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One Direction Fashion Boutique

Updated on August 9, 2013

Your One-Stop Shopping For One Direction Fashionable Clothes And Accessories Starts Here

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for a One direction fan? Do you know that there are lots of accessories and merchandise to choose from the One direction fashion line. The 5 member British-Irish boyband has taken the world by storm and it is no surprise that girls and boys all over love them and think they are absolutely adorable.

From One direction t-shirts, bracelets to One direction hoodies, phone and tablet accessories, the 1D fashion boutique is your one-stop shop for all your 1D merchandise. So if you are or have a loyal fan of this British-Irish boy band, you can be sure that one of the items you find here will appeal to you.

Image Credit: ONE DIRECTION White Unisex T-Shirt

I love One Direction Bracelet

You can easily show the world your favorite boy band or boy band member as the case may be by simply wearing one of these 1D bracelets. They make a fashion statement, are inexpensive, and a very simple stylish accessory to make you stand out.

MBOX I Love Harry One Direction ID Member bracelet wristband wrist band link chain fashion jewelry
MBOX I Love Harry One Direction ID Member bracelet wristband wrist band link chain fashion jewelry

If you love Harry Styles of the One direcction band, then this bracelet may interest you. It looks expensive although it is really cheap. You can also get one like this in Niall or Liam's name.

One Direction Gummy Bracelets 4 x 3in
One Direction Gummy Bracelets 4 x 3in

The One direction gummy bracelets are colorful and pretty. You can have five bracelets in one pack, each one with the name of a band member embedded all over the bracelet. It iis a must have for 1D fans although the wrist sizing may not be suitable for younger children with smaller wrists. It measures 3X4 inches.


1D One Direction T Shirts

Take a look at this beautiful One direction t shirt that any fan would love to own and rock as well. The model is really doing a good job making the t-shirt look extraordinary but then I'd say it is not a common shirt but one that has got a great potential to draw people to you.


It has got the five members of the 1D boy band and they are seriously hot and in great demand now. This tee is 100% cotton therefore and comes in various sizes.

One Direction Flower Girls T-Shirt Plus SizeCHECK PRICE

One Direction T Shirts

There are so many of these beautiful tees available on demand for 1D loyal fans who would love to have some form of keepsake to always have these boys close by when they are not attending one of their concerts.

You can get these shirts in quite a number of colors and designs, some of them featuring only a member of the band so you can also have a choice of wearing a tee with the face of your favorite boy band member.

ONE DIRECTION 1D UK Boy Band Pop Rock Niall Zayn Liam Harry Louis Size Large New White Unisex T-ShirtCHECK PRICE

ONE DIRECTION UK Boy Band Size Medium Color Print New White Unisex T-ShirtCHECK PRICE

One Direction Heart Girls T-ShirtCHECK PRICE

One Direction School Supplies On Amazon

One Direction Official 5 Pop Up Pencils
One Direction Official 5 Pop Up Pencils

Five pop up pencils each one featuring a boy band member. Suitable for home or school use but may not be for a long term because the photos on the pencil starts to peel off fairly quickly.

One Direction '5 Piece' Stationery Set
One Direction '5 Piece' Stationery Set

If your One Directioner (as they like to call it) wants to bring her loyalty into the classroom without necessarily coming across as showing off, then this stationery set should do the trick.

A pencil, ruler, sharpener, rubber and notebook with the boys photos. This will make a good gift, stocking stuffer or as part of the back to school supplies.


One Direction A5 Spiral Notebook




One Direction Lunchbag Aluminium Bottle


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