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Nothing is Impossible for Alice in Wonderland

Updated on November 19, 2020
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Tawnya is a freelance writer and mom of a tiny gymnast. When it comes to buying gymnastics-related gear, I'm an industry pro.


Alice in Wonderland Movie Review

I have loved Alice in Wonderland since I was a little girl. I have read the novel and watched the animated version a million times. As soon as my daughter was old enough, I read the story to her, except I left out the "off with her head" part because it made her cry. As anyone with an Alice in Wonderland obsession like mine will tell you, I couldn't wait to see the highly anticipated remake of the Disney movie. Then, when I heard Tim Burton was directing the film, I could hardly contain my excitement. My favorite director and my favorite story colliding in one film meant one thing, this film was going to be epic, or I was going to be very disappointed.

The Whole Cast is Mad

I've loved Tim Burton's creativity and imagination since 1990 when he introduced me to Johnny Depp in the film Edward Scissorhands. Twenty years later, the cryptically imaginative Burton and equally twisted Johnny Depp paired up again in Alice in Wonderland. Depp played the Mad Hatter and was a natural in the quirky part. One of my very favorite parts of the movie is when Alice practices a move she learned from the Mad Hatter, a dance move called the futterwacken. In addition to Burton's directing and Depp's role as the Mad Hatter, the rest of the cast is entirely mad too, which makes sense since most of the best people are.

Alice isn't a Wildflower, but the Movie isn't all Nonsense

When I finally went to see the movie in theaters, I was excited to see what twist Tim Burton had added to my favorite Disney tale. In the film, Alice (Mia Wasikowska) is no longer a child. Instead, the young Alice is a nearly betrothed nineteen-year-old woman who has sort of lost her way in the world. Moments before she is to be engaged, the ever curious Alice follows a white rabbit and begins her descent into what she thinks is madness.

Sometimes you have to fall down a Hole to get where you need to Be

There is something very familiar about the madness Alice is experiencing and she soon learns that she may have visited this place before. From here on, Burton introduces all the favorite Alice in Wonderland characters including the Red Queen (Helen Bonham Carter), Tweedledee and Tweedledum (Matt Lucas), the Cheshire Cat (Stephen Fry), and the White Queen (Anne Hathaway). Soon after Alice begins to meet these characters she learns that she may be "The Alice." The Alice is a mysterious person that people in this unusual land think will protect their way of life and secure their future. However, for Alice to be The Alice, she must first believe it and then conquer it, which shouldn't be too hard because the Alice I know and love can think of at least six impossible things before breakfast.

Tim Burton's Rendition of Alice in Wonderland is Impressive and Worthy of Watching Many Times

As I had expected, Tim Burton did an excellent job in creating this rendition of Alice in Wonderland. The movie stayed close to the novel that I know by heart and love and also added a creative, almost cryptic, flair that I have come to expect from Tim Burton.

Burton and Disney are Teaming Up Again for an Alice in Wonderland Sequel

It's now confirmed that Tim Burton and Disney are pairing up once again for an Alice in Wonderland sequel. The sequel is titled Through the Looking Glass and is scheduled to be released in May 2016. As of April 2014, Johnny Depp, Helen Bonham Carter, and Mia Wasikowska are already signed on for the sequel. With the huge success of the first movie, I can't wait to see how the sequel unveils.

Order 2010 Alice in Wonderland Movie on DVD Today

Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Alice in Wonderland (2010)
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Tim Burton is creating a sequel, Through the Looking Glass. Are you excited for the sequel?

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Through the Looking Glass - May 2016

Through the Looking Glass is being released in theaters May 27, 2016. I am eager to see the movie but worry because Tim Burton isn't directing. I think part of the attraction to the earlier Alice in Wonderland was the masterful direction of Burton. However, with Johnny Depp, Helen Bonham, and Anne Hathaway returning for the sequel, it has a great deal of potential. Feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments below.

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