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One Guy's Best Loved CD

Updated on November 12, 2014
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He swiped it off me!

Out of all the CDs I ever purchased the one my father loved best came to me free. Sort of. In the summer 2000 music issue of the Oxford American was a CD of twenty three artists, showing off the best musicians the South had to offer.

Mysteriously this CD often disappeared and my dad would tell me which song he listened to on the way to work, or what song he showed off to the guys at work, often drawing blank stares since the young guns never heard of most of the artists he loved.

But this lens is a tribute to the man who taught me to love music and the CD we both adored. The intro picture is a scan of my own copy. If you own the copyright to any material used herein and want credit and a link or something removed, please contact me.

Why no front cover?

Because I love my readers and want them to love me, and I assure you it would offend some folks.

Dad loved

My dad loved a lot of the songs and his choices surprised me. I'd never had any idea that growing up listening to the likes of Gene Autry gave him an enduring love for country music. So when he liked the first song "The Train That Carried my Girl from Town" by Marie and Doc Watson he surprised me.

OK, more like floored me. Of course he also loved trains so "Can't Stop a Train" by The Derailers was also a favorite, although a little two new fangled for him. Our of the country sound he adored the spirited "Grievin' My Heart out for You" by Gov. Jimmie Davis and the super menacing "Leaning" by Robert Mitchum and Lilian Gish. Bonus points to the guys who remember that song being from the classic film "The Night of the Hunter."

When we would take family drives or go to camera stores on the weekend he would even listen to Ronnie Milsap's "Not for the Love of You Woman" though only if mom had annoyed him for some reason and he'd just roll his eyes when I got excited over Ronnie Milsap's voice. It is a girl thing, OK?

But dad was not all old-fashioned by a long shot. The next track suited him much better. "Castanets" by Alejandro Escovedo he loved. Of course there is a part about seeing the girl's silloute in her dress with the sunlight behind her. Hey, he was a man's man, my dad. He'd hear those lyrics and laugh and pound the steering wheel and laugh some more.

Concert Footage

He also liked...

Good Lord my dad was a major Dolly Parton fan and yeah guys it was for more than her generous cleavage, not that he minded that a bit. So he loved "Silver Dagger" a song of hers none of us had ever heard before. It is a tad mournful and very sad, but then a lot of country music is.

That there was Dean Martin on the CD singing "He's Got You" redeemed the CD for my father, a very proud Italian man. Keep in mind he grew up at a time when Italians were viewed as poor, stupid, dirty and uneducated. So seeing one of our own make good gave him hope.

"Dirty Angels" by Kevin Kinney was also a favorite, since it reminded him of being a young guy and getting his first car then dating my mom. Those were good memories so he could drive people crazy with the song, but that was just because he loved the song so much.

But he also like the haunting "When the Roses Bloom Again" by Wilco with Billy Bragg because dad had a definite romantic side. Yeah, real men have one. But all my male readers know that, right? And as for spiritual I'm guessing "Down in the River to Pray" by Alison Krauss which is so beautiful it sounds like it is from a film score. But dad appreciated beauty too.

Live Music

They are still spinning music!

Oxford American 11th Edition Southern Music 2009 ~ 2 CD Set
Oxford American 11th Edition Southern Music 2009 ~ 2 CD Set

Catch an awesome two CD set of all your Southern favorites.


OK, guys, what is YOUR favorite CD?

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