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Artisan Jewelry from the Andes

Updated on October 21, 2008

Beautiful Handcrafted Jewelry

Find great gift ideas while browsing this beautiful and unusual silver jewelry from the Andes of South America. Silver jewelry is hot right now. It would be a great holiday gift for someone special.

Here I bring you some of my favorite jewelry artists from This remarkable company has made it possible for artists around the world to market their works and to be paid fair value for these beautiful designs. This lens features jewelry artists from the Andes of South America. These artists draw on a rich cultural history for their inspiration.

One of the major benefits to the NOVICA global system is that artists can now focus on creating higher quality items and unique designs rather than large quantities of more mass produced products. This means that through NOVICA you can access the highest quality one-of-a-kind items at incredibly attractive prices.

Click on the links for more information.

Novica in association with National Geographic

Founder Armenia de Oliveira worked for sixteen years as a United Nations Officer in war-torn countries around the world. When approached with the concept of, she saw a way to help people who had never before had the opportunity to market their artwork for fair value. works around the world to bring together skilled artisans and the people who want to collect their work. A large percentage of every purchase goes directly to the artisan. By showcasing the work of these craftsmen, Novica is able to help improve their quality of life, while providing collectors with beautiful one-of-a-kind art. The company currently has eleven regional offices across the globe.

Learn more about this remarkable company:

The Face of Global Art by David Harris

2004 'Fast 50' Winners in Fast Company Magazine

Live Like a World Traveler in Natural Health Magazine

Chrysocolla jewelry set, 'Peacock'

Beautiful peacocks in chrysocolla and sterling silver. Claudia Llaury creates a lovely necklace on a cotton cord and matching earrings. .925 rating silver

Your Price: $89.95

Retail Value: $169.95 (You save 47%)

Amethyst earrings, 'Silver Heart'

Are these earrings hearts or delicate leaves touched by dewdrops? Amethyst and silver by Rusdiarta.

Your Price: $34.95

Retail Value: $51.95

Necklace, 'Silver Desert'

This pendant moves like a gentle wind on the desert sand. Ketut Widarma creates a graceful work in three convex parts. It is displayed on a textured chain. .925 rating silver

Your Price: $187.99

Retail Value: $375.95 (You save 50%)

Obsidian earrings, 'Movement'

Contemporary earrings of obsidian and textured silver created by Patricia Jara. Black obsidian is thought to bring purification, inner growth and fulfillment. The earrings arrive in a wooden gift box. 0.925 rating silver

Your Price: $24.95

Retail Value: $50.95 (You save 51%)

The Mission of Novica

In their own words

We want to give artists and artisans around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents and to spur their creativity. And, we want to provide you with access to unique, hard-to-find items at great values that only the Internet infrastructure can allow.

At the deepest essence of our philosophy, we want to create a bridge between you and the many talented artisans across the globe.

We want you to know about who you're buying from. We want you to feel that attachment to the product and to the hands that created it.

In the spirit of the Internet, let us bring you together.

NOVICA. The World is Your Market.

Jasper and serpentine necklace, 'Tumi Knife Legends'

This pendant by Werner Nordt was inspired by the legendary tumi knife . "The tumi was found in the burial place of the Lord of Sip'n," explains the designer. "I recreated it with chrysocolla, sodalite, serpentine, and jasper incrustations on silver." .950 rating silver

Your Price: $124.95

Retail Value: $240.95 (You save 48%)

Chrysocolla and sodalite necklace, 'My Dear Angel'

A beautiful silver angel decorated with gems by Gilda Vega. The pendant features chrysocolla, sodalite, limonite, serpentine and red jasper. Hangs from a silver beaded chain. .950 rating silver.

Your Price: $69.95

Retail Value: $127.95 (You save 45%)

Earrings, 'Playful Nazca Monkeys'

The Nazca monkey in polished silver. The mysterious figures were created over 2,000 years ago on the Nazca Plain. Probably the best-known examples of geoglyphs in the world, the figures can be seen in their entirety only from the air. Created by Zoila Hidalgo. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $39.95

Retail Value: $55.95 (You save 29%)

Opal necklace, 'Secret Love'

A solitary Andean opal is featured in sterling silver by Peruvian designers Rosa Maria and Norka. .925 rating silver

Your Price: $107.95

Retail Value: $205.95 (You save 48%)

Learn more about the rich cultural history of the Andes

Art of the Andes: From Chavín to Inca (Second Edition)  (World of Art)
Art of the Andes: From Chavín to Inca (Second Edition) (World of Art)

"This wide-ranging survey has established itself as the best single-volume introduction to Andean art and architecture. Now fully revised, it describes the strikingly varied artistic achievements of the Chavin, Paracas, Nasca, Moche, Chimu, and Inca cultures, among others. Their impressive cities, tall pyramids, shining goldwork, and intricate textiles constitute one of the greatest artistic traditions in history. "

Topics include metalwork, tapestry, featherwork, stone working, architecture, and ceramics. This book provides a glimpse of the Andean worldview through its artistic and cultural history. An excellent introduction.


Necklace, 'Blue Honeysuckle'

Blue ceramic spheres accent silver in this necklace. Claudia Lira creates a bold, yet delicate, piece. 0.950 rating silver

Your Price: $182.95

Retail Value: $362.95 (You save 50%)

Mate gourd necklace, 'Harvest Celebration'

Intricately carved on a dried mate gourd, dancers celebrate a good harvest. The Quispe Family draws on regional traditions for their inspiration. Highly detailed, quality carving set in sterling silver. .925 rating silver

Your Price: $104.95

Retail Value: $167.95 (You save 38%)

Necklace, 'Basket Full of Posies'

Lovely filigree basket with foliage hangs from a slender chain. Pendant designed by Marisol. .950 silver

Lapis lazuli earrings, 'Andean Moon'

Beautiful blue Lapis lazuli rounds nestle in sterling silver teardrops. Created by Peruvian designer Tiberio Gonzalez. .925 rating silver

Your Price: $49.95

Retail Value: $85.95 (You save 42%)

Sodalite earrings, 'Circles'

Maritza Fabris creates a modern look with these sodalite earrings. Accented with silver discs. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $68.95

Retail Value: $120.95 (You save 43%)

Meet the Artist - Gemma Suij

"Hi, my name is Gemma Suij, I studied Fine Arts at the Mario Urteaga Fine Arts School, and later jewelry design at the Koriwasi Center for Jewelry Technology Innovation, both in Peru.

"I base my designs on nature and Inca iconography. Symmetry and geometry are strong elements in my designs, and my pieces are of good quality. Through my designs I try to rescue and interpret the rich elements within Inca iconography and cosmogony, where nature has a strong presence.

"I derive a great sense of satisfaction when I'm designing. The creative process is divine, it never stops, and every day it brings me new things. I don't think it is a coincidence the fact that my parents named me 'Gemma,' which means 'jewel' or 'gem.'

"I have always enjoyed designing and crafting things with my hands. I had originally intended to study Sociology, but I dropped out to pursue my artistic passion.

"I am of Dutch origin but I have made Peru my home for over 10 years. Andean world and art fascinates and inspires me. I would like to contribute with my work to get the city of Cajamarca be renowned internationally as center for jewelry. They have the biggest mine in Peru.

"I love Peru and Peruvians, as well as their rich history and culture. I have taught my art on many occasions, and I have exhibited my work in Cajamarca and in Lima. People have shown appreciation for my designs.

"I would like to thanks Novica for showing interest in my work and the way I interpret Inca iconography."

Necklace, 'Sterling Shell' (large)

"Walking on the beach one day I found a shell, which inspired me to replicate it in sterling silver," confides Gemma Suij. "I love the soft, delicate, and fresh shape of the shell pendant." .925 rating silver.

Your Price: $82.95

Retail Value: $150.95 (You save 45%)

Bracelet, 'Inca Cross Spiral'

Inca glyphs inspire Gemma Suij. This beautiful bracelet features chakana crosses, which represent the link between this world and the world above. A spiral within each cross represents life's cyclical essence. .925 rating silver

Your Price: $139.95

Retail Value: $273.95 (You save 49%)

Earrings, 'Birds in Flight'

Gemma Suij uses pre-Inca designs in these cast sterling silver earrings. .925 rating silver

Your Price: $88.95

Retail Value: $164.95 (You save 46%)

Meet the Artist - Juan Contreras

Born in 1964, Juan Contreras and his wife ran a clothing shop before making the decision to try jewelry design. He considered the change for several years before making the leap, having had no experience with jewelry.

His wife, Rosario, jumped into designing, using the services of other silversmiths to produce her designs. Juan gradually grew to love not only designing jewelry, but the process of making it as well. He happily designs and crafts his own jewelry. He's been at it for 12 years now, preferring to work with silver.

Bracelet, 'Fragments of Light'

A sparkling study of positive and negative space. This modern cuff is made of Andean silver. Designed by Juan Contreras. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $142.95

Retail Value: $280.95 (You save 49%)

Rhodochrosite necklace, 'Dawn Sky'

Silver knots alternate with deep pink rhodochrosite. Designed by Juan Contreras. Suspended from argent links. 0.950 rating silver

Your Price: $119.95

Retail Value: $233.95 (You save 49%)

Bracelet, 'Ice'

Bold bracelet contrasting areas of smooth and textured silver. Handcrafted by Juan Contreras. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $62.95

Retail Value: $105.95 (You save 41%)

Bracelet, 'Silver Confetti'

Shining spheres accent this lovely bracelet. Juan Contreras creates the bracelet with Peruvian silver. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $142.95

Retail Value: $280.95 (You save 49%)

Bracelet, 'Liana'

Juan Contreras wraps fine silver filaments around the links of this bracelet to evoke liana vines that flourish in the Peruvian Amazon. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $127.95

Retail Value: $245.95 (You save 48%)

Bracelet, 'Silver Rose'

A beautiful rose is the focus of this cuff bracelet by Juan Contreras. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $142.95

Retail Value: $280.95 (You save 49%)

Meet the Artist - Caterina Butera

"I was born in Lima on August 25, 1972. My history with jewelry began practically at birth. As a child, I couldn't wear earrings because my ears weren't pierced (my father didn't want this done) and I'd ask my mother to look everywhere for clip-on earrings, very difficult to find in those days, as there were almost no designs for children. Each time she'd find a pair for me, I'd take care of them like gold, even more than I looked after my dolls.

When I was a little girl, I liked to create all kinds of bracelets and necklaces in all colors. Whenever we'd go to visit someone, the only thing I cared about was that person's jewelry chest. I always asked them to show me the pieces they had and I could look at them for hours.

"When I was 12, for my birthday, I was able to get my ears pierced. The whole family gave me earrings and from that day on, I don't think I ever stopped wearing them. Even when I had surgery three years ago, I asked them to leave my earrings in place.

"In school, I'd do abstract style drawings that always ended up as jewelry. Then I entered the university and majored in communications, as I thought it was the most creative school within the University of Lima.

"A few years ago I began designing jewelry for myself. In fact, designing is the part I like best. And even thought I never studied jewelry, I have continued to design it. This is what I am really passionate about doing. My pieces are mostly fashioned of sterling silver and the natural gemstones mined in my country."

Pearl bracelet, 'Perfection'

Pearls accent the clean lines of this modern bracelet by Caterina Butera. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $87.99

Retail Value: $160.95 (You save 45%)

Aragonite and huamanga choker, 'Desert'

The desert inspired Caterina Butera to create this subtle necklace. The Andean designer uses white huamanga stone, similar to alabaster, and natural aragonite, then adds textured silver links. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $72.95

Retail Value: $130.95 (You save 44%)

Earrings, 'Hammer Hoops'

These earrings from Peru shimmer as light plays on their hammered silver surfaces. Designed by Caterina Butera. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $68.95

Retail Value: $120.95 (You save 43%)

Meet the Artist - Anna Lia

Anna Lia Barandiaran Pravatiner's designs are guided by intuition and original creativity.

"I'd describe my work as feminine and with character," she says. Her designs are based on form and movement, rendering them dynamic. She works mainly with gold, silver, a variety of gemstones and simple, manual tools.

To Novica customers she would like to say, "I hope with all sincerity that you enjoy and feel comfortable wearing my creations, just as I enjoyed making them."

In 2004, Anna Lia represented Peru in the "Art for Everyday Living" competition, organized by UNESCO Brazil.

Pearl choker, 'Night Sky'

This beautiful necklace features black pearls, golden beads, and .950 silver to create a work both dynamic and feminine. Handmade by Anna Lia and Adrian in Peru.

Your Price: $129.99

Retail Value: $230.95 (You save 44%)

Earrings, 'Skin Window'

Contemporary earrings that move with you. Designed by Anna Lia. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $38.95

Retail Value: $60.95 (You save 36%)

Quartz necklace, 'Love Stone'

Rose quartz is believed to attract love and to clear all negative energies and defensive attitudes. The silver chain can be adjusted to the desired length. Designed by Anna Lia. .950 silver rating

Your Price: $99.95

Retail Value: $195.95 (You save 49%)

Agate and carnelian necklace, 'Colors in a Net'

This attractive necklace features carnelian and green agate. Linking silver circles evoke the fine textures of knitted textiles. "This design looks very special when worn," says Anna Lia. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $257.95

Retail Value: $505.95 (You save 49%)

Jewelry set, 'Textures'

Luis Banda finishes this lovely set with a darkened finish to highlight the hammered textures. This handcrafted set consists of a necklace and earrings. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $67.95

Retail Value: $115.95 (You save 41%)

Necklace, 'Joy'

Regina Flores recreates her perception of nature in gleaming silver. This graceful necklace flows around the wearer. The flowers adorning this necklace are named Cusi, Quechua for "happiness." .950 rating silver

Your Price: $164.95

Retail Value: $330.95 (You save 50%)

Pink opal necklace, 'Infinite Grace'

"What inspired this design is a sense of femininity, mixing the antique look of the bow with a modern, triangular heart," says Cynthia of her latest creation. Cast of sterling silver with a burnished finish, the pendant is adorned with fine filigree work and pink opal. .925 rating silver

Your Price: $99.95

Retail Value: $205.95 (You save 51%)

Necklace, 'Celestial Charm'

This necklace features tiny floral accents and is made of Peruvian silver. Designed by Ilaria .950 rating silver.

Your Price: $687.95

Retail Value: $1572.95 (You save 56%)

Bracelet, 'Valley Flower'

Ilaria continues her floral theme in this bracelet. It is made of gleaming sterling silver with burnished accents to emphasize the beautiful detail. .925 rating silver

Your Price: $94.95

Retail Value: $206.95 (You save 54%)

Mahogany necklace, 'Fig Leaf'

This unique and enchanting necklace is crafted by hand by Ilaria. "I carefully carve mahogany into delicate leaf-like pendants that cradle sterling silver figs," Ilaria describes. "I think fig trees are marvelous as they blossom from spring to autumn. My design is inspired by nature and the life within it." .925 rating silver

Your Price: $238.95

Retail Value: $538.95 (You save 56%)

Ceramic and hematite jewelry set, 'Inca Land'

Dina paints the ceramic beads for this set by hand, their bright hues offering a rich contrast to the cool glow of hematite and silver. .950 rating silver

Your Price: $44.95

Retail Value: $80.95 (You save 44%)

Meet the Artist - Ana Cristina Llapa

Ana Cristina Llapa was born in Lima on October 31, 1959. From the time she was a child, she spent most of her time drawing. "I drew everything I saw," she recalls. "I had always wanted to find a place to learn jewelry design, but I didn't find one that seemed right. Finally I discovered the Giorelli School of Art and Design. I studied there full time for two years and I loved learning design and craft techniques.

"After finishing there, I followed my husband, who traveled frequently to Bogota. There I gained experience in jewelry workshops. It was wonderful." Llapa learned a lot and she is adept at every technique.

"Each stone gives me the inspiration for a jewelry set. When I see gem, I then draw the design. Finally, I craft the piece. I work at it during the day, and my wonderful husband helps me with my creations.

"I love being able to show my designs, and early in 2005 I opened a small jewelry shop. I'm happy when someone comes in and looks. I enjoy talking with them about fashion trends and creating custom designs for different personalities. I love to get feedback on my designs, and to know that people feel better when they see and wear them."

Bracelet, 'Canoe'

"This design was inspired one afternoon when I saw several canoes on the blue sea," says Peruvian jeweler Ana Cristina Llapa. "I created silver links in the shape of the boats for a bracelet." .950 rating silver

Your Price: $108.95

Retail Value: $205.95 (You save 47%)

Serpentine choker, 'Splendor'

"Serpentine awakens to 'Splendor;' its color transmits the joy and hope of a better world," Ana Cristina Llapa says. "This design evokes the ancient Inca breastplates in a modern, stylized version. The choker itself is formed of articulated tubes that permits it to follow the body shape of the person who wears it." .950 rating silver

Your Price: $298.95

Retail Value: $605.95 (You save 51%)

Meet the Artist - Carla Bettocchi

Carla Bettocchi is a licensed psychologist, but she found in jewelry design the perfect outlet for her creative instincts.

She is self-taught, and began making unique jewelry for herself. Her friends were impressed and started asking her for identical pieces. When she saw her friends' reaction to her designs, she found the inspiration to promote her work.

Carla tries to inspire happiness through her jewelry as well as transmit the positive energy of gemstones.

Carla wishes to pass on to Novica clients all the positive energy that comes from the natural gemstones featured in her jewelry.

Jade necklace, 'Green Sea'

Carla Bettocchi creates a beautiful necklace with many colors of jade and alpaca, an alloy comprised primarily of copper and zinc.

Onyx choker, 'Night Rain'

Carla Bettocchi uses a crochet technique to create this choker of black onyx. Silver spheres accent the necklace. .925 rating silver

Your Price: $72.95

Retail Value: $130.95 (You save 44%)

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    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Nice artisan jewelry.

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image


      10 years ago

      This is some of the most stunning jewelry I have ever seen, and I own a lot and seen much more! I am going to have to save it to my squidoo library! 5*

    • delia-delia profile image


      10 years ago

      very nice lens! thanks for sharing 5*s

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Although I don't use jewelery a lot, you found some wonderful pieces. Most I like the with lapis lazuli and jade once. Beautiful. 5* for all the information and the beauty, you gave us.

    • Embcaptn profile image


      10 years ago

      Exploring all the wonderful jewelry squidoos. I just learned about squidoo and just publshed my first lens. Make today a great one!

    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 

      10 years ago from Southampton, UK

      Very nice lens. I saw some wonderful jewellery in Central and South America, particularly in Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico. It's nice to have something different and unique.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Thanks for joining G Rated Lense Factory!

    • Bellezza-Decor profile image


      10 years ago from Canada

      Such lovely jewelry and great lens!

    • funwithtrains lm profile image

      funwithtrains lm 

      10 years ago

      Great job with this lens!

    • NightSquid LM profile image

      NightSquid LM 

      10 years ago

      Very attractive lens forwading it to my wife.

      Cheers NightSquid

    • CrypticFragment1 profile image

      Tammy Winand 

      10 years ago from McleodGanj HP India

      awesome~~tastic ms bee! pretty pretty and pretty...and for a good cause! YAY 5 stars

    • grassosalvato86 profile image


      10 years ago

      What a beautiful lens!! 5 stars. Dugg it as well!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Wow! Thanks for the feature. I love your lens!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      exquisite lens! added to my lensroll for tibetan jewels - high fives!

    • melmoon profile image


      10 years ago from USA

      This is a nice lens. Love the silver jewelry!


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