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Heroes Exude Honor and Greatness

Updated on June 28, 2014

Poetry: Heroes


Many have known sweet homage given to strength

Heroes are people who are honorable and do good

Things for their people and countries without

Taking their comfort into consideration

It’s in scenes of strife and danger where other

Dare not dare, where courage is exhibited

Energy expended and fortitude dully tasked

That sure people thrive.

They understand that the greatest risk

Is not taking risk.

Though risk is different from stupidity

Or careless flirting with danger

Nothing solves nothing

These are people ready to sacrifice the very

Breathe from their bodies to achieve honor and greatness.

They’ll risk everything they have; everything

They are, to see justice done.

The greater the risk; the greater their triumphs.

These are people with enormous sense of decency.


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