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nosing out

Updated on October 9, 2008

Just look around you. When you are in a traffic-jam, eating at your favorite restaurant, sitting at school. You'll be amazed what you'll see.

the nose


Generally spoken, everyone has an organ of smell. You probably know what I'm talking about. I mean that ugly thing in the middle of the faces of everyone, called The nose.

There are sweet curly noses, fat lumpy noses, noses that look like big volcanoes with a big yellow lump that's about to erupt. You've got those noses having a cold, running noses you can't keep up with, noses that make it impossible to see the rest of the face ,noses with very long hairs hanging out of their nostrils, noses that have been redesigned by plastic surgeons, noses with warts growing on them, noses that can fly because of the size of their wings, a nose of wax, flattened noses, mini noses, hooked shaped noses, Rudolph noses, noses with piercings, pedant noses,clown noses, noses that stick out of doors, poke noses, Jackson noses, long noses. And so many more.

A nose has it function;

Smelling the scent of fungous, farts, fresh puke, smelly feet, rotten eggs, a toilet that wasn't cleaned, and a cadaver. It would be a shame if you had to miss all that.

You need your nose to breathe, to taste, to produce mucus, to irritate other by making noises, to get freckles, to play nosy nose, to drink when you want to put the straws into it, to sneeze, and some need it to nose around.

Most people just use their nose to pick it. To get out what's in there. When they think that no one is watching, they move their arms up, stretch a finger or two fingers and put those up in their nostrils. Dig their selves a way up, start poking around and then, when they pull their fingers back again, they start to admire what they've found. They start to analyze the colors they see. Is it white, green yellow or is it a combination of colors? And sometimes some people start to wonder about its taste and put their finger with the mucus into their mouth. By the chewing of some people and pulling up their eyebrows while they are tasting, you start to wonder if it's tasty or not.

Other people put it in their hair, as an replacement for gel, sticks it under the table, accidently rubs it off on somebody else's clothing when they pass by, leave it on their finger until it's dry enough to fall down by it selves, show it to others full of pride, start digging for more because they want enough to have a full meal, put it in a glass jar and sell it on E-Bay pretending that it belonged to a famous person, make a piece of art with it, uses it to put it on their sandwich or in their drinks just for that extra thing, use it to put in their ears just because they don't want to listen to their wife or mother-in-law, start to throw it at people they don't like, put it on the windows of their car because they are bothered by the sunlight while driving, put it in Easter eggs, fill the profile of their shoes, put it under a microscope to be fascinated by the creatures that live in the mucus, put it on the carpet because they don't like the color of the carpet, and so on. Strange people have strange ideas in what they can do and want to do with their mucus.

Long live the nose!


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    • Lazur profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Netherlands

      Thank you for you comment.Maybe next time a hub about the human ear:-D

      I'll be writing again;-)

    • marisuewrites profile image


      10 years ago from USA

      Whar would we do without it!!  The problem is, along with our ears, it's part of our body that keeps growing as we age.   eeeek,  mine is big enough now!!   funny hub - a little gross --and informative at the same time -- I'm not touching my nose today, just in case you're watching! keep writing!! =0


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