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NukeTube Movies & TV Series

Updated on April 24, 2015

Nuclear Power in the Movies

Nuclear powered superhero and post nuclear disaster movies are surprisingly many of the box office favorites. Also a hot topic that sparked many documentaries, you may be surprised at the extensive list of "Nuke Flicks" you never knew made up such a large category. From the entrance of the atomic bomb to the post apocalyptic movie set we've been exposed to radiation in our everyday entertainment. Adding balance to your radioactive pallet , here you will also find the real life stories of the not so "super" nuke power documentaries .

Nuke SuperHero Poll

Did you realize that this many superhero's and more are "Nuke Powered"?

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Nuke Disaster Movie Trivia

Test your knowledge and see if you can think of one "Nuclear Disaster Movie" that should be or is in this list! Leave us a note and we'll add movies that are missing.

Did you guess at least 1 "Nuclear Disaster Movie"?

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Guess a Nuclear Post Apocalypse Movie

Test your Post Apocalyptic Nuke Knowledge!

See if you can think of at least 2 Post Nuclear Apocalypse Movies!

It shouldn't be hard there are 10 in the list below!

Did you guess at least 2 Post Apocalyptic Nuke Movies?

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