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One Day Soundtrack List

Updated on June 21, 2013

Music & Songs From One Day Movie

Known for her sensitivity in scoring romantic dramas, composer Rachel Portman adds the One Day Soundtrack List to her portfolio which includes Never Let Me Go, Lake House, The Cider House Rules, Chocolat and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

The big news surrounding the music for One Day is an original song "Sparkling Day" by Elvis Costello. You may remember Elvis Costello's tender cover of the Charles Aznavour song She which was played during the melancholy Julia Roberts montage in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant's character recalls moments they spent together. Here's hope Costello's new song for this romantic drama is equally a scene stealer.

In a 2011 movie season filled with frothy romantic comedies like Friends With Benefits, No Strings Attached, Bad Teacher, Just Go With It, Zookeeper and Hall Pass, it's nice to see the summer book ended by a movie that looks to tug at the heart strings with One Day.

Starring Anne Hathaway (Love and Other Drugs) and Jim Sturgess (21), this screen adaptation of the best selling novel by David Nicholls takes place over the span of 20 something years with fantastic opportunities to see the change in decades through Hathaway's ever changing hairstyles, fashion and glasses.

One Day Poster


Pre-Order One Day DVD - The Least Expensive Option Is the Digital Download

One Day
One Day

I missed One Day when it came out this summer, but for this kind of romance movie, it's just as convenient to see it on the small screen. Click here to order either the DVD or digital download. Release Date: November 29, 2011


One Day Official Website - Photo Source: iTunes Image Gallery | © Focus Features

One Day Photo Gallery
One Day Photo Gallery

One Day Soundtrack List - Available Now on

Click on the cd or any of the song titles to preview.

One Day OST
One Day OST

1. Sparkling Day – Elvis Costello

2. Roll To Me – Del Amitri

3. Aftermath – Tricky

4. Reverend Black Grape – Black Grape

5. Born Of Frustration – James

6. Rocks – Primal Scream

7. Praise You – Fatboy Slim

8. Rhythm of the Night – Corona

9. Angels – Robbie Williams

10. Life Is A Rollercoaster – Ronan Keating

11. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – Tears For Fears

12. Joy – Francois Feldman

13. Tear Off My Own Head – Elvis Costello

14. One Day Main Titles – Rachel Portman

15. Wedding Chorus – Rachel Portman

16. July 15th – Rachel Portman

17. We Had Today – Rachel Portman

One Day Soundtrack List



Which Costello Movie Song Do You Prefer? - "Sparkling Day" or "She"

Elvis Costello Alison
Elvis Costello Alison

Do You Like Elvis Costello's Latest Or Previous Hits?

See results

Preview "Sparkling Day - Elvis Costello Song From "One Day"

Elvis Costello Featured on One Day O.S.T. - Song: "Sparkling Day"

  1. Elvis Costello's Original Song 'Sparkling Day' Leads the Soundtrack of 'One Day'


  2. Elvis Costello Pens New Song "Sparkling Day" For Anne Hathaway Romance 'One Day'

    Source: The Playlist

  3. Elvis Costello Headlines One Day Soundtrack


  4. Universal Scores With Film Syncs

    Source: Music Week

  5. ‘One Day’ Soundtrack Features Elvis Costello, Tricky, Fatboy Slim, Primal Scream, James & More

    Source: The Playlist

Elvis Costello's Romantic Serenade - Notting Hill Soundtrack "She"


Elvis Costello


One Day Movie Cast

Anne Hathaway

Jim Sturgess

Patricia Clarkson

Ken Stott

Romola Garai

Rafe Spall

One Day Theatrical Trailer - Anne Hathaway & Jim Sturgess

Maybe we can just be friends.

"We've Never Actually Met" - Jim Sturgess & Anne Hathway

"There's Something I Have to Tell You" - Anne Hathaway & Jim Sturgess

I'm so much better around you.

"I Had a Crush On You" - One Day Movie Preview Clip

"I Thought About You" - Jim Sturgess as Dexter

"I Screwed Up My Career" - Jim Sturgess in "One Day"

One Day Movie Cast Interviews

Anne Hathaway Talks About Emma - One Day Movie Featurette

Anne Hathaway & Jim Sturgess Interviews - Behind the Scenes One Day

One Day Behind the Scenes Featurette - "Changes and Grows"

One Day - Film Featurette

One Day New York Premiere - On The Red Carpet August 8, 2011

One Day Worldwide Grosses $39 Million

Domestic Grosses $14 Million

Foreign Grosses $25 Million

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

One Day International Release Dates - Source: IMDb

  • September 29

    Denmark as "Samme dag næste år"

  • October 6, 2011

    Czech Republic "Jeden den"

    October 14, 2011

    Finland "Sinä päivänä", Spain "Siempre el mismo día", Sweden "En dag"

    October 20-21, 2011

    Hungary "Egy nap", Singapore, Italy

    October 31, 2011


One Day - The Novel Featurette - 12 Weeks On The NY Times Bestseller List

More about how the novel became adapted into a movie.

One Day's Anne Hathaway - Photo Source: Harper's Bazaar August 2011

Anne Hathaway One Day Harper's Bazaar August 2011
Anne Hathaway One Day Harper's Bazaar August 2011
Harper's Bazaar Magazine (August, 2011) Anne Hathaway Cover
Harper's Bazaar Magazine (August, 2011) Anne Hathaway Cover

Fall Fashion Preview with One Day's Anne Hathaway.

Harper's Bazaar Anne Hathaway Article & Photo Gallery.

Click here.


Anne Hathaway Movies

See Jim Sturgess on DVD in 21 - With Kate Bosworth & Kevin Spacey

Jim Sturgess One Day Movie
Jim Sturgess One Day Movie

Often lumped together with other young British actors like Robert Pattinson & Tom Sturridge, the voice of Jim Sturgess can be heard in the animated Legend of the Guardians. In 2008, Sturgess starred as one of the M.I.T. whiz kids alongside Kevin Spacey in the movie adaptation of Bringing Down the House. It's a terrific, compelling drama based on a real life story and a gripping tale that will have you transfixed. Photo Source:

Jim Sturgess Movies

One Day Picture Gallery - Source: Focus Features

One Day Photo Scredit: Giles Keyte
One Day Photo Scredit: Giles Keyte

What do you think of the movie, music and songs in the Soundtrack to One Day?

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One Day Book Review


One Day: Summer's Best Weepie

Source: UK's Daily Mail

One Day Soundtrack - Music & Songs From Anne Hathaway Movie & Trailers

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    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      This movie looks like a winner. I'm waiting to see it till I've read the book.

    • AdeleW profile image

      AdeleW 6 years ago

      Can't wait to see 'One Day' - I have read the book, hope the film is as good! Thanks for sharing!