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One Piece summaries

Updated on April 28, 2011

One Piece Summaries: Home

This is a link page for one piece summaries. There are too many one piece episodes. If you are hoping to catch up or get back on the stories that you have missed out, then this might help you. The summaries will be done per volume and per chapter and on chronological order so you'll definitely have a good idea on what part of one piece you are reading on.

I am planning on creating summaries on the entire one piece manga. The summaries will be done by volume and not by chapter. This is so won't have to read a lot. You'll have fun while reading the stories. I hope I can find time to finish this.

More power to Luffy and the straw hats.

One Piece summaries: flash back - Please click on the links to go to the summaries. The One piece summary are given in lenses per volume.

Click on and read along.

One Piece Chapter Summary: Chapter 622

The Sun Pirates

As Jinbei tells a story the past of the Fishman Island, he takes it deeper to the results of Fisher Tiger's actions on the attack and freeing of slaves in Mariejois.

Fisher Tiger launches from nobody to a wanted pirate after his action against the World government when he freed the slaves and started to fight against the Oppression.

The chapter starts with the populace of the Fishman Island rejoicing when news spread about Fisher Tigers actions, then to Ryuuguu palace with King Neptune unsure of the situation and having to deal with his queen's dream for reverie, coming slimmer by a notch.

Queen Otohime however was not to be denied. She continued to spread her words and gathered as much signatures as she can to support reverie. Fisher Tiger on the other hand, sailed to the surface and dealt with the marine attacks. They had a duel with a rear admiral and defeated the marines.

One piece Chapter 622 also shows the Hodi Jones. The young Hodi Jones admired Fisher Tiger and wanted to become stronger to join the Pirate crew. The Chapter showed Fisher Tiger as a good Fishman, Leading and fighting against oppression and for freedom. Fisher Tiger ordered no killing of Humans as he explained that it will bring more agony for his people.

Scenes of Brutal duels with the Sun pirates and the marines are illustrated in this chapter with the pirates in victory. This made Kizaru a little nervous about the Sun Pirates.

There is a young lad in this episode, a part of the group of slaves that Fisher Tiger freed. He is a young lad wanting to go home with an instilled slave mentality. Fisher Tiger in his good heart decides to take him home regardless of being human.

One Piece Chapter Summary: Chapter 621

Chapter 621 : OTOHIME and TIGER

One piece chapter 621 was a Flash back of the Merman Island past. This is where the story of Otohime and Tiger. Jinbei tells their story.

First half: OTOHIME

The story starts with a thief stealing from a shop and running away with a hostage. A lady suddenly appears to pursue him. The thief shoots with a gun but the lady in turn dodges all of the bullets and ended up hitting him with a great slap. The Lady was Queen Otohime, A royal of the Fishman Island. Otohime then hits the thief a couple of times before stopping and crying to say her sorry. She changes the way the thief thinks and asks him that being poor is not an excuse for being a thief.

Otohime, the wife of King Neptune and mother f Shirahoshi had a vision of moving and migrating the entire Fishman Island to the surface so that the human race would know and acknowledge their existence. This was a dream that she wanted to pursue for her life. Queen Otohime often descends from the Ryuuguu palace to tell her citizens about her dream. She hopes to gather a lot of signatures so that the migration of the Fishman Island is done.

Otohime return home to the baby Shirahoshi. Neptune talks about her wife’s dream. Neptune has no means of stopping his wife from threading forward with her dreams do he asks his subordinate to do whatever it takes to protect her.

Second half: TIGER

Arlong, then captain of the Arlong pirates, appears outside the Palace and takes the signatures that the Queen Otohime gathered. He was confronted by a Neptune army recruit. Arlong grabs the army recruit but is stopped by a familiar face, Boss Jinbei. Arlong acknowledges Jinbei’s presence and releases the recruit. Jinbei continues to insult Arlong until Fisher Tiger arrived and gets to talk to the both of them. Fisher Tiger was away because of an adventure, an adventure that changed their world.

Fisher Tiger, Boss Jinbei and Arlong know each other from the Fishman district. The Fishman district was meant to be an institution to care for orphans. But then corruption came. The Fishman district became a haven for criminals and outcasts of the island.

This happened because Fisher Tiger, the leader his way and became an adventurer, the next eldest Jinbei decided to become a soldier for the Neptune army, Arlong became a Pirate and Macro became a kidnapper.

When the news broke out of Fisher Tiger’s actions against the world government by saving the slaves and attacking the holy land Mariejois, these friends went back to becoming a group again. Together with the freed slaves incorporating a mark of the sun to hide the seal of slavery, they made the Sun Pirates.

One Piece Chapter Summary: Chapter 620

One piece chapter 620: The longed-for Amusement Park

The longed- for Amusement park is based on Arlong and his connection to Jinbei and Hachi; as well as the straw hats, Hancock, fisher tiger and East blue. It may have seemed to be all intertwined, but then I guess Oda really does research on his work and allows the past to catch up.

You might want to know the past, here goes:

Yosaku is one of Zoro's followers (I think) way back in east blue

Arlong is Nami's captor as well as the tyrant of Arlong park that enslaved Nami's town

Fisher Tiger is Hancock's Hero. He saved Hancock from being a slave

Hachi was part of Arlong crew in East blue. The straw hats beat him up.

Jinbei was responsible for letting Arlong roam in East Blue.

Update s on the story:

Ryuuguu palace is overrun and King Neptune is left behind.

I don't know what happened to Zoro

Luffy, Nami, Franky and Sanji meet up in the sea forest with Jinbei and Hachi, they talk about Arlong

Arlong, Hachi and Jinbei were Nakamas on Fisher Tigers crew

Strawhat recruitment - What abilities would the next Straw hat pirate Nakama have?

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