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One tough lesson I don’t care to repeat a third time.

Updated on August 17, 2011

There was a time when one could call me a tight-wad or a cheapskate, but in these tough economic times, all of us Americans are watching our spending habits. My big mistake, if one can call it that, was using my Paypal account like a credit card. Everything from books to slippers was purchased using this ‘emergency’ fund. This was the third account my mother told me to start after my father passed away 16 years ago. I did that with the above account.

When I looked at my Paypal account on Monday, I only had roughly $645. It was then that I decided to stop buying things I don’t need. I’ve only ordered from my two book clubs to keep my membership active. I don’t have to worry about the other ones because I get a new book every eight weeks. One of them I wrote a check for the other goes on a credit card.

1) If I don’t need it, don’t buy it.

2) If I can’t pay by check or cash, I don’t need it.

Somehow, I figured out a way to recoup my financial losses by not using the liquid assets in that third account to get FarmTown Credits, Farmville, and Cityville cash. It contributed to part of the problem because as soon as the weekly $25 went in from my checking account, I took out as much as $21.45. The major ouch was, in trying to help mom out, I spent $45, getting my International Coffees in bulk, along with a few other things at Wal-Mart online. Recently, I purchased Winter Boot slippers from the before mentioned store, which ran almost as much as the $27 three blade peeler I purchased from QVC last week. I’m wearing the slippers and I plan to use the three-blade peeler to make French Fries and peel my apples for apple muffins. By doubling the amount to $50 for the next twelve weeks, I will have replaced the money I spent. I won’t have to ransack the house looking for sellable items by not using those 'liquid assets'.

Four years ago, I made a lot of money selling off the first four seasons of InuYasha; sold them for $99.99 brand new. I spent twenty dollars less getting them from Marketplace Sellers in some cases, but used all three of the credit cards I owned before finding the entire animated series and the four movies on eBay for one-third the price I paid on At any rate, this was not any smarter than spending $440.30 on a plane ticket to Palm Coast Florida in March of 2007. I was lured by the lower price of $192.30, but didn’t realize the flight went into Miami instead of Daytona Beach International Airport, (DAB)*. I spent an additional $248.00 for the right location.

I started selling the InuYasha merchandise in the fall of 2007 to recoup the financial loss from being stupid with the plane tickets and the like.I managed to recoup more than one third of the cost of the InuYasha series and movies I bought. Used items didn’t sell very well unless they are like new. When I ran out of the above I went through the books I intended to read but never got around to. The movie tie in book to Disney’s “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” sold faster on eBay a lot faster than, because there was a glut in the market, too many existed to get a sale. After selling all that would go, I went after the Christmas gifts I could neither use or store. The last thing I sold before my mother started complaining was the microwave grill. Like the omelet maker/egg poacher, there as no room for it. I only had 700 square feet of space and limited kitchen cabinet space. I made almost $400 selling off unwanted stuff. What made this hurt so badly was that all of the funds came out of my pocket four years ago. I lost the credit from purchasing the wrong ticket because I never made another trip in March of 2008. I should have all this done by the second week in November. Luckily, my friend at church told me that there are five weeks in this month, August, and five weeks in November. Starting on August 21, the larger amount will be transferred to Paypal until the second week in November.

I don’t plan on making this mistake a third time. During the next twelve weeks, I will watch my spending, following the guidelines I set for myself. I will pray that no one, especially me, has an emergency where any of that tiny cushion will have to be spent.,+FL,_Florida


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