Night Things get bolder.

What I enjoyed most about the film other than the Lures (seriously, you have to see them) was that it is a film with two strong women as the central characters. And although they hate one another intensely at first, Alex, the embittered loner, and Haley, the brilliant but arrogant young lady that she is, must learn to set aside their differences to survive.

Alex also has to come to terms with her sister's death and that her grandfather would be willing to use them both to gain access to another world. All while fighting off the Lures and staying one step ahead of the Night Things. Can she and Haley work together to shut off the Machine and escape the cage of twisted reality that isolates them in time and space? Or will the Night Things get to them first?

Horror fans will love all the tight action, the growing sense of dread as the film goes on, and the excellent special effects. This film is unrated, but does contain horror violence, which, you know, makes sense as it is a horror film. You may want to watch this one with the lights on.

NOTE: Trailer contains horror violence, viewer discretion is advised.

PS Yes, that is my background to the lens, enjoy!

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