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Updated on October 4, 2009

Being a Kapoor is not enough for Ranbir: Rishi Kapoor

 Rishi Kapoor can’t stop smiling. His son Ranbir’s “Wake Up Sid” has got an overwhelming response from audiences and critics alike, but Kapoor senior is cautious and says his son will have to continuously prove himself as it is not the surname but one’s performance that ultimately counts in the film world.

“Just being a Kapoor was never going to be enough. Ranbir had to show his worth as an actor. I also had Raj Kapoor as father, but it has never been easy for me even till date. For the last 40-odd years, I have been proving myself. The same would always hold good for Ranbir. It’s a never-ending journey,” Rishi, who belongs to the third generation of the Kapoor family, told IANS.

At the same time, he is unable to conceal his excitement with the positive reviews and appreciation coming his son’s way.

“Ever since Thursday evening, once the preview shows and other private screenings were held, I have been inundated with congratulatory calls. I was humbled and was waiting for audience reactions once the film opened to public viewing on Friday,” Rishi said.

He reveals that he was in constant discussions with wife Neetu Singh, who on her part was sure that the film would strike a chord amongst youth.

“She assured me that the current generation would truly identify with what the film is all about. We both had seen the film and Neetu was quite confident about the setting and milieu of the film. She asked me not to worry at all. She was right,” Rishi said.

Produced by Karan Johar and directed by newcomer Ayan Mukerji, “Wake Up Sid” also stars Konkana Sen Sharma.

The actor says he is proud of the way Ranbir’s career has progressed during the last couple of years with first “Saawariya”, where he received critical acclaim, then “Bachna Ae Haseeno”, which did well at the box office, and now “Wake Up Sid”.

“My chest is swollen with pride. As a father, I am so excited that my son has been doing so well in his career. This hasn’t been an overnight job by him though. He has worked hard to earn it.

“Star son or no star son, everything just vanishes when the film comes on screen. It’s your performance that ultimately speaks,” Rishi said


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Do knot disturb : terribly disturbing. FILM REVIEW


In the first few minutes of Do Knot Disturb, we see Manoj Pawha sitting on a pot, severely constipated, trying to relieve himself. He heaves and grunts and waits for something to happen. With that scene, director David Dhawan sets the bar sufficiently low and for the next two hours, he makes little attempt to raise it.


Do Knot Disturb is exhaustingly bad. Once upon a time, the combination of producer Vashu Baghnani, director David Dhawan and actor Govinda was short-hand for mindless but riotously funny comedy.


The trinity belted out a series of hits like Coolie no 1, Hero No 1 and Biwi No 1. But that was a decade ago. Now, everyone and everything seems old and horribly tired. Govinda plays an unfaithful husband whose business tycoon wife, played by Sushmita Sen, is on the brink of discovering his affair with an item queen, played by Lara Dutta.


He hires a waiter, played by Ritesh Deshmukh, to pose as his mistress’ boyfriend. Meanwhile, the mistress’ violent ex-boyfriend, played by Sohail Khan, is also in hot pursuit. Even my description of the film is funnier than the film itself. Do Knot Disturb brims with trite situations, vulgar gestures, high-pitched vocals and some seriously bad acting, especially from Lara Dutta.

But the unkindest cut is that they have reduced one of Bollywood’s most elegant actresses Sushmita Sen to an overweight eyesore. I’m assuming her chunky size is the excuse for why her husband strays. Which makes it even more offensive because Govinda isn’t exactly flaunting six pack abs himself. This is cinema as punishment. Steer clear


 He is 43 and she is 29, but their age difference is no matter. Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor make an 'adorable' couple on screen in his forthcoming, Main Aurr Mrs.Khanna, says debutant director Prem Soni.

"The age difference between Salman and Kareena was never a consideration. They make an absolutely adorable couple and complement each other on screen," Soni said.

"They look good together in the film as there are no loud moments between them. The film has romantic instances here and there, but it has a very subtle treatment. There are cute scenes in the film and both of them have carried them really well," he added.

Newcomer Soni considers Salman his "godfather" and says the superstar was on board the project as soon as he heard the script and even asked his brother to produce the film.

"I had written the script and then fixed an appointment with Salman. His reaction after the narration was overwhelming. All he said was, 'I'm doing it'. That's how the project began," the director said.

"Salman is indeed my godfather in the industry as he is the one who has given me a break," he added.

For Soni, it was a cakewalk to get Kareena to play the heroine. "I went for the script narration to Kareena in Goa where she was shooting Golmaal Returns. She loved the role and when I told her that Salman is doing the film, she said - 'Why would I say no to Salman?'. She instantly agreed," he said.

A co-production of Sohail Khan Productions and UTV SpotBoy Pictures, the film also features Sohail in a pivotal role. But unlike popular belief, the film's plot is not based on an extramarital affair, Soni clarified.

"Main Aurr Mrs.Khanna is not based on an extramarital affair. It is just a story of three people. The whole extramarital thing is only a perception. For the real thing, you need to go and check out the movie," he said.

Main Aurr Mrs.Khanna releases October 16.


The Oscar nominated director of Lagaan returns after working with 3 of the biggest stars in the country Aamir Khan (Lagaan), Shahrukh Khan (Swades) and Hrithik Roshan (Jodhaa Akbar).. comparatively What’s your Rashee is a much smaller movie starring Priyanka Chopra in 12 different roles and Harman Baweja as the most eligible bachelor. Yet the expectations are sky high and understandably so.

But what unfolds in this terribly long movie on Sun Signs, is Gowariker’s worst work in a long long time. A movie that not just falls way below expectations, but surprises you with its mediocrity. Is this really, for real, an Ashutosh Gowariker directed mov
Whats your Rashee Review
Some reasons why you could watch What’s your Rashee on DVD (visit to a theater not recommended)

•Priyanka Chorpa - Does justice to each of the 12 characters she portrays and ensures almost each of them feel distinctly different.
•Some dialogues and comic scenes work, but are way too few and far in between.
Why you would absolutely regret the Rashee experience if you indeed decide to watch it

•The movie is way too long and what makes things worse are those 13 songs, 12 for each Rashee and the title song in the end. Why include a song, just for the heck of it? None, absolutely none of the songs were necessary. Dont get me wrong, length is never a problem as long as the content is strong, unfortunately the screenplay and its execution (read direction) ensure the 3 hour 30 minute movie remains terribly weak on content throughout.
•With due credit to Priyanka’s performance, she is let down by some of the most irritating and weird characters you will ever get to watch on screen. They dance without a reason, their dialogues are outright pathetic and while most seem different from each other, the effort to make them so different seems to have back-fired big time.
•Harman Baweja is completely overshadowed by Priyanka here. His performance and dialogue delivery has improved considerably since his Love Story 2050 days and Gowariker has ensured there is no trace of Hrithik left in his performance, yet there is something missing. Could be the energy, intensity or the lack screen presence? He seems to have the necessary talent and looks but if Gowariker could’nt extract the best out of him we wonder who could..
•After the drag that the movie is, you look forward to the last possible saving grace - the climax. But what unfolds in the last 20 odd minutes has to be one of the most stupid and unconvincing climaxes ever.
•Darshan Jariwala’s extra marital storyline that adds to the runtime gets increasingly annoying. It was meant to be funny, but isn’t.
Overall, from a director with epics like Lagaan and Swades behind him, its a shocker. Hard to put it in words, but being one of the biggest fans of Gowariker since his acting and CID days, it hurts to say this - What’s your Rashee is one of the worst films this decade. A powerful sleeping pill, that isn’t recommended even for chronic sleeplessness.


Other notes -  The review was actually supposed to cover each of the 13 different stories (12 of each Rashee and the main storyline), but why make it terribly long and boring for readers when not more than one or two deserved a mention?

We loved Priyanka’s look in certain characters, she looked stunning as Sanjana (Aquarius), Kajal (Gemini), Bhavna (Sagittarius) and Pooja (Virgo).

Coming to the box office, the advance booking has been poor, morning and afternoon shows were literally empty on Friday.. Don’t expect much at the box office, as the word of mouth is terribly negative

harman baweja
harman baweja



Genre: Action
Director: Prabhu Deva
Producer: Sahara One Motion Pictures, S. K. Films Enterprises
Presenter: Surinder Kapoor, Boney Kapoor, Sahara One Motion Pictures
Music Director: Sajid-Wajid
Lyricist: Arun Bhairav
Star Cast: Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia, Om Puri, Mahesh Manjrekar, Sayaji Shinde, Prakash Raj, Aseem Merchant, Vinod Khanna
Release Date: September 18, 2009

Now, we had an idea that ‘Wanted’ was a ‘Salman Khan’ flick, but we didn’t expect it to have nothing else - no script, no editing, and even no logic. No second thoughts about the fact that the roguish charm of Salman is still there, which makes the movie a bit passable. However, beyond that, there is nothing in the film that would encourage you to spend your hard-earned money on a multiplex ticket. There is hardly any scene in the film that makes sense.

There is no logic in ‘Wanted’, be it the script or its execution. For instance, you have the heroine popping into every scene in which bullets are being fired. There is another thing in the film that is gross - the women only seem to be meant for being molested, giving the hero a chance to prove his goodness (by saving them, of course). The songs are plain pathetic, while the editing is shoddy. The one area where ‘Wanted’ scores is the action sequences, which are truly inventive and entertaining, without turning gory for even a second.

The first half of ‘Wanted’ stretches on for much more time than is necessary, with the romantic track overshadowing the narrative. As to the second half, the action sequences dominated everything else. Talking about the performances, Sallu Bhai is fresh, in form, dances like a dream and kills like a pro. Ayesha Takia has been given a raw deal and did not get any scope to show her prowess. The National Award winning actor Prakash Raj was at his very best, while Govind Namdeo was good as always. All in all, this one is a DVD watch!


Dil Bole Hadippa is interestingly releasing at a time when the sporting world is debating controversial athlete Caster Semenya's gender. This is in no way to suggest that Dil Bole Hadippa is a social commentary on gender bias in cricket. In fact the movie is not even a sports flick. It's a lighthearted Punjabi comedy with bits of romance, cricket, music and some good, Indian values thrown in.

Dil Bole Hadippa opens on a familiar note. In the first 15 minutes we are given a journey down Veer Zara's sarson ke khet, a Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi style gururdwara, a sporty DDLJ style entry for Shahid Kapoor, Chak De India's coaching camp and a Dhoom 2 poster stuck permanently in the background. Apart from this the film is sprinkled with several references to classic Bollywood blockbusters. But most of these are done with heart and genuine love for Hindi cinema – which is why you don't mind them.

The story of Veera Kaur (Rani Mukerji) who disguises herself as Veer for a chance at playing cricket is something of a female version Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Her coach is the England returned Rohan (Shahid Kapoor) whose dream is to resurrect his father's flagging T-20 team. The cricket angle in the film is the backdrop of an Indo-Pak friendship series called Aman Cup. There is also a love story between Shahid and the real Rani, that acts as a filler between all the sporting action.

Most of Dil Bole Hadippa relies on the confidence of the lead pair. Their charming enthusiasm and ability to infuse energy into the erratic screenplay is the movie's biggest trump card. While this is clearly a Rani centric film, Shahid Kapoor doesn't allow himself to get overshadowed. Already basking in the glory of Kaminey, this is Shahid's opportunity to showcase some Bollywood style herogiri. He even does a SRK DDLJ spoof, which is almost like an audition test for future YRF projects.

Rani is brilliant as the over the top Sardar. Some of the best scenes of the movie are between Shahid and the Sardar. As the naughty, small town girl, she does a retake of her Bunty Aur Babli act. Rani also makes subtle references to Madhuri Dixit, someone who did many author-backed entertainers, just like Mukerji. All that flab may have disappeared but Rani's screen presence is solid as ever. She goes through the entire film without shedding a tear, except for the last scene.

Which brings me to the last 30-minutes of Dil Bole Hadippa. While the first half is lengthy, disjointed and slow – things pick up post interval leading to a solid finale. The match choreography is no patch on Lagaan and Chak De India, but the emotions are sound. Rani's surprise shot with bat is a 'wow' moment in the film. Anupam Kher plays a cross between Lalit Modi and the cool DDLJ dad. The item girl duo – Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra are used as mere props, purely for cleavage show. The peppy score (especially Disco Wale Khisco) is underutilized and deserved better song placement.

Yet despite its flawed screenplay and cheesy treatment, there is an underlying goodness and innocence to the film. There is no vulgarity and some nice bits on family values and religious harmony. Come on! Cinema need not always be dark and edgy.

Verdict: It's a long weekend ahead. And Dil Bole Hadippa is just the kind of movie you will enjoy with your family. This one is an easy watch.

Rating: 2.5/5

Bollywood Buzz


If there is one actor who is severely hit by recession and the current economic woes looming Bollywood, it’s John Abraham. Even with his buffed up bod and killer looks, John isn’t considered a safe bet in filmdom - a sign clearly visible by the actor’s nose-diving price and constant battle to bag films.

And joining the long list of closed projects is the actor’s dream film that is now on the brink of being dropped.

The film is question was John Abraham`s much loved project, which was to be directed by his old friend Sabal Shekhawat. But John’s dream came crashing down when the producers Studio 18 backed out of the project citing recession as the reason. However, not willing to let go John is now contemplating to back the project himself.

Our source said, “Studio 18 had loved the subject and John was extremely keen to work on the film. Sabal Shekhawat, who is among the finest ad filmmakers, was supposed to direct the film. John had loved this spy thriller. Everything was set and Sabal was in Turkey finalising the locations when he received a call from Studio 18 saying that they were no longer keen on doing the project due to its budget.”

Confirming the news, a source told a news daily, “Studio 18 wanted to reduce the budget, but Sabal does not want to compromise at all on the creative front. He was of the opinion that the film required a certain mounting and he clearly was not in favour of reducing the budget. John was cool about it as he is committed to Sabal, as the director was the one who gave John his break into modeling. John has now taken it on himself to see to it that the project goes on the floors immediately. In fact, another producer is now set to make the film as well.”

Talking about the film, John said, “Studio or no studio, the film will be made. I have complete faith in Sabal and at no point, will I let him down. I will always stand by him like I do with my directors. There is no question of the film not happening; it is very much on course.”


Ajay Devgan and Akshaye Khanna will be seen in dramatic fight scenes in Priyadarshan's hard-hitting tale of honour killing set in Bihar. And to tone their bodies for the gruelling actions, the actors have got a makeshift gym in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, where the film is being shot.

"I've turned the horrific tale of an actual incident in Bihar of an inter-caste romance into a full-on action movie. See, I wanted to keep it real. At the same time I wanted to make it riveting for the audience," said Priyadarshan.

The filmmaker has relocated a village of Bihar to Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu's Sivaganga district to shoot his inter-caste love story.

"While shooting on location (Karaikudi) I've made my two heroes Ajay and Akshaye Khanna into full-on action heroes. This film has the kind of real stunts never seen in Hindi cinema," the director said.

The two heroes have also started working out to get into right shape at a makeshift gym set up in Karaikudi itself.

"Yes we've a set up a terrific gym in this wilderness. It's been set up in an under-construction building. It has all the equipment. We all work out in it. Ajay and I of course. Paresh Rawal also works out," Bipasha Basu, who will also feature in the movie.

"Akshaye only used to play squash for exercise. Now he's started going to the gym. They need to get into a specific shape for this film," she added.

Priyadarshan has roped in his old action director B Thyagarajan and Francis, a stunt director from South Africa, to devise the action scenes that would take the director's drama into the region of riveting realism.

"When I say real action, I mean fight scenes that are the opposite of cable-wired flips somersaults, jumps and leaps. This time Ajay has gone as raw as it can get," the filmmaker said.

The action sequences have both Ajay and Akshaye locked in hand-to-hand combats, and other very basic forms of physical aggression that went out of vogue with the old Kung Fu films.

Doesn't the film take Priyadarshan into a space completely different from his National Award winning Kanchivaram?

"Not at all. That was a different kind of reality. This is different," the director said.

'Dil Bole Hadippa' gets U/A Certificate . Courtesy : Rakhi & Sherlin

Celebrated for their clean image over the years, Yash Raj Films have carved their own niche in the entertainment industry. In order to woo Box Office success, Yash Raj films never succumbed to sleaze show to garb the public attention but charmed the masses with its clean romantic flicks.


However, with the Yash Raj Films upbeat about its upcoming movie ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’, news has it that the movie has landed with a U/A certificate, all thanks to the skimpy clothes of Sherlyn Chopra and the raunchy antics of drama queen Rakhi Sawant!

It is believed that Yash Raj Films were looking forward to attain the U certificate unlike the U/A as their target audience was family audiences. However, with two sex sirens – Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopa on a skin show spree, the film eventually ended up with a U/A certificate.

While talking to a news daily about the U/A certificate, the Regional Officer of Censor Board – Vinayak Azad said, “The film has been given a U/A certificate due to Sherlyn`s onscreen clothes and Rakhi Sawant`s dance number.”

When enquired whether there are any intimate scenes in ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’, Azad added, “There are no high-voltage intimate scenes and no kissing scenes as such. But it features one intimate scene with Sherlyn and the other problem is Rakhi’s clothes in the dance number.”

With Rakhi and Sherlyn branded as the reason behind the U/A certificate of the film, a miffed Sherlyn blasted, "Well, Manish Malhotra is to be blamed for that... He`s dressed me in bikini tops and shorts, which ooze effortless sensuality. And that`s exactly what`s expected of the super model that I play in the film.”

JOHN IS MARRIED ...........

Believe it or not Bollywood actor John Abraham has revealed that he is already married. Well before you let your imagination go too far away let us clear the air and say Bipasha Basu has no reasons to feel cheated. The hunk who revolutionised biking in India with his movie Dhoom said that he had no desires to settle down soon in life as he was already married to his bikes. He added that he would marry Bipasha only after adding four more bikes to his collection.
Buzz up!The New York star was in New Delhi to launch some new bike models from Yamaha Motors. John has been a brand ambassador for the auto giant in India for a years now. John said that he regularly went on honeymoons with his bikes and revealed he doesn't let anyone touch his bike. He candidly added that even girlfriend Bipasha Basu doesn't like sitting behind him as he keeps on complaining about the bike getting scratched

Katrina going Social

She is planning to launch her official website by the end of the year, but Katrina Kaif denies being on the social networking site Twitter and says someone has been impersonating her.

"Something has to be done to stop this sort of vandalism. I am not on Twitter or any other social networking website. I plan to start my own website by the end of the year," said Katrina.

Katrina doesn't believe in half-measures. It comes as no surprise to know that she intends to start her own website after months of research, preparation and build-up before the Internet's most 'hit' girl delves deeply into her own domain.

"I don't want this to be something I start and then leave to others to take care of. Of course, there will be professionals employed to oversee my website. But I'll pick and choose all the material and pictures that will on the site," said the actress.

Katrina's website will be called and the actress wants it to be a one-stop all-purpose stopover for all her fans.

"My website will be comprehensive. It will have my exclusive pictures. In fact, I'll be doing photo sessions done specially by me. It will also have pictures taken by me on my sets and on location."

But the website won't carry reports on her day-to-day activities.

"I don't think it's cool to let people know where I am or what I'm doing throughout the day. I'm not on any of the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. I guess my life is not an open Facebook," she puns.

The design, colours and format for her website are ready. It has been designed by her sister's boyfriend and two professional designers from Britain.

"I looked at several designs presented to me. Then I saw a British actress' website which I quite liked, though it was too dark for my personality. My website will be fun, feisty, bubbly and colourful, to go with my image".

"There's nothing haphazard and everything official about it," she said.

Priyanka Katrina at loggerheads

Bollywood's leading ladies Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif are set to battle it out to be India's youth icon.

The two actresses, along with actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar as well as superstar Hrithik Roshan have been nominated in the entertainment category for the Videocon India Youth Icon Awards.

Versatile actor Rahul Bose has also been nominated for the youth icon award, but for his contribution towards social justice and welfare. Rahul is the founder of the NGO, The Foundation, which works for various issues like education and child abuse.

Conceptualised by Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt Ltd in association with media partner Sahara India Media, the awards will be a platform to honour young individuals for their extraordinary contribution to society. It will be sponsored by Videocon.

Awards will be presented to people in categories like sports, technology, media, the arts, private entrepreneurship and politics apart from entertainment and social justice and welfare.

The nominations have been decided by a panel of experts including journalist Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, filmmaker Shyam Benegal, tennis ace Leander Paes, renowned cardiologist Naresh Trehan, actor and social activist Shabana Azmi, singer Usha Uthup and Venugopal Dhoot, chairman of Videocon Industries Limited.

The winners will now be chosen through online voting and the awards will be distributed Sep 25.

Mallika disappeared where ?

We may be seeing less and less of the Jat lady Mallika Sherwat lately, but behind her Twitter account she is actually shining… alteast by updating her status regularly.

But what exactly she’s doing in the US? Last heard she’s doing a song and dance number for a Hollywood movie and walking the ramp for a known designer in Paris. Oh really? How about roping her in for some Sach Ka Sammna?

Who is Harman

Harman Baweja (remember him?)Yep, the same long forgotten hero of Love Story 2050 and Victory and more importantly known as Priyanka Chopra’s boyfriend.The other day we spotted him at a suburban gym, pumping irons and doing push-ups. The poor guy just gaped and gaped at fellow gymers as if wanting to be recognized by everyone, but much to the poor guy’s dismay, not a single soul stopped by to recognise him. Guess, we tell you some people are just short-sighted these days, or maybe they suffers from selective amnesia! Never mind

Would Aamir and Shahrukh appear together ?

In what is probably the mother of all casting coups in Bollywood, SRK and Aamir might come together soon in a movie that has at its helm none other than Danny Boyle and Anurag Kashyap.
News is that both the Khans have been approached by Anurag Kashyap to work in his next project, 'Bombay Velvet'. Anurag is known for being a director with very high artistic integrity, his recent claims to fame being 'Dev D' and 'Gulaal'. Danny Boyle of 'Slumdog Millionaire' fame is said to be producing this venture- now we know what those talks with Aamir Khan was all about!
SRK and Aamir, as all of us would know, have a long history of bitter face-offs and cold wars and grudging public acknowledgements of each other's star power. The media has thrived on the Khan wars, and if this casting miracle is true, we're waiting for the mayhem this will unleash on television, in print and online!
The two Khans have been vociferous about the causes they believe in and have come together in a display of solidarity during the recent spat between producers and multiplex owners. And they have kept us entertained all the time, whether on screen or off it.
If they are individually responsible for fireworks at the box office, imagine what their cinematic union can do to Bollywood. We're keeping our fingers crossed and are eagerly waiting for the official confirmation.


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